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Ditto’s ‘Something’s Fishy’ contest winners!!

Here they are – the winners of Ditto’s ‘Something’s Fishy’ Contest!  I love my fans – I got so many great, fun entries, such great ideas!  Here is the list of randomly chosen winners, in no particular order – each winner got a random housing item (Fishbowl, Pagoda Gauntlet, or Winterbane Hall) plus a bric-a-brac elixir!

  • Brady Boombringer
  • Alexander EarthBlood
  • Scarlet Wildblade
  • Nicholas GoldSmith
  • Esmee Stormweaver
  • Alia.Icehammer
  • Trevor WildTail
  • Amanda RainbowGem
  • Tyler Steed
  • Matthew Myth Glade
  • Haley
  • Thomas Ghoststrider
  • Scarlet Summer
  • Michael H
  • Katie Griffin
  • Kathrine Water Heart
  • Ashley Lifedreamer
  • Scot FireTalon
  • Blake Irontamer
  • Autumn Starwalker
  • Kane Deathwalker
  • Kiera Summerglade
  • Dolan StrongRider
  • Michael Wildflame
  • Paige Dreamcloud
  • Brandon OwlSword
  • Justin DragonRider
  • Tasha Pearl
  • Tabitha Darksword
  • Diana Wildheart

That’s a lot of winners, congrats to all – but I’ve got even more to give away, so stay tuned to a fun new contest that I will announce tomorrow, April 21st!!

I also know I said I was going to post some of my favorite ideas – well there are somany great, fun ideas, I’m having a hard time choosing my favorites, but there’s one that obviously had a lot of thought and great detail put into it, so I’ll leave you with the amazing ‘Tomb of Souls’ by Kane Deathwalker!  I know I’d love to try it out!

Tomb Of Souls by Kane Deathwalker:
For this decoration I was thinking of an animated standing small stone cemetery building, like a family burial crypt with ghosts or wisps flying in and around the building. I would also have two pillars at each side of the entrance and stairs leading down to the tombs with a faint flicker of light coming from the darkness.
Activating The Decoration:
Standing in front of the tomb will activate the teleport and you will be
transferred in the tomb itself.
Inside The Decoration:
When in the tomb you will notice immediately that all you can see is a faint torch hung on the wall at the far end of the tomb and as you move further in torches on the left and right sides of you will illuminate 2 by 2 showing burial chambers on the walls of past krok ancestors sleeping that eternal sleep.
The area inside is decently big and in the middle of the tomb there is a sizable stone table matching the decor of the tomb itself.
You will also notice a domed floor lantern in the middle of the table that is not lit.
 When near the table an “x” will show for you to light the lantern which activates the curse of the dead. All the torches on the walls extinguish all at once as a burst of wind rushes down the stairs of the entrance from outside and closes the door trapping you inside. Spirits of the dead rise and surround you in array of different colors. Moaning, screeching and wailing as they wisp around the tomb.
When the light of the domed floor lantern goes out the single torch at the far end slowly illuminates again giving you a bit of light again.
With the door slammed tight from the curse you find yourself a bit claustrophobic and your breathing becomes heavy as you start to panic, wondering if the gifts the spirits gave you is worth being trapped in here forever.
The “x” appears again from the lantern as you pass by the table and you are not sure if it is such a great idea to light it again but in a desperate attempt to leave, you give in and all torches illuminate and the door opens which in-turn teleports you back outside re-setting the tomb for it’s next victim.
Decoration Rewards:
You receive 7 different items in total and 1.600 in Gold guaranteed.
All rewards are random but you can receive anything from Death Treasure Cards “including but not limited to spells, minions, snacks, garden spells and garden seeds” Death Reagents and if you were worthy you may even receive a Death pet “at random”.
Well, I sure hope you liked this idea and I thank you for all the awesome stuff you do on your site.
Take it easy and I will see you “Beyond the Spiral”


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