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Ditto is Back with a tale of woe, plus Contest Winners!!

So, a funny thing happened this past weekend.  And by ‘funny’ I mean ‘really really annoying and inconvenient’  – we had a storm, and a lightening strike, and a power surge, and our cable modem went ‘bzzzt’ and that was pretty much that.  Of course, because of our service contract thingy we had to get a new modem thingy shipped, so we had no modem thingy and no internet all week, until today when it came in.

Now, to understand how very annoying and inconvenient, not only was Ditto unable to post to his bloggy thingy or make any new videos, but Ditto and friends do not have cable – we ‘cut the cord’ as they say – so all of our TV and various entertainment, except for a couple ‘Muppet Show’ DVD box sets,  requires our internet connection.  This week has been…   long.

So that’s a long way of saying it is GREAT to be back, and Ditto can FINALLY announce the winners of Ditto’s Spooky Story contest!!  Yay!!!

Grand Prize: One Random Pet (Zombie Piggle, Nightmare or Ghost Dragon) plus 7 Chocolate Pet Snacks and 10,000 Crowns

Winner:  Talon Spiritforge

Story Title: ‘The Walking Pork’

Synopsis: An evil spell transforms the Piggle population into zombies, who then roam the Spiral in search of fresh bacon.

Second Prize:  7 Chocolate Pet Snacks and 5,000 Crowns

  • Alex – “The Gamma”  (From ‘The Raven’)
  • Scarlet Wildblade – Dr. Purreau and Mr. Meowiarty
  • Autumn Stormcloud – Count Drake-ula
  • Jacob Nightrunner – ‘The Phantom Glider’s Rickshaw’ derived from ‘The Phantom’s Rickshaw.’
  • Morgrim Sky – The Curse of Lord Nightshade

Third Prize:  7 Chocolate Pet Snacks

  • Tara WillowStalker
  • Amber Firecaster
  • Hunter Frost
  • Victoria Ice
  • Lucas Dragonslinger
  • Diana Rosestone
  • Alyssa Stormcloud
  • Keira Unicorn
  • Brandon Firesword
  • Alexis Golden

Congratulations to all the winners, thanks for your patience, and Happy Halloween everyone!!!  Now, to play some Wizard101!

Contest – Spooky Wizard101 Stories with Ditto!

It’s October, which is Ditto’s FAVORITE time of year – it’s a favorite or all monsters really!  And of course, it’s a GREAT time of year in Wizard101 – they have so many fun Halloween themed events, with Spooky Bob’s quests, great costumes, and the Halloween-themed nightmare packs including the brand-new ‘Harrowing Nightmare Pack’!  It is also a great time for Halloween contests, and Ditto has a fun one!  Ditto loves spooky stories, and wants to hear some of your story ideas, but with a Wizard101 twist.  Like, instead of ‘The Headless Horseman’ it could be ‘The Headless Gobbler’, or instead of ‘Frankenstein’ maybe ‘Dworgynstein’ – you get the idea.

So send me your Wizard101 ‘Spooky Story’ title and a brief sentence of what the story is about!  Send it to dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Spooky Story’, and please make sure you include your wizard name!  The contest runs from now until Midnight EST on Saturday, October 25th.  Winners will be announces on Sunday October 26th.


Captain Ditto returns to Pirate101 – with a costume and a Twitter contest!!

Captain Ditto triumphantly returns to Pirate101!!   Yes, I know it has been a while, you know I’ve had bronchitis and stuff, but it is GREAT to be back with and all new videos and a fun new contest!!

Here is the Video: 

And here is the contest!

