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Ditto is back… and so are CONTESTS!!! #wizard101 #pirate101

So Ditto is back after an extended break (ok, nap, I overslept a bit…) and after checking emails he found a whole bunch of crowns codes to give away!!   What better way to come back then giving away some codes, right?  So that’s what I’m going to do – and I’ll make it super simple, because I’m just getting back into the swing of things.

Ditto is Back!!

Ditto is Back!

The prizes are all Crowns codes of various sizes and the contest is a simple raffle – send me an email to dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Welcome Back Ditto’ and include your Wizard or Pirate name between now and Saturday, June 11th at midnight.   On Sunday the 12th I will randomly draw winners and send out prize codes.  Simple, right?

So spread the word – Ditto’s back and he’s giving away stuff!!!  And there are new videos coming soon, too – just you wait and see!!   Good Luck!!!

Friendship Festival Contest Winners!!!

Once again I am so impressed and thrilled with all the fun entries I got in this awesome Friendship Festival contest – I laughed a lot reading through all these pet names!  All the winners were chosen randomly for each type of pet, and I’ve awarded some crowns codes randomly too.

Pirate101 Pet – Huggle Hoggle

  • Brave Andrew Evans – Captain One-Eye Snortimer
  • Sneaky Chris – Creampie
  • Brave Hunter Young – Jumping Sparklemuffin
  • Danish Casper-Jenkins – Cuddles Mc.Gwee


Wizard101 Pet – Lovely Leopard

  • Drake Haven – Mr. SnugglesWorth the III
  • Logan Owlwielder  – Lumlums
  • Alexis Storm Flame – CutiePie
  • Keena Nighthunter – Sugar Magnolia


Crowns Winners

  • Clever Lucas Percy
  • Natalie Ward
  • Alexander Nightingale
  • Oran Nightbringer

Thank you again to all who entered, enjoy your pets and crowns!!   See you in The Spiral!!!  I’ll have some new streaming and gameplay videos coming very soon too!



Contest Time! Friendship Festival in The Spiral!

So it’s time for the always fun ‘Friendship Fesitval’ in The Spiral, and Ditto has some great contests, all about pets!!!

For Wizard101, Ditto has the adorable new ‘Lovely Leopard’ pet – so cute and cuddly!!  Such an adorable pet – very fun to train up!

In Pirate101 Ditto has the new Festival pet ‘Huggle Hoggle’, a cute pirate pig ready to lend a hand – I love the hat and beard!!

Now how do you win one of these adorable pets?  It’s simple – send an email to DittoContest@gmail.com  with the subject ‘Friendship’ and in the email, add your wizard or pirate name.  In the email, tell me what pet you would like – Wizard Pet or Pirate Pet – and then give it a cute name, like ‘Little Miss FuzzyFace’ or ‘Buddy the Bearded WonderPig’.    The names do NOT have to be real Spiral names – make them cute and funny and silly, have fun with it!

Send your emails between now and Saturday, February 20th at midnight EST – on Sunday the 21st I will draw four random winners from each of the categories – wizard or pirate pet – and award codes for the corresponding pet.  I’ve got some crowns codes to hand out randomly as well, so more people can win!

As always, please only one entry per person, to keep it fair for everyone.  And above everything else – have fun and good luck!!!

Captain Ditto and Crew head to Marleybone!!!

Captain Ditto and crew are on an EPIC Marleybone journey – massive boss fights, thrilling adventure, and finally…  Marelybone!!!!  —  In these videos Ditto teams up with the AMAZING Pirate Husky Amy – it’s just a random pick up group for a rather lengthy dungeon at the end of Mooshu, but she is so good; playing with her is like watching an artist at work!!!  So good!!!

These are some fun videos, enjoy!!!


Captain Ditto and ‘Quest Inception’… pirate101

On the way to Marleybone, Captain Ditto and crew encounter ‘Quest Inception’ – a quest within a quest within a quest, and so on….
Quest 1 – Secure the yellow windstone to get to Marleybone
Quest 2 – Infiltrate Fort Basset to get the windstone
Quest 3 – Secure the help of famous thief to get into fort basset to secure windstone
Quest 4 – Secure a church wedding for famous thief so he’ll help you into fort
Quest 5 – Rid church of ghosts to get priest to bless thief’s wedding so thief will help you break into fort to get windstone.
Quest 6 – Prove the innocence of wrongly accused ghost so his spirit can rest and he stops haunting the church, so the priest will bless the wedding of the thief, so the thief will help you break into the fort, so you can steal the windstone and get to Marleybone…

Did you get all that? I assure you, it was exhausting.

