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The Return of Destiny Hexcrafter

At long last, now that I have successfully vanquished Malistaire and am busy exploring the mysteries of Celestia, I have decided to start playing my special project, Destiny Hexcrafter, again.  For anyone who doesn’t know, Destiny is a Necromancer I’m playing who has no gear and no special robes – basically I’m playing her with the robes, wand, and spell deck she got from Headmaster Ambrose.  After playing Digby  for so long, going back to Destiny is very challenging, especially since between the gear and spells I have with Digby he’s practically a super hero.  (more…)

The Destiny Project: Level 20

As a quick recap; a while ago I was inspired by The Friendly Necromancer and others to start a Necromancer named Destiny Hexcrafter, sister to my Pyromancer Digby Hexcrafter, who I am playing with only starter equipment. This means only starter robes, starter wand, starter deck, and no additional equipment or mount. It’s a fun and exciting challenge, and I’ve really been having fun!

This week I made level 20 with Destiny – I felt this was a pretty significant milestone, and worth a good article about my progress and the tings I’ve learned along the way.

Destint in Krokotopia

Destiny under the Krokosphinx

First – the numbers. At level 20, Destiny has 915 health, 56 mana, 7 Training points, and just over 30,000 gold after my bazaar trip (not having anything to spend money on is nice – just wish I could transfer it to Digby 🙂 )

While in earlier levels it was my mana that seemed really low and troublesome, at level 20 my mana isn’t as bad as my heatlh. With some of the duels I’m in, 900 health is gone in two or three good rank 4 hits. Storm bosses are exceedingly problematic now – I cringe with every storm shark that comes after me!

One interesting thing that’s both a blessing and a curse is deck size. With the starter deck I almost always have the cards I need for my chosen strategy, which is great. On the downside, my cards go FAST in a boss fight. I’ve won more than one duel with only one or two cards left, not counting treasure cards. I’m thinking that I should keep one or two reshuffles in my treasure cards, just in case.

My current strategy is standard necromancer tactics – death trap, curse, death blade, and vampire. That’s a good amount of damage with half returned as health, and often comes close to topping off my health in standard trash mob fights. Boss fights are another matter altogether, of course – boss damage is often a bit overwhelming for my mere 900 health, as you can imagine.

I’ve gotten used to slower, non-mounted travel, that’s not much of a concern now, but I’m still trying to decide a secondary school. As my chosen strategy is working really well right now, I’m not too worried about a secondary yet, but I have a feeling I’ll be changing my mind about that before I leave Krokotopia – we’ll see.

That’s it for now, I’ll have another update at my next big milestone, maybe when I get my level 22 spell.

The Destiny Project, Week 8

Here we are at Week 8.  Destiny made level 16 this week, and than means VAMPIRE!  That was a welcome addition to my spellbook, especially in Krokotopia.  I needed to use Banshee to defeat a lot of the higher ranked enemies, and Banshee doesn’t give me any health back.  With Vampire, I can take out Nirini bosses and get most of my health back at the same time.

Destiny Gets Vampire

Destiny get Vampire!


The Destiny Project, Week 7

I’m still in Krokotopia and doing well.  This week I wanted to talk about something new that’s happened a couple times now, something I wasn’t quite expecting.  You see, someone running around in all starter clothes in Wizard City is pretty normal, not out of place at all.  Krokotopia, however – that’s obviously a different story.  (more…)

The Destiny Project – Week 6 – Krokotopia!!

So this week I finally finished up Wizard City and made it to Krokotopia!  The Gobblers were definitely troublesome, I was defeated a number of times , but I finally got into a good rhythm with my traps and blades, using a combination of ghoul and banshee.

I’m currently at level 14 – I’m only a hair over below level 15.  I would have kept going for 15, but wanted to get the article done for the week and ran out of time.  I’ve got 768 health and 43 mana now – health isn’t bad, I can hold my own, but at 3 mana points per banshee and 2 per pixie or ghoul, my mana pool goes fast, especially in a boss fight. (more…)

The Destiny Project – Week 5

Destiny versus Gobblers

Destiny faces off against some gobblers

It’s starting to get interesting.  I made level 13 this week, almost to level 14, and I’ve completed everything in wizard city except Colossus Blvd. – I’m about halfway through Gobbler-Town now.  Taking on multiple opponents isn’t as tricky as I expected, but I DO need to take a secondary school, so I’m going to ask for some suggestions.  Currently I’m thinking either life, to help with more healing options, or ice, to get that tower shield.  Is there another option?  What does everyone else think? (more…)

The Destiny Project – Week 4

With all the excitement around the Mega Sultan’s Palace, I honestly haven’t been playing Destiny as much as I’d like, but I did make it to level 12!