As you can see from the video, Ditto is really getting into Halloween with a great new mask – very spooky!!  Well, Ditto wants to see YOUR costumes – so sent me a screenshot of your Pirate101 Character dressed for Halloween – either with a mask or costume, or just a special outfit or even a fun hat – whatever you’ve got!  And this is a Twitter contest – so tweet your costume screen shot to @dittowizard this weekend with the hashtag #dittopirate  (Between now and Sunday night, 8pm EST) and I’ll pick five random entries to win a Pirate101 Halloween Prize pack that includes a Rainbow Friendship mask (white, but can be dyed) and 2,000 crowns!  I’ll be giving the prizes out over the whole weekend at random times, with the last one being handed out Sunday night.  Remember – tweet to Ditto with the hashatg #dittopirate some time this weekend for chance to win!


Ditto’s Pirate101 ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ contest winners!!

As the story goes, Captain Ditto and his crew of scurvy dogs was followin’ a treasure map they found in a box o’ breakfast cereal, and sailed their way into a spooky hidden cove surrounded by dark jungles and ancient stone ruins. As they sailed slowly in, eyes peeled for danger, their ship was rocked by an attack from below, and Ditto and his crew suddenly found themselves face to face with…

I have to say, once again I am blown away by the creativity of my fans, and you always make contests like this really hard to judge. I loved so many of your entries and pictures, this was a really fun one! As I said in the contest, I’ve chosen my favorites for the top six (Grand prize and five second place) and then the remaining ten are chosen by random drawing.

And the grand prize winner is… Captain Maeve Noble and the monster Goldilox!! I have to admit, the idea of a giant mutant goldfish amuses me, and I loved the write up! Congratulations to Captain Maeve!! (more…)

Captain Ditto’s Talk Like a Pirate Contest in Pirate101!!

Yarr there me harties, it be Captain Ditto again with a new bit o’ pirate treasure just in time for ‘Talk Like a Pirate’ day!  That’s right, good old Captain Ditto has barrels of booty, piles of plunder, dozens of doubloons… Well, you get the picture – and it’s all out there for the takin’!  What is this mythical treasure, you might ask?  Well I’ll tell ya!  There be three prize levels up fer grabs…

'Huge Pile of Treasure' housing item

‘Huge Pile of Treasure’ housing item

Pirate Hairstyle

Pirate Hairstyle


Captain Ditto’s Pirate101 Treasure Hunt contest winners!!

The path to find Captain Dittos’ treasure was long and treacherous, but many of you we able to work out the five clues and reach the final location!  Here are each of the clues again, with the proper locations:


Captain Ditto’s Pirate101 Treasure Hunt Contest – Final Clue!!

Here it is, the fifth and final clue to Captain Ditto’s Treasure Hunt contest!  Remember, to qualify for the grand prize you need to get all FIVE clues and send me an email with all five locations listed correctly.

As a reminder, here are the previous clues:

Clue #1

Clue #2

Clue #3

Clue #4

And finally, Clue #5!!

From darkened caves set sail again, find lighthouse rent asunder.  Five clues you have, and if you’re clever, you’ll find Captain Ditto’s plunder!

Clue #5

Clue #5


Now that all the clues are given, send an email to dittopirate@gmail.com with the topic ‘Ditto’s Treasure Hunt’ and all the answers to the clues, numbered.  Also, please remember to include your pirate name.  Each of the answers needs to be precise and give a location like ‘Captain Avery’s Court’ and not just ‘Skull Island’.

Good luck, mateys!!  See you at the treasure!!

Ditto’s Wizard101 Fishy Contest Winners!!

Here they are, the winners to Ditto’s ‘Fishing with Ditto’ contest!  There were a TON of fun, creative entries – I love how talented all my fans are, and this contest was so much fun to judge!  So anyway – here are the winning entries!  I’m showing the entries for the top six – the First Place and Second place winners, and then listing the names of the randomly drawn runners-up.


Captain Ditto’s Pirate101 Treasure Hunt Contest – Hint #4!!

And Here’s the fourth clue (out of 5) to Captain Ditto’s Treasure Hunt contest!  Remember, to qualify for the grand prize you need to wait for all FIVE clues and send me an email with all five locations listed correctly.

