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Ditto’s Pirate101 ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ contest winners!!

As the story goes, Captain Ditto and his crew of scurvy dogs was followin’ a treasure map they found in a box o’ breakfast cereal, and sailed their way into a spooky hidden cove surrounded by dark jungles and ancient stone ruins. As they sailed slowly in, eyes peeled for danger, their ship was rocked by an attack from below, and Ditto and his crew suddenly found themselves face to face with…

I have to say, once again I am blown away by the creativity of my fans, and you always make contests like this really hard to judge. I loved so many of your entries and pictures, this was a really fun one! As I said in the contest, I’ve chosen my favorites for the top six (Grand prize and five second place) and then the remaining ten are chosen by random drawing.

And the grand prize winner is… Captain Maeve Noble and the monster Goldilox!! I have to admit, the idea of a giant mutant goldfish amuses me, and I loved the write up! Congratulations to Captain Maeve!!

Thirty feet tall, with frightening fangs peeking out from behind fat, fleshy orange lips, the beast known as Goldilox could jump as much as fifty feet out of the water, sinking entire ships with it’s colossal weight. Once the ship has capsized, any body, living or dead, is quickly devoured by the gargantuan fish. Local legend says that the goldfish-looking creature lives deep below the water’s surface, in a castle made of a material that only Goldilox was known to possess– it is said to be unbreakable, and even the plants growing over the surface start to lose their color and transform into this same material.

The local people have attempted to coax the beast to leave, but nothing has worked. However, the beast only shows aggression when another creature invades its territory. Many people believe the fish is protecting something. Long ago, a single soul managed to sneak past the monster to see what lay past its watery lair, but was only able to get a glimpse of what the creature so desperately tried to protect– he reported a glowing, golden ring, deep within the jungles beyond. In fact, he likened the ring to a common food: a bagel.

Perhaps this golden bagel is what Goldilox is protecting? Captain Ditto will find out!

Second Place Winners:

Autumn: Ditto  shouted for his crew to man the sails as the giant basilisk– sea serpent rose from the waves eyes emerald yellow and piercing. as its body rose higher and higher above the water ditto knew he and his crew were in for quite the battle. So ditto loaded up his ship’s cannons and steady the wheel. While the crew screamed from terror ditto stood broad and eyed the creature. The creature had scales of the deepest black with hints of the most radiant purple and red. The scales were so eye catching that the patterns on them seem to be hypnotizing and emulating a haze. The basilisk swayed in the waves and took height as it prepared for it’s first strike.It’s fins extended  out as it opened it’s mouth there were so many sharp white teeth too many to count.Ditto yelled  FIRE! as he spun the wheel to dodge the ship away from the creature. As the cannons shot out balls to pelt the creature it missed the ship and struck the waves. Ditto notice how the creature could not rotate it’s body well so he spun the wheel driving the ship in circles around the creature . He wanted to captured the creature but he knew he could not do it alone he called his pirate mates in and they got the ropes ready. As ditto encircled the creature with his friends they threw ropes as they cast nets to entrap the creature. it raged and swayed until it was trapped in it’s own mess. as the ships  tethered to each other and pulled the tail of the creature rose from the water and on it was cluster of treasure beyond measure. Wrapped around the bound treasures was tied trunks,gems and rings and lots of shiny things.Ditto and his mates collected the treasure and decided it was better to free the beast after they loaded up their ships. they cut the ropes and the mystical creature swam away never to be seen again.

Salty Edward Pew   (I liked this one a lot too – the idea of a skyway sloth is funny!): The Skyway Sloth is a severely underrated leviathan of the Spiral. Hanging off the masts of long-abandoned ships, Skyway Sloths spend most of their time sleeping. However, the unfortunate soul who steals from one will be pursued… very, very slowly.

Occasionally, an exceptional Skyway Sloth is born. These Skyway Sloths take over entire ships and commandeer them to attack unlucky pirates.  The best defense against a Skyway Sloth is to just keep moving. They probably won’t catch up with you anyways.
Lily Davenport:  The Stonehorned Laughter Sea Dragon – This gigantic sea dragon isn’t known for being scary or fearsome in protecting the treasure but protecting it in a funny kind of way. First, the creature submerges under the surface of the sea & uses his horn that looks like a set of stones to trick pirates & sailors, and then when they got close, the dragon shows itself & breathe a cloud of laughing gas. Those who breathe the gas will laugh so hard that they are forced to go back home to cure the stomachache caused by the laughter.
Captain Cunning Amber Dove: Here be the Drowned Swamp Lady, a lass who long since lost her loved ones in a pirate’s raid in her village. She be out to get every last pirate, and protects the loot by her dwelling, the swamp. She can control the swamp water and forms extendable tendrils from her arms, strengthenin’ them with large vines. She attacks from below, draggin’ ships down to the depths of the swamp, never to be found again…

Aurora – I want to tell ye about creature who yer crew might bumped into. The name is Slicomeral. He slumbers deep near the coastline. Surrounded by his minions he protects the island of treasure, which ye searchin’!

He has pink coral spikes all over his back and a long crystal blue dorsal fin. He is friendly, but once he sense any kind of dangers, he becomes a fierce warrior protecting his kingdom. He can cover anything in slimes and shoot coral spikes. Beware my pals, ye won’t reach the treasure easy! He will glue your ships to the tips of the bedrock… But wait, he is very diplomatic! I am sure with a little more yum, he might let you pass!

Third Place Winners:

  • Lane – ‘The Blew’
  • Clumsy Calamity – ‘Captain Crunch’
  • Smart Logan West  – ‘Sea Dragon’
  • Humble Brandon Quincy – ‘Cat Crusader’
  • Sarcastic Esmee Jenkins – ‘Sea Booty’
  • Angela – ‘Poseidon’
  • Patrick – ‘Technopus’
  • Sarcastic Maria  – ‘Spiggle’
  • Ambitious Christina – ‘Rocksea’
  • Dead-Eye Steven Strong – ‘Leviathan’

Once again, thank you for all the wonderful entries, and congratulations to all the winners!!!

Have Fun and Play Safe!!!

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