Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

PAX East

Ditto once again talks with Steve Spohn of Able Gamers at PAX East

Last year, while exploring all the many things PAX East had to offer, Ditto came across the AbleGamers booth and was able to talk to Steve Spohn, the Editor-In-Chief of the AbleGamers Foundation, about the amazing work that AbleGamers does, helping disabled kids and veterans to get back into accessible gaming. It was the interview that meant the most to me last year, and so Steve was the first person I checked with once I had my PAX East tickets for this years’ show. AbleGamers was once again hanging out at PAX East (this time with a bunch of Pachinko machines!!) telling people all about the organization and showing off accessible gaming hardware, like an Asteroids game you can play just with your eyes!


Ditto talks to Tony Goodwin of Twisted Pixel about LocoCycle and gets a game demo!

Last year at PAX East 2012, Ditto talked to a great indy company called Twisted Pixel, and their game ‘The Maw’ ended up being Dittos’ favorite new game from the show.  This year Twisted Pixel were back, bigger and badder than ever, with an all new game coming soon, called ‘LocoCycle’. It’s a crazy fusion of driving game and fighting game, where you play I.R.I.S the AI Motorcycle AND Pablo the mechanic, who is unwittingly (And Hilariously) dragged along for the ride as I.R.I.S goes haywire.


Ditto Interviews Jared Kasl of Pagoda West Games and talks about ‘Major Magnet’ at PAX East

With all the ‘shock and awe’ of the PAX East expo floor, it’s really nice to find something unxpected among all the noise and flashing lights, and that’s just what Ditto found when he talked to Jared Kasl of Pagoda West Games about their fun and clever platformer, ‘Major Magnet’.


Ditto talks to Tom Eastman from Trinket Studios at PAX East

While hundreds of people went to PAX East to see games like Elder Scrolls Online, One of the games that Ditto was most excited to see was a unique iOS gamed by Trinket Studios called ‘Color Sheep‘. Think of it – you’re a fluffy sheep, Sir Woolston, and you have to save the world from color stealing sheep! OK, Color Sheep is the kind of game Ditto loves! It is cute! It’s fun! It’s a fluffy sheep named Sir Woolston who shoots lasers! I couldn’t ask for better. The soundtrack is cute too, and overall the game is quite addictive. It’s a fast-paced game, but it’s easy to learn and play as you blast your way through each level, taking out the evil wolves as the march across the screen.


Ditto interviews Clutch Play Games, makers of ‘Little Chomp’

At PAX East, Ditto met up with Amy and John of Clutch Play Games, who make a really fun, cute mobile game called ‘Little Chomp’. In the game, you guide a very cute caterpillar through a number of levels by ‘shooting’ him from leaf to leaf, collecting coins and fruit as you go – a game where you get to eat stuff, is there anything better for Ditto? You can use the fruit you collect to feed your other caterpillar friends by ‘flicking’ the fruit at them, and it turns them into butterflies! I like that part a lot! The controls are really simple and the game is very easy to start playing, but the higher levels are definitely a real challenge. (more…)

Ditto Interviews Ichiro Lambe of Dejobaan Games – Monster Loves You

One of the things that Ditto likes to do at PAX East is to find cool new family friendly games among all the crazy stuff. As I was wandering through the crowd, a big green banner caught my eye with the words ‘Monster Loves You’ emblazoned across it. You see, it is VERY hard for a monster to find a good role model in most video games. Sure, there are some friendly monsters who will help you learn to count or tie your shoes, but MOST of the monsters out there are of the ‘under your bed with burning red eyes and long dripping fangs’ variety, and that’s just not fair.


Ditto’s Wrap Up – PAX East 2013 In Pictures!

Well PAX East 2013 has come and gone – my third year at PAX was definitely fun and exciting! We got there before the expo floor even opened, to play pachinko and have a great interview with Steve Spohn of the AbleGamers Foundation. We walked the floor, saw a bunch of the sights – and WOW were there some sights there. Giant robots, wizards, dragons, and of course all kinds of games! And of course there were the people – so many people! Ditto lost count after eleven, I think, but there were WAY more than that!