Here is Clue #1

Here is Clue #2

Here is Clue #3

Clue #4 – Again set sail through the sunlit skies, deep within the smoking isle is where the next clue lies…

Clue #4

Clue #4

Please don’t post the answers here as comments to the article – read the rules and send the five answers via email when you’ve figured them out!

The fifth and final clue will be posted on Tuesday

Captain Ditto’s Pirate101 Treasure Hunt Contest – Clue #3!

Here it is, the third clue (out of 5) to Captain Ditto’s Treasure Hunt contest!  Remember, to qualify for the grand prize you need to wait for all FIVE clues and send me an email with all five locations listed correctly.

Clue #1 and contest rules are here

Clue #2 is here

Clue #3:  Aboard your ship to the windlanes fast, seek out a shack with a wicked past. There you’ll find an ally true, to guide your path to the very next clue…

Clue #3

Clue #3

Please don’t post the answers here as comments to the article – read the rules and send the five answers via email when you’ve figured them out!

Captain Ditto’s Pirate101 Treasure Hunt – Clue #2!!

As promised, here it the sec0nd clue in Ditto’s Pirate101 Treasure Hunt contest!!   Remember, to qualify for the grand prize you need to wait for all FIVE clues and send me an email with all give locations listed correctly.

Clue 1 is HERE

Clue 2:  The path you’ve set upon leads from courtyard to jungle, not over skyway, but over bridge…  You won’t need a ship for this leg of you quest; but you’ll need to make some new friends!

Treasure Hunt - Clue 2

Treasure Hunt – Clue 2


Please don’t post the answers here as comments to the article – read the rules and send the five answers via email when you’ve figured them out!

It’s Arrrgust in Pirate101, and Ditto has a Treasure Hunt contest!!!

Aye Matey’s, it be Arrrgust in The Spiral, time to celebrate with fun, Yum, and lots of treasure!!  To celebrate, Captain Ditto has hidden a great bounty somewhere in The Spiral, and he’s giving out clues to where he hid it in this all-new Arrrgust contest.


Fishing with Ditto – Create a Fish contest in Wizard101!!

Now that Ditto has wrapped up ‘Spiral Wars’ (and has taken a short break from Pirate101)  it’s time for a great new Wizard101 contest!!   The newest thing in Wizard101 is, of course, fishing, and is it fun!!  Find a nice quiet stretch of water, cast a spell, and try to land a whopper!  To celebrate this fun new pastime, Ditto has an all new contest with great fishing related prizes! What can you win?  Check this out!!!

Fishtank with Sharkspeare

Fishtank with Sharkspeare

1st Place Prize Pack: (more…)

Winners for the ‘Where’s Ditto’ housing contest!!

Here they are, the randomly chosen winners of the ‘Where’s Ditto’ contest!  To enter, people needed to locate three mystery locations in The Spiral, like a scavenger hunt, and let Ditto know where they were.  The correct locations were:

  1. The Acropolis
  2. Grand Fortress
  3. Island Getaway

Below are the winners, based on people who had correct answers, and randomly chosen (thanks random.org).  Tonight I’ve just done the major winners, the houses.  I will also be giving out runner up prizes soon, but it’s getting late tonight, so I’m going to do that part over the next few days, so keep checking your email.

Midday Estates:

  • Alura EmeraldDust
  • Julia Cloudhunter
  • eric lightstrider
  • Brittany Thunderspear
  • Liam
  • autumn
  • Kevin dragoncaster
  • ryan hearthunter
  • Nicole AshCaster
  • Jasmine EarthHaven

Meadows at Dusk:

  • Samantha RubyDreamer
  • malvin firesword
  • wolf ashflame
  • Nicholas Shadow
  • Christina Rainbow
  • Vanessa ThunderVault
  • James DragonCatcher
  • Emily ShadowBlood
  • Artur SpellMender
  • William ShadowBlade

Night Gardens:

