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Ditto’s ‘Name that Pet’ Wizard101 contest winners!!

Here they are, the winners of Ditto’s fun ‘Name that Pet’ contest – well, some of them at least.  You see, apparently Ditto forgot to tell people to add their wizard names to their contest entry (oops, my bad), so only a few people who entered sent in their wizard names.   Was only able to post the entries that had wizard names (since I would never post your real name or your email), and those winners are listed below.  There are a LOT more entries that won, however, and everyone has been sent their winning codes in email already.  I really enjoyed all the entries, you are all very creative and came up with some fun names – thanks to all who entered and congratulations to all the winners – remember, there are a LOT more winners than are listed here…

 Winners (who sent me their wizard name in their entry)

  • Hunter Darksword- I would name one of the Shaloin Monkeys, Gracie, because she is one of my best friends in the game.
  • Aaron Flame – Shaolin Monkey – Prince Gizmo
  • Catherine Seasong –  Arcane Helpers – Tom and Jerry
  • Donna DragonDreamer – Snake in a basket. “Lady Serpentina”
  • Isabella Mythfire – Night Hawk  : Samuel would be a good name
  • Taylor Soulhammer – Betta Fish – Fabulous Fiffy
  • vanessa darkbloom – Bumble Bee – Queen Belle
  • Kaitlyn Miststone – Polar Bear Cub – Sneezy
  • Christina Rainbow – I will name the Giraffe as Miss Emily
  • Michelle RainbowHaven – Polar BEar Cub –Chubby Cuddly CubCub
  • Arlen Sanddust – I choose Shaolin Monkey. I name it Jackie Chan.
  • Hunter Tail – Bumble Bee – Honey
  • Tatiana Death Haven – Polar Bear Cub – Name: PB and C (Play on PB and J)
  • Talon Spiritforge – Minimus Maximus the Trojan Horse
  • James Skullrider – Betta Fish – Alpha Swim Omega
  • Artur AngleFlame  – Giraffe Name: Spots
  • Brandon OwlSword – Polar Bear Cub – Cutie
  • Heather SeaWeaverArcane Helpers: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
  • Katie IceFlame – I think it’d be cool to have a Trojan Horse named Virus

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