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Ditto working on Minecraft Ravenwood – Roads and Bridges!

Ditto is still hard at work on ‘Minecraft Ravenwood’, trying to recreate parts of Wizard City in Minecraft.  It’s hard work, but it is lots of fun seeing things start to take shape!  I’ve been putting in that road that goes around the lake, and I’ve done a lot of work to Bartleby (though the Spiral Chamber needs to be LOTS bigger!) and I build a bridge too!  It’s still pretty scary though with all those googlies about – Ditto can handle it though!

So what more do you like in your Minecraft videos?  Is Ditto doing a good job, is it lots of fun to watch?

Ditto creating Minecraft Ravenwood – Things Get Going

Ditto has been working hard on his Minecraft version of Wizard City and Ravenwood…  I’m not a Minecraft ‘expert’ by any means, but I think it’s a lot of fun to create things, and I figured since I’m a long time Wizard101 blogger I figured it might be fun to try and re-create some of the sights of Wizard City, starting with the Headmaster’s office…


New Video – Ditto’s Minecraft Ravenwood- The terrible beginning!

This is the very fist Minecraft video I have ever made (though I’ve played Minecraft a bunch)  and I’ll be honest – this video does not go well.   In getting the streaming sorted out, I was more focused on streaming stuff and bandwidth, etc.., and not on things like creepers and zombies and getting my first shelter build or getting torches made.  Thankfully, I do eventually get the hang of stuff and it gets a bit less crazy…