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A Sad Day for Ditto…

As many friends and fans know, since my triumphant return from the all you can eat buffet I have put out a few new videos, but then started having technical issues…  small at first, like the audio being weird, then I suddenly had a corrupt OS and needed a re-install, then finally I started getting random restarts and other bad things. 

I got my trusty laptop looked at, and the news was dire; motherboard issue, not repairable, need a new motherboard (and let’s face it, I’m not under warrantee, so this means new laptop) 

So that’s it – this isn’t ‘goodbye’, I hope, but making gaming video content requires a stable laptop that can run games and do recordings, etc…, and it will be a while before I can swing that, so for now I won’t be posting any new gaming videos.   I might figure out some content to create with my phone, like the video here, but they likely won’t be gameplay vids…  sorry about that.  

To all my loyal friends and fans, I thank you for all your love and support over the years, you make this furry orange monster so happy!!  I’ll still be on twitter and stuff, I won’t disappear completely, and hope to see you in the spiral again some day soon!! 

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas… Ditto Style 

Hey there! Yes I know I’ve been missing in action for a bit, but I did not want to miss my yearly tradition of reading my favorite holiday poem!!

New Gameplay – More Asheron’s Call fun!

Ditto continues his introduction to the still fun Asheron’s Call – in this video we trek through a very creepy spooky dungeon full of murderous giant insects!  The was very dark and the sounds – ew, those sounds when the weird bug doors opened and closed, I won’t soon forget those!

So Ditto got a new mattress… Oops…

So Ditto got a brand new mattress, and it’s really comfortable and soft and warm and squishy…   And so apparently Ditto overslept… a bit….  by about eight weeks, according to Carl the camera-bear.  So ‘oops’ – I guess I haven’t been around for a bit.  I mean, that happens to everyone, right – like you oversleep and are late for work or miss a whole semester of school?  It happens.  I wonder if I can pull off the ‘Furry monsters hibernate randomly’ excuse?  Probably not.
Anyway, Ditto is awake now, so you can expect more videos and fun stuff soon, I promise!!!

The Ducky Did It….

So Ditto hasn’t been around for a little while – or a long while, depending on your concept of time.   There hasn’t been anything specific keeping me away, just a confluence of things that have been keeping me away from the computer and away from gaming in general.  I was feeling pretty bad about it, too, and thank you for the emails and DMs asking if I was OK – yes, I’m totally fine, it’s just that sometimes real life gets in the way of the virtual, even for a furry monster.   Then, for April Fools’ day, I say a post in my feed and had to immediately click it and then immediately log back into my beloved Wizard101 because, well…

Picture 2016-04-01 11-48-10


DUCKY!!!!!!    They made a cute adorable bouncy RUBBER DUCKY MOUNT!!!   AAAHHHHH!!!!! (more…)

Happy Holidays Everyone! Twas the Night Before Christmas by Ditto!

This is becoming a bit of a yearly tradition – here is Ditto reciting the whole poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’!!  Ditto wants to thank all his friends and fans throughout the year, it is so wonderful to have you all supporting Ditto and his friends!


Ditto likes TV – some of my favorite shows #blaughust Day 27

So Ditto was wondering what to post about next, and he was watching some TV, so I decided to talk about what I like to watch on TV…

Well of course I’m going to start with Fraggle Rock – what Fabricated American did not love this show!!  Red, Wembly, Gobo, those cute little Doozers…  I still love this show, you can watch it now on Hulu or other on demand services, and there is talk of it being rebooted soon too!!

Next we’ll go a bit more modern with ‘The Flash’ – Ditto is definitely a fan of super heroes, and the first season of The Flash was just what Ditto loves – fun, lighthearted, and action-packed! Barry Allen is a great hero because he’s not perfect – he makes mistakes and he learns from them, and he relies on his friends.  It is definitely one of Ditto’s favorite shows.

Finally, let’s talk about cartoons…  I like a lot of those but Star Wars Rebels is a new favorite – what a great addition to the Star Wars universe!  Ezra, Kanan, and Sabine are great, but I love Zeb – I always root for the big furry guy!  I also love Ezras’ blaster / lightsaber – that’s a great design, very smart.  Again, it’s a fun, action-packed show with great characters and the return of one of my all-time favorites (no spoilers though…)  and season 2 should be starting soon!

So what so you think – good stuff?  What are some of your favorite shows – anything Ditto should check out?

Where is Ditto? Where did he go?

Hello everybody – Ditto the Monster here!!   You may notice that Ditt has not posted much in the last couple weeks – sorry about that!  It is not a big problem – it’s just that Ditto got a bit of a cold, like a chest cold, and while it wasn’t a big deal, it really gave me problems with my voice, so I have not been able to do much in the way of videos or daring adventures.  I tried to record today, but I’m still losing my voice after about 30 seconds of talking and have to hack into the microphone a bit to clear my voice and then I have to take a big drink of tea, etc…, so it’s really not working well for videos, unfortunately.

Ditto isn't feeling well

Ditto isn’t feeling well


So the good news is that Ditto IS feeling better, I really am – my voice just is not fully recovered.  I am hoping it is recovered by Tuesday so we can record a fun new ‘Doctor Ditto’ adventure, at least with a minimum of editing or re-dos.

I am still playing games though – not too sick for that!  And I’ve been very excited following Crowfall – that seems like a very cool new game and I am very excited to be a part of it!   They have done great do far on their kickstarter – I backed it on the first day, so exciting!   I’ll be sure to do some gameplay videos as soon as I get my furry hands on it, too!!

So that’s it for now – Ditto felt bad about not having posted in a while but just wanted to let everyone know that it’s all OK, and Ditto will be back posting videos soon!!

See you in the spiral!!

Happy Halloween from Ditto!

