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2010 Year End Episode

The Daring Adventures of Ditto – 2010 in review

The Daring Adventures of Ditto – 2010 in review! Ravenwood Radio year-end episode #32

Narrator: Welcome once again to the Daring Adventures of Ditto – so Ditto, can you believe it’s already 2011?

Ditto: I have trouble with concepts like ‘Wednesday’… 2011? I’ll have to take your word for dat one.

Narrator: Riiight… Well I thought we could take this time to look back and reflect on the past year, look at all the cool things that happened. It was a pretty big year for you, after all.

Ditto: Oh yeah, dis was a really big year for me! All kinds of great stuff happened!

Narrator: Like what?

Ditto: I had pie.

Narrator: Pie?

Ditto: Yeah pie – nice hot apple pie. It was really good!

Narrator: Out of all the amazing things that happened to you in 2010, you come up with pie?

Ditto: well… it was really good pie…

Narrator: Well what about all of your daring adventures? All of your incredible travels?

Ditto: Oh yeah well dat too… Not as good as pie, maybe, but there were some pretty cool adventures, sure.

Narrator: OK like what?

Ditto: Why you asking me? You were there too..

Narrator: Trying to create a dialog here, engage the audience…

Ditto: Oh, right, audience. Well, ok then, I think one of the coolest things dat happened was when we went on dat adventure looking for dat cursed locket, and we were in the woods hiding out from all the bad guys, and found that sword under the ice…

Narrator: OK, that wasn’t you Ditto, that was ‘The Deathly Hallows’…

Ditto: Oh right, sorry.. OK well how about the time when I was deep in the game world…

Narrator: Yes, that sounds more like it, and then what happened?

Ditto: Oh, me had to search for my dad, and there were these awesome glowing motorcycles, and these crazy spinning discs me threw at the bad guys, and there was all this awesome music that was just like ‘thump thump thump’…

Narrator: Aaaand that was ‘Tron’… Again, not you at all. You saw that movie last week.

Ditto: I knew it sounded familiar! What a cool movie!

Narrator: So anything at all coming to mind for, oh, things you actually DID this year?

Ditto: Oohh how about when I learned magic!

Narrator: Yes, that’s it – let’s talk about that!

Ditto: Well, I was minding my own business and was recruited by this cool looking guy with long hair, and he told me I was a powerful sorcerer and taught me all this amazing magic…

Narrator: Yes, and you had to defend the Spiral against the evil Malistaire!

Ditto: Um, no, me had to defend New York against this crazy guy Maxim… there was dragons and crazy car chases…

Narrator: Wait – New York? This isn’t Wizard 101, this is another movie, you’re talking about The Sorcerer’s Apprentice with Nicholas Cage.

Ditto: Well yeah – me just get that on Blu Ray. Really good movie….

Narrator: So you didn’t do anything else exciting or interesting this year?

Ditto: Well, not sure how interesting is it, but I did travel to an amazing mystical world.

Narrator: (skeptically) Narnia?

Ditto: No, it was called Krokotopia. It was a sun-drenched world full of giant bugs, and talking dogs, and ancient tombs. I freed an entire enslaved race of cute salamander people and defeated hordes of evil crocodile people, including Krokopatra herself! I guess that was pretty interesting.

Narator: Yes, I suppose some people WOULD find that interesting….

Ditto: And the me headed deep into the forests of Grizzleheim, defeating forest demons and finally raiding the dark fortress of Draugarth, defeating the vile Skellek, cruel Grendel chieftain.

Narrator: Well yes, I guess that’s also pretty exciting!

Ditto: Of course there was also my adventures in Marleybone, where I helped Sherlock Bones himself take down a huge criminal organization full of thugs and angry robots and an old abandoned amusement park. Dat was pretty awesome now dat you mention it.

Narrator: Yes, that definitely was pretty awesome.

Ditto: Yeah – I guess now that you mention it, 2010 was a pretty amazing year. But you know what the absolute best part of it was?

Narrator: No, what was that?

Ditto: It was finding an amazing and fun game called Wizard 101, and it was having a silly idea about making a blog about playing it and having people really like it! It was becoming pretty much the only Fabricated American blogger out there.
It was finding a bunch of great friends and great blogs like Ravenwood Radio and The Friendly Necromancer and Diary of a Wizard and Homework in a Graveyard and becoming a part of that awesome community, and it was joining this wonderful and fun podcast…

Narrator: This is fun, isn’t it? I love it too.

Ditto: I never imagined when I did the first one of these that it would have lasted so long and that so many people would enjoy our wacky adventures, and that I’d get to share them with my favorite Narrator…. I love the fact that we make people laugh and I especially love the fact that people actually look forward to this segment every week. So from Ditto, Madame Jasmine, and Miss Narrator, I think we’re most thankful for all you YOU Out there who support this… thanks for a GREAT 2010 and we’re looking forward to even more fun in 2011, with Mooshu, Dragonspire, and Celestia on the way! And maybe by the time we make it there, there will be another world we can adventure in as well!

Narrator: Yes, thanks to everyone who support us and we look forward to bringing you more crazy fun adventures in 2011!

Together: Happy holidays and thanks to Ravenwood Radio for all that you do!

Ditto: PLOX

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