  • Catherine Seasong
  • Wolf Silverflame
  • Vanessa Stormriver
  • Nora Strider
  • Sestiva
  • Sarah LifeSong
  • Scarlet Wilblade
  • Michelle MoonCatcher
  • Ashley Stalker


Runner-Up Prizes:

5 Energy Elixirs: 

  • Finnigan Hawkflame
  • Destiny Skyleaf
  • Esmee Pixieflame
  • Cori
  • Amanda GoldenFlame
  • Patrick Starcatcher
  • Jared Mythblade
  • Diana Rosestone
  • Stephanie SoulWhisper
  • Wolf

5 Mega Snack Packs:

  • Nicholas GoldSmith
  • Wolf LionHeart
  • Destiny MistShard
  • Jeremy
  • Fiona Spritrider
  • Seth Shadowcloud
  • Calamity Crow
  • Michael Wildflame
  • Autumn StormCloud
  • Hunter Darksword

Thanks to everyone who entered, congrats to all the winners!

Wizard101 Contest – ‘Where’s Ditto’, housing edition…

Contest Winners have been announced! 

Ditto has another all-new contest for his Wizard101 fans, and it’s all about houses!  In fact, it’s all about houses you can build yourself!  That’s right – Ditto has codes for new Arcane Builder houses – the ‘Midday Estates‘, ‘Meadows at Dusk‘, and the ‘Night Gardens‘ houses.  In case you don’t know, these are the houses that you can build and re-configure with cool housing building blocks – I’ve had a lot of fun with these, and it’s impressive what you can build with them!  Each winner of this contest will get one code for one of these amazing houses!

So how do you win?  Well, Ditto is hiding out in three of his houses – if you can tell me which house I am in with each picture below, you will be entered to win one of the houses!  Only entries who have all three houses correct will win, and the names have to match what you see in the game too – you can’t say ‘The Beach House’, it has to be ‘Island Getaway’, as an example.

Send your entry to dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Where’s Ditto’ and list your three answers, plus your wizard name, so I can announce the winners on my website.  You have from now until Midnight EST on Sunday, July 27th to get your entries in, and the winners will be announced on Monday, July 28th.

As always, only one entry per person please, and do make sure to include your wizard name so I can announce the winners here on the site.  And to re-iterate – each winner will get a code for ONE of the above ‘Arcane Builder’ houses, randomly chosen.

Ditto’s ‘Name that Pet’ Wizard101 contest winners!!

Here they are, the winners of Ditto’s fun ‘Name that Pet’ contest – well, some of them at least.  You see, apparently Ditto forgot to tell people to add their wizard names to their contest entry (oops, my bad), so only a few people who entered sent in their wizard names.   Was only able to post the entries that had wizard names (since I would never post your real name or your email), and those winners are listed below.  There are a LOT more entries that won, however, and everyone has been sent their winning codes in email already.  I really enjoyed all the entries, you are all very creative and came up with some fun names – thanks to all who entered and congratulations to all the winners – remember, there are a LOT more winners than are listed here…

 Winners (who sent me their wizard name in their entry)

  • Hunter Darksword- I would name one of the Shaloin Monkeys, Gracie, because she is one of my best friends in the game.
  • Aaron Flame – Shaolin Monkey – Prince Gizmo
  • Catherine Seasong –  Arcane Helpers – Tom and Jerry
  • Donna DragonDreamer – Snake in a basket. “Lady Serpentina”
  • Isabella Mythfire – Night Hawk  : Samuel would be a good name
  • Taylor Soulhammer – Betta Fish – Fabulous Fiffy
  • vanessa darkbloom – Bumble Bee – Queen Belle
  • Kaitlyn Miststone – Polar Bear Cub – Sneezy
  • Christina Rainbow – I will name the Giraffe as Miss Emily
  • Michelle RainbowHaven – Polar BEar Cub –Chubby Cuddly CubCub
  • Arlen Sanddust – I choose Shaolin Monkey. I name it Jackie Chan.
  • Hunter Tail – Bumble Bee – Honey
  • Tatiana Death Haven – Polar Bear Cub – Name: PB and C (Play on PB and J)
  • Talon Spiritforge – Minimus Maximus the Trojan Horse
  • James Skullrider – Betta Fish – Alpha Swim Omega
  • Artur AngleFlame  – Giraffe Name: Spots
  • Brandon OwlSword – Polar Bear Cub – Cutie
  • Heather SeaWeaverArcane Helpers: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
  • Katie IceFlame – I think it’d be cool to have a Trojan Horse named Virus