Destiny getting a quest from Malorn Ashthorn

Destiny getting a quest from Malorn Ashthorn


The Destiny Project, Week 3

I had a good week with Destiny – I made level 10, which got me Banshee, which is a great spell with decent damage, but doesn’t return any health, so I don’t know if it will make it’s way into my very limited deck.

At level 10 her health is 670 and mana is a whopping 34. That’s still rough, but not as bad as 22… Fights are still tough, I had a really hard time with wormguts in firecat alley, it took me a few tries to defeat him.

I haven’t chosen a secondary school yet – I’m not sure I will, due to the very limited deck space I’m working with. I’m still thinking about it, not sure what I’ll do yet. Opinions are welcome.

I did equip my piggle from the Pet Pavilion introductory quest -Madame Baxter. She doesn’t give me any advantages, she’s essentially cosmetic, so I don’t think she changes the rules of the experiment, and she’s cute, so I’m keeping her 🙂

I’m just about ready for Malistaire with Digby and I’ve got another project coming soon, so it might be slower going for a few weeks, but I’m going to make sure I play at least a few times a week and keep moving her forward. I’m really interested in this project and I’m excited to see how this works out, especially in Krokotopia and beyond.

Destiny training Banshee

Destiny at school, training Banshee

The Destiny Project – Week 2

I didn’t get to play Destiny as much as I wanted this week, but I made it to level 8, which isn’t too bad. At Level 8 I now have 621 health, 30 mana, and I recently got Death Blade and Dream Shield spells.

My main strategy is still death trap + ghoul, and adding in death blade when I need it.  Having the wand spells in the mix is somewhat inconvenient, because on my first turn, if I have no traps or blades I need to either pass or cast something weaker than ghoul. I might actually go without a wand – not sure if that’s allowed by the rules here though.

Fizzles are the worst, seriously. I seem to fizzle a lot more than I’m used to with no armor or gear to boost my base percentage.  I also find myself second guessing some duels, like with Field Guards, which is a new thing for me – with my limited health (was 395, now up to 621 so not as bad) an elite storm opponent is nearing boss level danger, able to take me out with two well placed hits in some cases.

Lack of mana is still my biggest issue – I actually found myself with one mana left, desperately looking for a blue wisp before I got pulled into a duel.

I did finish the Storm Kraken quest, which was more chaotic than I remembered previously – I assume due to the growth of the game.  There must have been twenty people crowded into that little island area waiting for the kraken to appear – I actually felt bad for the kraken, he didn’t stand a chance…

Storm Kraken Fight

The Destiny Project, Week 1

So I’m going to try and report on Destiny HexCrafter every Friday, because hey, it’s Friday.

As a quick recap, I am playing a new character in Wizard 101, Destiny, who will not use anything but the starter deck, wand, and robes she was given upon entering Ravenwood, going through the game with only starter equipment.  It’s an interesting challenge and really makes you think about the game in a whole new way and I’m already asking questions like ‘How am I going to win boss fights using only 14 cards and 5 treasure cards??’


Introducing Destiny Hexcrafter!

So I was on Twitter, minding everyone elses’ business (Isn’t that the business model for Twitter?) when I saw an interesting post from Isaac Mistheart about running a ‘no armor’ character.  I asked about it, and it turns out he and The Friendly Necromancer have been playing characters that use nothing but starter robes, starter wand, and starter deck to play Wizard 101.  Apparently Friendly is already in Mooshu with his character!

This idea fascinated me – I feel like it puts a completely new perspective on the game, and I wanted to join in, so I am officially introducing miss Destiny Hexcrafter – sister of my main character Digby Hexcrafter.  She’s Death school, and will play the game entirely with starter robes, wand, and spellbook.

Destiny Hexcrafter

Introducing - Destiny Hexcrafter!

I don’t want to confuse people with this character versus my main character, who is nearing level 48 now, so I believe I’m going to do this as a weekly ‘update’ blog with screenshots, but no video.  It will be tagged as a different category, too, just called ‘Destiny’.  I’ll let everyone know how she’s doing and what challenges I’m seeing.  I dont’ expect much difference in the early levels, because I know I didn’t really start looking at equipment with Digby until around level 10, I think.

Anyway – say hi to Destiny and wish me luck!!