Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Saving Miss Narrator

Intro Music

Madame Jasmine: Bwaaak!

Ditto: What’s that Madame Jasmine? Miss Narrator is in trouble??

Madame Jasmine: Bwaak!

Ditto: She’s been kidnapped by annoying and somewhat incompetent crab people and taken to an undersea area of Wizard City that nobody as ever noticed before?

Madame Jasmine: Bwaak!

Ditto: Absolutely right Madame Jasmine, we have no time to lose!! What should we do first??

Madame Jasmine: Bwaak!!!

Ditto: Absolutely right – we’ll go talk to the Librarian, that’s definitely the smart move when someone has been kidnapped and is being held captive against her will!!

Madame Jasmine: Bwaak!!

Ditto: So Harold the Librarian says that yes, there is actually a part of Wizard City that long ago broke away and fell deep into the water, and it is now rules by crabs. Seems like I’m going to have to get wet on this one – and I just washed my fur, too…

Madame Jasmine: Bwaak!

Ditto: An excellent questions Jasmine – it seems that in the shopping district Darla Whisperwind actually sells a water breathing potion, so that we can go and rescue miss narrator from the clutches of the evil crab thingys… See, here it is now!

MAdame Jasmine: Bwaak!

Ditto: No, I don’t know how long it lasts, she didn’t mention, and I’m not sure if it’s safe to use on crimson-zillas… Maybe I should have read the label? Ah well, there’s no time to lose – Miss Narrator is in trouble!!!

Madame Jasmine: Bwaak!

Ditto: Oh cut that out… what could possibly go wrong?

Ditto: See, now we’re deep underwater in an amazing and colorful realm populated by fish and other fantastic sea creatures! And look Jasmine, we’re swimming!

Madame Jasmine: Bwaak!!

Ditto: Oh just hold your breath then, this can’t take too long. Excuse me, mist crab person thingy, I’m looking for… Hey, ouch!! He attacked me!! Stop that you silly fish, I’m just trying to… ouch!! OK you asked for it, Meteor Strike!!

Madame Jasmine: Bwaak!

Ditto: Oh yeah, me forget, under water fire powers not quite so effective. Well then, Frost Beetle! He he! Look, he’s frozen in a little block of ice! Fish-cicle!

Madame JAsmine: Bwaak!

Ditto: OK OK me focus on the task at hand. Looks like everyone is heading over to that big giant tower – must be somethign good going on over there. Let’s sneak in!

Madame Jasmine – Bwaak?

Ditto: You know, just, uh, swim and try to blend in. Here, make fishy face like this, they’ll never know the difference!

Madame Jasmine: Bwaak!

Ditto: There she is – and what is they doing? It looks like a…. a wedding? No way! I didn’t even know Miss Narrator was dating anyone! Good for her, they make a lovely couple!

Madame Jasmine: Bwaak!

Ditto: Oh yeah, oops – me forgot about the whole’ trapped against her will’ thing. Alright crabby – unhand my Narrator!! I’ve been saving this treasure card for just such an occasion! Try Blizzard on for size you bunch of annoying and curiously low-leveled fiends!! Come on Miss Narrator, while they’re all Frozen, let’s get back to dry land!!!

Madame Jasmine: Bwaak!!

Ditto: Good idea Madame Jasmine – that will buy us some time! Let us make our daring escape!!

Ditto: And we are back – are you doing OK Miss Narrator?

Narrator: Join us again next time for more Marleybone excitement with the Daring Adventures of Ditto!!

2 responses

  1. Wolf Strongshield

    Lol ditto my favorite part was the BWAK! part from your pet

    March 15, 2011 at 10:41 pm

  2. Would it be offensive if I called you a puppet?

    October 28, 2012 at 6:33 pm

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