Ditto is back from vacation with a brand new Wizard101 contest!!

So Ditto is back from his wonderful tropical vacation, and it’s time for a contest!  I’ve got several planned, but since it’s almost 4th of July and I’m getting a later start at this than I expected, I’ll start with a simple one… Pets!!  I have a bunch of fun pets to give away, and all you have to do it name them!  Send me an email at dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Name that Pet’ and choose a pet from the below list, and give me a name for the pet.  The contest ends Saturday, July 12th, and I’ll send out winners on Sunday July 13th.  Here are the pets you can choose from and win!

Arcane Helpers!

Arcane Helpers!

  • Arcane Helper
  • Betta Fish
  • Babydactyl
  • Bumble Bee
  • Giraffe
  • Night Hawk
  • Polar Bear Cub
  • Shaolin Monkey
  • Snake in a Basket
  • Stegasaurus
  • Trojan Horse

That’s it – and easy one to get back into the swing of things.  I’ll have another contest after this one, plus some fun giveaways on Twitter, so stay tuned!!

Announcing Ditto’s ‘Spiral Petfinder’ contest winners!!

So here they are (better late than never) – the winners of Dittos’ fun ‘Petfinder in the Spiral‘ Pirate101 contest!!  I had so many GREAT entries, and a lot of people even decided to do fun graphics too!  I’ve posted the winners below, and some of the fun images people sent because they were so great!  Thanks so much to everyone who entered, and congratulations to all the winners!!

Grand Prize Winners!

  • Crazy Ashley Moone
  • Sneaky Scarlet

Runners Up: (more…)

New Pirate101 Contest – Petfinder in The Spiral! Have you seen my Flying Fish?

Contest time again, and this time I’ve got a fun one!  Everyone is talking about pets, pets, and more pets, and there are so many pets these days, a few are bound to get lost!  Well, I don’t want YOUR pets to get lost – that would make Ditto sad – but with so many new pets in The Spiral, YOU just found one wandering around lost, and you need to find it’s owner.  How do you do that?  You’re going to create a ‘Spiral PetFinder’ ad for this strange pet you’ve found, describing what it is, what it looks like, and at least one interesting distinguishing trait.  Like so:

FOUND:  Small orange flying rabbit with blue paws.  Seems to enjoy yum and carrots, makes a cute squeaky sound when you pet him under the chin…

The pets don’t have to be real Pirate101 pets, but they can be; it’s totally up to you!  Send your ‘Spiral Petfinder’ ad to dittopirate@gmail.com with the subject ‘Found Pet’.  The contest will run from now to Sunday, June 15th at midnight EST, and winners will be chosen after that.   For winners, I’m going to award the top five best ads, as chosen by me and Miss Narrator, and then the remaining winners will be chosen by random drawing.

So what do you win?  Why, pets of course!  One of three great new crowns pets, plus some crowns!!

And there will be a few other prizes too – a secret for now…   So get your entries in, and have fun with it – I can’t wait to see what pets you found out there!!

Ditto’s Pirate101 Witchdoctor’s Pet contest winners!

Well – better late than never, here are the winners of my Pirate101 ‘Witchdoctor’s Pet’ contest! This was a fun one – I had no idea how creative folks can be! I asked you to create a Witchdoctor’s pet, something fun and silly, and you didn’t disappoint.  Here are the winners, who got randomly chosen prizes of Witchdoctor’s Labs, pets, companions, or crowns.