Captain Ditto summons a Giant Turtle!!!

Captain Ditto and crew have traveled throughout Mooshu to collect the fabled Turtle Balls! With all the mystical objects collected, Ditto travels to a sacred shrine where he summons Maruzame, the Giant Sky Turtle!!  It’s a giant sky turtle!  It is so awesome!!!   Who doesn’t love a giant flying sky turtle???


So what more do you want to see in Ditto’s videos?  More games, longer videos, shorter videos, more of Ditto’s friends?   Ditto is having so much fun streaming, he wants his fans to have fun too!!

Captain Ditto is fixing Moodha statues!

Ditto loves Mooshu – both in Wizard101 and Pirate101 (because they are the same place, of course) – the music, the peaceful landscape, the constant smell of fried rice… OK maybe that last one is just in Ditto’s imagination…  So this time, Captain Ditto and his crew are still exploring in Mooshu and have to fix some sacred Moodha statues to help save a cursed temple and stuff…  Oh, and there’s some epic fighting as well…

New Video – Captain Ditto returns the Dragon Kings’ Egg!

After battling through all kinds of crazy stuff, Captain Ditto finally reaches the lake and the Dragon King’s temple to return his Jade Egg!  Ditto learns all about the Golden Staff and the wacky hijinks of the Monkey King – this is some great storytelling!!

Captain Ditto and Fair Christina Nightingale battle General Tsao!

One thing that Kingsisle has always done well in their games is funny pop-culture references, from Firefly to old John Wayne movies to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who.  Mooshu is no different, and of course in a world named after Chinese takeout, they would be a villain named ‘General Tsao’…  Ditto has spent months slowly making his way through Mooshu in order to face General Tsao, and the final battle was definitely NOT disappointing!


Captain Ditto and Crew infiltrate General Tsao’s fortress!!

The beginning of the big ‘General Tsao’ battle in Mooshu in Pirate101 – Captain Ditto and his crew infiltrate General Tsao’s compound searching for the piece of Marco Pollo’s map… Witness daring fights, explosions, and a furry orange monster – who could ask for more?

Captain Ditto’s Halloween Contest!!

Halloween is Ditto’s favorite time of year – Monsters LOVE Halloween, for all kinds of different reasons! Great costumes, lots of candy, spooky stories, and fun games!! I just love it, and I’m sure you do too!

For this contest, I want to learn about your favorite part of Halloween, but from your pirate’s point of view!  If you love costumes, tell me about your pirate’s costume!  Is it a ghost pirate, or a peg-leg postman?  If you love candy, what kind of candy does your pirate love, yum filled treats, pirate candy corn, chocolate dubloons?  What kind of games do they play?  Are there Pirate Halloween stories they like to tell around the campfire?  Send me an email at dittopirate@gmail.com with the subject ‘Pirate Halloween’ and tell me about your pirates’ favorite thing about Halloween! Oh, and make sure you include your Pirate name, too!  I’ll be taking entries through Halloween night (Next Saturday), and I’ll give away prizes on Sunday November 1st (winners chosen by random draw, as usual, to keep it fair).


Captain Ditto – Can’t Stop the Signal, Part 2!!

Again, some GREAT pop-culture references here, and a fun quest series overall – here is the joyful conclusion as Captain Ditto and friends reunite Captain Reynolds with his trusty crew – Wash, Zoe, and Jayne…

Gameplay Video – ‘This Whole Stream is a Trainwreck’… #Pirate101

So it’s been a little while since Ditto has streamed, and Carl my helper was still asleep, as you can probably tell by the absolute wreck of an opening here…   And what is that weird creaking sound in the sound feed?  Was that my microphone?   Gah!

However, it is OK because if there is one thing I love most about Kingsisle games, it is their excellent use of pop culture references!!   This one is no exception – we need to save Cobb from villagers who worship him for all the wrong reasons… and they sing to him too!
So Ditto has to raid some armada ships to put together a bribe for a sheriff, to let ‘The Rooster of Doom’ go, so he can take Jayne’s place… Got it?

