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Ditto’s Wizard101 Fishy Contest Winners!!

Here they are, the winners to Ditto’s ‘Fishing with Ditto’ contest!  There were a TON of fun, creative entries – I love how talented all my fans are, and this contest was so much fun to judge!  So anyway – here are the winning entries!  I’m showing the entries for the top six – the First Place and Second place winners, and then listing the names of the randomly drawn runners-up.

1st Place Prize Pack:

Winner: Samantha Rubydreamer   – I loved how Ruby not only created a beautiful and elegant fish, but put a lot of thought into the history and biology of it as well.

Sakura - Samantha Rubydreamer

Sakura – Samantha Rubydreamer

My fish is more alongside creative lines. My inspiration stems from Mooshu, where there are cherry blossoms galore. I wanted a fish that looks like a real fish but has a bit more flair.

So I created my own species of Koi fishy. (Fun Fact: Koi fishes are more revelant in Asian culture such as Mooshu)
I decided to name it Sakura, which is Japanese for Cherry Blossom. Because my fish feeds off falling petals and cherry blossoms, it’s only fitting that it derives from the Life school.


2nd Place Prize Pack:


3rd Place Prize Pack:
Randomly Drawn Winners:

  •  Alyssa Stormcloud
  • Wolf Hawkhunter
  • Amber
  • Llewella Blueeyes
  • Esmee
  • Sabrina Smith
  • Logan MistSpear
  • Mary Darkbloom
  • Juan TitanCatcher
  • Nicole Ashcaster

Thank you again for all the great entries, and congratulations to all the winners!  I can’t wait for the next one.

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