Dangerous Mike: the witchdoctor pet could be a soulreaver the chick spell but in a pet form. you would be able to change the color of it to anything. the talent would be summoning a spirit from the dead to help you it could be from mailstaire to a bumble bee wearing a cow costume with high heels and t-rex arms

<Sunny Luis Smith:  A green pet Yum and that its power is “distraction”, makes every opponent from attacking to Yum to distract them and the pirate attack Meanwhile are distracted, enemies that attack to Yum do not know that the pet resists a 99% (if you use “distraction”, resist)

Dark Colin Holystone:  My pet idea is a Poltrygeist it is a ghost juju chicken(all blue as ghosts look in pirate101 and with red glowing eyes) with two powers the first is the juju spel which at adult becomes big juju and at epic becomes Great Juju and the second power is that she blows a egg from which hatches a skeletal wyvern

Stormy Blaze Silver:  The pet to a witchdoctor pirate is a haunted banana and its power is that if the pirate was defeated, will be revived by the pet (only once) and transformed into a powerful gorilla for 50% more strong.

DeadEye Daniel: The FearRat, a Ferret that got “scared to death”  so bad it has rotting fur with a solid white streak of hair going down his back and front.  Unfortunately he has a bad habit of following any armadillo pets around, falling down their holes and losing its tail.  This Ferret, known for liking shiny things breaks into houses and “infests” his deathly scare into them so when the users wear the jewelry they turn into the undead. The undead then turn in the “shinnies’” to the witchdoctor and help the FearRat get more gold!

Eccentric Elizabeth Sharp:  Skeletal Parrot – name – Toxic Bombardier. Poison pouch around his neck – With an eye patch .He rasps instead of squawking.  Power –  poison droppings. He poops – ok, drops – green slimy thingees that poison the enemy.

Patrick: My idea for a witchdoctor pet is similar to the enchanted armament in wizard101. It would be floating bones, and those bones can do anything. The bones would be different colors, and as it levels up the bones get sharper and bigger. A power would be that they can form into a sword, summon things, form a skeleton (like polymorphing), etc.

Thanks again to everyone who entered – stay tuned for more contests soon!  As always – Have Fun and Play Safe!!

Ditto’s Wizard101 Mannequin Contest Winners

So here they are, at long last, the winners from Ditto’s ‘Name that Mannequin’ contest, in which contestants gave me clever names for their mannequins!  There were some pretty funny ones, too – I definitely laughed at many of the entries, I love how clever my fans are!

Here are the list of winners, all randomly chosen as usual. All winners get a set of mannequins and a bric-a-brac elixir for their castle, and everyone has been notified by email.  Congratulations to all the winners!

  • Cameron Dragonbreath – Anakin (the mannequin) and Padme  – This is hilarious!
  • Blake Irontamer – Woody and Bo  – Cute Pixar reference!
  • Brittany Thunderspear – sassy Sylvia and motionless mike  – Clever
  • Morgan Dragonheart – Shrek and Fiona – Another great movie couple
  • Vanessa Dawneyes – Ron and Hermione – So cute together!
  • Miranda LightSpear – Malistaire and Darla  – Aw, classic Wizard101 romance!
  • Talon Spiritforge – Woody and Willow  (Get it? Wood Names! Ha!)
  • Corwin Redflame – Wall-E and Eve  – Another great Pixar reference – they do romance so well!
  • Taylor Soulhammer – Hansel and Gretel  – Great literary reference.
  • Katie Griffin – Steve and Eve   –  Random and Rhyming, outside the box, I like it
  • Corwin MythCrafter – Wesley & Buttercup  –  As you wish!!
  • Leesha Seawhisper – Sonny & Cher  – You’d have to dress them in sequins...
  • Elizabeth Gem – Meathead & Gloria   – This is a FANTASTIC classic TV reference
  • Patrick – John & Jill  – I guess Jack was busy?
  • Fred Boom – Fred and Wilma  – You’d need to put them in Azteca…

Thanks to everyone who entered, and don’t forget my Pirate101 contest, which ends this Saturday at midnight EST!