Captain Ditto battles Inoshishi Bandits in Mooshu!! #Pirate101 #balughust day 26

Captain Ditto and his swarthy crew are back in Mooshu, where they need to battle some untrustworthy Inoshishi Bandits to recover, of all things, an incense stick…   Kind of weird

I think this was the last video recorded before I fixed the sound, so it might be a little off again… the next ones should all be awesome!

Captain Ditto and Crew back in Mooshu in Pirate101!! #blaughust Day 17

Captain Ditto and Crew are back in Mooshu and have to battle possessed samoorai warriors, searching for magic swords!
Mustang Sally was a real hero in this one – her sword work was so quick and deadly, she really earned her keep!

It was a little disorienting doing battle with opponents my own level, since I’ve been playing significantly below my level with those other quests lately.  It’s OK though – my crew was ready for action!  So exciting fighting these cursed Samoorai – they know a few serious tricks!!

The sound on these videos is still a little off – I fixed it in a later video, but for these I’m still a bit quiet.

More Twitch Streaming – Captain Ditto versus the Floating Dutchman! #Pirate101 #blaughust day 15

A fun adventure where Captain Ditto and his crew track down the very spooky ‘Floating Dutchman’ – it’s a great little adventure that is WAY below Captain Ditto’s level, so it makes him look like a real super hero!!

I do think there’s still a problem with my audio I need to figure out – my voice is much too low, so I need to fix that.  It might be a setting in Windows somewhere – I’ll try to figure it out.  Sadly I don’t realize it during the stream…  I need to get someone on to watch and test things out with me at some point.  I’ll try to do it this week.

As far as Blaughust…  Well, I missed a few days, sadly – Thursday I was working and Friday we had friends over.  Sadly, sometimes life gets in the way of fun stuff like blogging, but that’s OK – I’m going to keep going and I’ll try my best not to miss any more!

Winners of Ditto’s Pirate101 Arrrgust contest – Keeping Cool!!

For a quick contest, I sure got a LOT of great, fun entries!!  I love so many of these fun and clever ideas for how your pirates keep cool in the summer heat!  Some of them definitely made Miss Narrator and I laugh!  There are lots of ways to keep cool in the Spiral – there are lots of waterfalls, for example – and some very creative ways of keeping cool too, things I never thought of.  The Water Guardians in Mooshu are certainly an interesting choice!!

Anyway – here are the randomly chosen winners – congratulations!!! (more…)

New Gameplay Video – Captain Ditto battles the Blood Lord and Chaka Kahn!!

Well 7 days down, 23 to go…  This ‘blaughust’ thing is going to get interesting.

That pause in the opening of the video really bugs me, I have to fix that… I think I need an .flv file editor.

Well here it is, the big end battle with the Aztecosaur Blood Lord!  Of course my crew and I defeat the Blood Lord pretty easily and start destroying creepy crystal statues, but that awakens a nasty evil Chaka Kahn boss thingy and we have to fight again!!

I know it’s a little cheezy, but I love going through this very easy dungeon – I feel so powerful! Like a super hero – such fun! It’s a fun story too – I dig Azteca, it’s a cool mythology.

New Gameplay Video – Captain Ditto in Azteca fighting suff… #Pirate101 #blaughust Day 5

Captain Dito and crew continue on the Azteca quest, and it’s so fun! It’s far below my level,  true, so none of these fights are terribly difficult, but they’re fun!!  Ditto battles some ThinSkulls, then travels through Azteca to talk to Itzam Halach, and Ditto needs to fight the dreaded Chaka Kahn, or something like that.  Ditto has to defeat the dread Chaka Kahn  and save Azteca! And there’s a totally rude triceratops too – and I always loved triceratops!

And this video is one of the first stream videos I did, so the sound is still a bit wonky.  Sorry about that.

And for the record, I know that blaughust rules say a post of ‘at least 10 sentences’, but I think a 15 minute video also counts…  I mean, a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video has got to be worth…  well, a lot.

