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Ditto’s Wizard101 Mannequin Contest Winners

So here they are, at long last, the winners from Ditto’s ‘Name that Mannequin’ contest, in which contestants gave me clever names for their mannequins!  There were some pretty funny ones, too – I definitely laughed at many of the entries, I love how clever my fans are!

Here are the list of winners, all randomly chosen as usual. All winners get a set of mannequins and a bric-a-brac elixir for their castle, and everyone has been notified by email.  Congratulations to all the winners!

  • Cameron Dragonbreath – Anakin (the mannequin) and Padme  – This is hilarious!
  • Blake Irontamer – Woody and Bo  – Cute Pixar reference!
  • Brittany Thunderspear – sassy Sylvia and motionless mike  – Clever
  • Morgan Dragonheart – Shrek and Fiona – Another great movie couple
  • Vanessa Dawneyes – Ron and Hermione – So cute together!
  • Miranda LightSpear – Malistaire and Darla  – Aw, classic Wizard101 romance!
  • Talon Spiritforge – Woody and Willow  (Get it? Wood Names! Ha!)
  • Corwin Redflame – Wall-E and Eve  – Another great Pixar reference – they do romance so well!
  • Taylor Soulhammer – Hansel and Gretel  – Great literary reference.
  • Katie Griffin – Steve and Eve   –  Random and Rhyming, outside the box, I like it
  • Corwin MythCrafter – Wesley & Buttercup  –  As you wish!!
  • Leesha Seawhisper – Sonny & Cher  – You’d have to dress them in sequins...
  • Elizabeth Gem – Meathead & Gloria   – This is a FANTASTIC classic TV reference
  • Patrick – John & Jill  – I guess Jack was busy?
  • Fred Boom – Fred and Wilma  – You’d need to put them in Azteca…

Thanks to everyone who entered, and don’t forget my Pirate101 contest, which ends this Saturday at midnight EST!

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