New Video Bloggy Thingy plus new Wizard101 and Pirate101 contests!!

Hi everybody it is the Ditto with a fun video bloggy thingy – with contests!!  Yay!  And yes, Ditto said ‘contests’ as in multiple, so stay tuned, this will be so much fun!!


First – the twitter report! It has been a while, but Ditto now has 1873 followers – wow! Pretty close to two thousand now!  That is so amazing, thank you so much to all my fans and followers!  I’m going to do something cool at 2000 followers, so stay tuned for that!  Oh, have you noticed the changes in Twitter? Seems like a lot going on there, huh?  I think I like it so far…

Next – the games!  Ditto has been bouncing back and forth between the Wizard101 and Pirate101 test realms, because there are lots of changes coming!  Ditto does really like the Pirate101 companion changes – it makes me feel more like I have a cohesive ‘crew’, and I don’t have to worry about my level 3 mouse fencer popping up in a critical fight and getting one-shotted.  I do think it’s a cool change so far.

In Wizard101 – I’m still trying to make it through Avalon – it’s fun but I don’t think the overall story is as engaging as earlier ones.  Not sure why – it’s not a bad thing, and maybe I’m not playing it often enough to get the whole ‘big picture’ story… it is fun though, and I love the scenery and the Monty Python references…

So that leaves us with… contests!   I have two, and all details are written in the description as well, but here they are:

In Wizard101, I have a bunch of Mannequin codes to give away – each grants a male and a female mannequin that you can decorate your house with – fun!  All you need to do to enter the contest is name them – give them clever names, like ‘Archie and Betty’ or ‘Jack and Jill’ or something like that – come up with a clever pair of names and send that – plus your wizard name – to Ditto’s contest email (dittocontest@gmail.com).  The contest ends on Saturday the 26th at midnight and winners will be chosen randomly the following day.  Winners get the mannequins plus a castle bric-a-brac elixir.  Easy!

For Pirate101, I have codes for random Springtime Pets and the Witchdoctor’s Lab – these are pretty great!  For this contest, I want to combine the two things into something funny or silly – I want you to tell me about your idea for a Witchdoctor’s Pet, including one witchdoctor pet power.  For example – the pet could be the voodog, a black dog wearing a tophat, and his power is to dig up bones and reanimate them into a skeletal… whatever they were before they were bones.  Could be a Skeletal Pirate, but could also be a Skeletal bunny or a skeletal chicken.  I want these to be extra silly and fun.

For the Pirate101 contest you have an extra week (I’ve learned my lesson not to end two contests at the same time), so send your entry, with your pirate name, to Ditto’s Pirate contest email (dittopirate@gmail.com) by Saturday May 3rd, and I’ll choose the winners the next day, on Sunday the 4th.

So that’s my contests – the email addresses and details are listed here in the description, so have fun with them, and good luck!  I can’t wait to read what you come up with!

Have Fun and Play Safe!!  PLOX!

Ditto’s ‘Something’s Fishy’ contest winners!!

Here they are – the winners of Ditto’s ‘Something’s Fishy’ Contest!  I love my fans – I got so many great, fun entries, such great ideas!  Here is the list of randomly chosen winners, in no particular order – each winner got a random housing item (Fishbowl, Pagoda Gauntlet, or Winterbane Hall) plus a bric-a-brac elixir! (more…)

Ditto’s April Wizard101 Contest – Something’s Fishy!!

So it’s time for Ditto’s April Wizard101 Contest, and it’s a good one, with some really fun prizes!  In fact, the whole contest is based on one of the prizes, because it’s just so much fun, it makes me smile every time I use it – I’m talking of course about the ‘Fantastic Fishbowl’!