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Ditto is Back with a tale of woe, plus Contest Winners!!

So, a funny thing happened this past weekend.  And by ‘funny’ I mean ‘really really annoying and inconvenient’  – we had a storm, and a lightening strike, and a power surge, and our cable modem went ‘bzzzt’ and that was pretty much that.  Of course, because of our service contract thingy we had to get a new modem thingy shipped, so we had no modem thingy and no internet all week, until today when it came in.

Now, to understand how very annoying and inconvenient, not only was Ditto unable to post to his bloggy thingy or make any new videos, but Ditto and friends do not have cable – we ‘cut the cord’ as they say – so all of our TV and various entertainment, except for a couple ‘Muppet Show’ DVD box sets,  requires our internet connection.  This week has been…   long.

So that’s a long way of saying it is GREAT to be back, and Ditto can FINALLY announce the winners of Ditto’s Spooky Story contest!!  Yay!!!

Grand Prize: One Random Pet (Zombie Piggle, Nightmare or Ghost Dragon) plus 7 Chocolate Pet Snacks and 10,000 Crowns

Winner:  Talon Spiritforge

Story Title: ‘The Walking Pork’

Synopsis: An evil spell transforms the Piggle population into zombies, who then roam the Spiral in search of fresh bacon.

Second Prize:  7 Chocolate Pet Snacks and 5,000 Crowns

  • Alex – “The Gamma”  (From ‘The Raven’)
  • Scarlet Wildblade – Dr. Purreau and Mr. Meowiarty
  • Autumn Stormcloud – Count Drake-ula
  • Jacob Nightrunner – ‘The Phantom Glider’s Rickshaw’ derived from ‘The Phantom’s Rickshaw.’
  • Morgrim Sky – The Curse of Lord Nightshade

Third Prize:  7 Chocolate Pet Snacks

  • Tara WillowStalker
  • Amber Firecaster
  • Hunter Frost
  • Victoria Ice
  • Lucas Dragonslinger
  • Diana Rosestone
  • Alyssa Stormcloud
  • Keira Unicorn
  • Brandon Firesword
  • Alexis Golden

Congratulations to all the winners, thanks for your patience, and Happy Halloween everyone!!!  Now, to play some Wizard101!

One response

  1. Amber Firecaster

    Thanks for the contest!

    October 31, 2014 at 11:24 pm

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