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Captain Ditto’s Pirate101 Treasure Hunt – Clue #2!!

As promised, here it the sec0nd clue in Ditto’s Pirate101 Treasure Hunt contest!!   Remember, to qualify for the grand prize you need to wait for all FIVE clues and send me an email with all give locations listed correctly.

Clue 1 is HERE

Clue 2:  The path you’ve set upon leads from courtyard to jungle, not over skyway, but over bridge…  You won’t need a ship for this leg of you quest; but you’ll need to make some new friends!

Treasure Hunt - Clue 2

Treasure Hunt – Clue 2


Please don’t post the answers here as comments to the article – read the rules and send the five answers via email when you’ve figured them out!

5 responses

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  2. Andrea

    Hi ditto, can you please make all clues all located in non member places please? This game is fun but i’d be so disappointed if some clue ends up being in a member place ):

    August 21, 2014 at 1:12 pm

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