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Ditto’s Pirate101 Witchdoctor’s Pet contest winners!

Well – better late than never, here are the winners of my Pirate101 ‘Witchdoctor’s Pet’ contest! This was a fun one – I had no idea how creative folks can be! I asked you to create a Witchdoctor’s pet, something fun and silly, and you didn’t disappoint.  Here are the winners, who got randomly chosen prizes of Witchdoctor’s Labs, pets, companions, or crowns.

Dangerous Mike: the witchdoctor pet could be a soulreaver the chick spell but in a pet form. you would be able to change the color of it to anything. the talent would be summoning a spirit from the dead to help you it could be from mailstaire to a bumble bee wearing a cow costume with high heels and t-rex arms

<Sunny Luis Smith:  A green pet Yum and that its power is “distraction”, makes every opponent from attacking to Yum to distract them and the pirate attack Meanwhile are distracted, enemies that attack to Yum do not know that the pet resists a 99% (if you use “distraction”, resist)

Dark Colin Holystone:  My pet idea is a Poltrygeist it is a ghost juju chicken(all blue as ghosts look in pirate101 and with red glowing eyes) with two powers the first is the juju spel which at adult becomes big juju and at epic becomes Great Juju and the second power is that she blows a egg from which hatches a skeletal wyvern

Stormy Blaze Silver:  The pet to a witchdoctor pirate is a haunted banana and its power is that if the pirate was defeated, will be revived by the pet (only once) and transformed into a powerful gorilla for 50% more strong.

DeadEye Daniel: The FearRat, a Ferret that got “scared to death”  so bad it has rotting fur with a solid white streak of hair going down his back and front.  Unfortunately he has a bad habit of following any armadillo pets around, falling down their holes and losing its tail.  This Ferret, known for liking shiny things breaks into houses and “infests” his deathly scare into them so when the users wear the jewelry they turn into the undead. The undead then turn in the “shinnies’” to the witchdoctor and help the FearRat get more gold!

Eccentric Elizabeth Sharp:  Skeletal Parrot – name – Toxic Bombardier. Poison pouch around his neck – With an eye patch .He rasps instead of squawking.  Power –  poison droppings. He poops – ok, drops – green slimy thingees that poison the enemy.

Patrick: My idea for a witchdoctor pet is similar to the enchanted armament in wizard101. It would be floating bones, and those bones can do anything. The bones would be different colors, and as it levels up the bones get sharper and bigger. A power would be that they can form into a sword, summon things, form a skeleton (like polymorphing), etc.

Thanks again to everyone who entered – stay tuned for more contests soon!  As always – Have Fun and Play Safe!!

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