Contest Time!! Summer Fun in Arrrgust in Pirate101!! Blaughust #3

It’s summer in The Spiral and in the Skyways of Pirate 101 are celebrating the grand tradition of Arrrgust!  And what does that mean?  Well, it means CONTESTS!!  Lots of the fansites are going to be doing contests, and Ditto is one of them!!

First, what is Ditto giving away?  A SOLAR SABER mount!!!  How awesome is this thing?  Just look at it!

Awesome Solar Saber mount!!

Awesome Solar Saber mount!!

Certainly an awesome mount – very stylish!!  Look at those fangs!!  And of course, he’s fast!  Good kitty!!

And what do you need to do to win this awesome kitty cat?  Well, since it’s Arrrgust, and it’s HOT, I want to know what your pirates do to keep cool.  I know it can’t be splashing around at the beach, since there’s no water at the beaches of the Skyways, so what else do they do?  Giant Slip and Slide?  Spiral-Style air conditioning?  Be creative and funny and let me know how your pirates keep cool…

Send your entry in to dittopirate@gmail.com with the subject ‘Keep Cool’, and make sure you include your pirates name.  The contest runs from today to Sunday, August 9th at midnight EST, and winners will be chosen by random draw after that!

So that’s it – enter and have fun!  And don’t forget that lots of fansites are going to be having fun contests of their own, so check them all out!!

Good Luck and Have Fun!!

Captain Ditto decends into the Scaly Warren in Pirate101. Blaughust Day 2

So Captain Ditto is back with his excellent crew, ready for some thrilling heroics!  Of course there was an added challenge of playing this live on my TwitchTV channel, and I was recording it as well, just to see how that all worked and if people liked the new format.  So check out some fun questing and please feel free to let me know how you like it and what I can improve…


KingsIsle celebrates Shark Week!! Ditto’s Shark Week contest!

Once again it is that wonderful time of year, Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’!!  It really is a great tradition we look forward to every year – Sharks are amazing and fascinating creatures!  As part of this wonderful tradition, KingsIsle has been joining the Shark Week celebration with their own shark-related fun in Wizard101 and Pirate101, with shark mounts, shark pets, and great fun contests!

Well Ditto is holding one of these fun contests, yay!!   Between today and Sunday, July 12th (midnight EST), you can enter Ditto’s Shark Week contest to win a Swift Shark mount in Wizard101, a cute little Storm Tiger Shark pet in Pirate101, or the always useful Crowns!!

StormTiger Shark Pet in Pirate101!

StormTiger Shark Pet in Pirate101!

Swift Shark Mount in Wizard101!

Swift Shark Mount in Wizard101!

So how do you win these wonderful prizes?  Well, I was going to have people take a picture with a shark, but Miss Narrator didn’t think that was a smart idea, so instead of that, I want to hear some amazing shark facts!!  Email me at dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Shark Week’ and send me a fun and amazing shark fact, plus your wizard or pirate name.   At the end of the contest I will choose all winners by random draw and notify by email and post the winners here on my blog.  I’ll also post the list of shark facts too!

So where can you find cool shark facts?  There are a lot of great resources, like Discovery and Wikipedia, or you can use your favorite research tool.  I want the facts to be interesting and positive, to show how amazing sharks are.  I can’t wait to see what you find out!

Good luck, have fun, and find some great shark facts!!   See you in The Spiral!

Pirate101 Gameplay Video – Awesome Ship to Ship Combat in Mooshu!

Captain Ditto has reached level 45 and has upgraded a bunch of stuff, including a fancy new ship!
After the upgrades, Ditto goes looking for trouble, seeking out Armada ships to attack, to collect items for several quests!  Ditto loves the new ship, as you can see – it’s very exciting!

Captain Ditto makes it through the gate to fight Inoshishi Clanlord in Pirate101

After defeating all the various elemental sorcerers and collecting the Fifth Element props, Captain Ditto and crew finally enter the inner sanctum of the Bandit Cave!  There, they face the dreaded Inoshishi Clanlord boss type person!!

Ditto was worried that this boss would have the powers of all the dreaded sorcerers combined, but… he didn’t, he was just a general bad guy.  It’s a pretty solid fight and, unfortunately, the crew does not come out totally unscathed, but Ditto was victorious, and after some rest and relaxation the crew will all make full recoveries.