Hello Everyone – Ditto wants to wish all his friends and fans a very happy and safe Halloween!!!  Ditto is getting his spooky on, as Monsters love to do, and decided to share a few pictures too!

It's 'The Walking Ditto'!

It’s ‘The Walking Ditto’!


Ditto’s feeling a bit under the weather…

To those of you asking about new gameplay videos and ‘Daring Adventures’ episodes, I just wanted to let everyone know Ditto’s got a cold – nothing serious, don’t worry – but I basically have no voice and I’ve been dealing with coughing fits, so recording anything is pretty much a no-go until I feel a bit better.

Feeling Yucky...

Feeling Yucky…

Thanks again to everyone who has reached out, and I’ll back up and posting soon – and in the mean time I have a fun contest going on for Pirate101.  As always, have fun and play safe!!!

Ditto’s Yearly Tradition – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Here it is again, Ditto’s yearly tradition of one of my favorites – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’!

Happy Holidays from Ditto and Friends!!

Ditto and his friends took a special holiday picture this year!   Ditto wants to wish all of his friends and fans a very happy, safe, and fun holiday!  Ditto started this website almost four years ago as a way to talk about his favorite game, Wizard101.  In the years since, Ditto has found the most wonderful community of fans and friends a furry monster could ever hope for!  Thank you everyone for being so wonderful!!

Happy Holidays from Ditto and Friends!!

Happy Holidays from Ditto and Friends!!

From Left:  Carl the Camera-Bear, Edgar Dragon, Chip, Ditto with ??? monster, Greenly Monster with Susan the cat.

And the Geek & Sundry Winner Is…. Not Ditto

Well, it looks like all the Geek & Sundry vlog contest winners have been announced, and Ditto’s Video Bloggy Thingy was not among them. I said it before, and I really do believe that even though we have not made it to the next round for Geek & Sundry, the amazing support and turnout I got from my fans and followers and the fact that we ended up in fifth place out of many, many entries (well over 100) is just amazing, and I definitely count myself a winner just for that. Carl isn’t so forgiving, but he’ll get over it, I assure you. (more…)

Geek & Sundry Vlogger Contest – 5th place – Thank you All!! What’s Next

As of this morning, at the close of the Geek & Sundry Vlogger contest, Ditto finished up in 5th place with 3338 votes!  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who supported me and voted for me and put up with my constant twitter requests to vote for me – that had to get annoying, right?  It means a LOT to this furry monster to have done so well and had the support or so many awesome fans!

So a lot of people have asked ‘What’s Next’ – Well, Geek & Sundry will choose thirty winners from this round and announce those on July 1st (I’m glad I don’t have fingernails, I would be chewing them until the 1st!).  Being in the top 30 list doesn’t guarantee I’ll be chosen, but it definitely helps a lot.  Being the only Fabricated American in the contest probably helps a lot too.

The 30 finalists will produce another video, and go through another selection and voting process, until the final 10 are selected as new Geek & Sundry Vloggers.  Being a Geek & Sundry Vlogger gets me promotion, opportunities, moving beyond just doing vlogs, collaboration opportunities, new content pitches, opportunities for exclusive access to events and resources, guidance, mentoring, resources, and I may even get to meet Felicia Day! It’s all pretty exciting for a furry orange monster!

I do want to thank everyone again – even if I don’t make the next round, seeing the community rally around me like this definitely makes me a winner!!  I am so grateful, and whether I win or not, I’ll be adding a lot more fun stuff to my vlog, inspiration from this contest!!

Have Fun and Play Safe!!!


Vote for Ditto’s Blog on Geek & Sundry!! Pretty Please!

As many of my readers know, I entered the Geek & Sundry Vloggers contest to try to get my Video Bloggy Thingy onto the Geek & Sundry channel. Well – I made it into the public judging round, so I need lots and lots of people to like it and vote for it and give great feedback! G & S are allowing a week of feedback from June 20 to June 27th, at which point, between the community feedback and Geek & Sundry internal review, they will narrow it down to the top 30 vloggers – I would LOVE To be one of those, and then go on to be chosen as one of the top ten!! It is a big dream for Ditto, and I really appreciate your help with it!!

Here is the link for voting, and you can vote ONCE EVERY DAY, so vote lots!!  http://geekandsundry.com/vlogger/ditto-p.-monster

Vote for Ditto

Vote for meeeeee!

Vote and spread the word to friends and help Ditto get onto Geek and Sundry!!

Thank you!!!

By way of explanation… Edgar.

So I guess a little explanation might be in order in regards to the video of Edgar this morning. Edgar is, as you may have guessed, a new roommate, and he has been VERY excited about being on my website. Of course, he doesn’t really play video games, or know much about them, and I’ve been busy with contests, etc…, so it has been hard to find a place to work him into a video. Well, today he talked Carl, my faithful (but not terribly bright) camera-bear into doing a video, but all he saw on my calendar was ‘Ditto vid blog’ and figured he’d try to do that. (Yes, I need to do a real one soon…) The video that got posted this morning was the result.

So what do you think about Edgar? He’s a nice enough guy – um, dragon – and he wants to be part of the site. What should I have him do? Any ideas?

Ditto Reporting Live from the Blizzard! I Found Nemo!!

Here is Ditto, reporting LIVE (Well, recorded technically)  from deep within the big blizzard, Nemo!  It’s very cold and the snow is coming down pretty fast now, but Ditto and Miss Narrator and all our friends are safe inside and keeping warm with lots of cocoa and cookies and big fuzzy blankies as we watch the snow come down!  I’ll do another report tomorrow when we see how much snow Ditto gets!! I wonder if it will be up to my waist!  Maybe deeper!

Happy Holidays from Ditto and Friends!! Merry Whatever!!

As monsters like me are pretty much non-denominational, and I have a wide variety of fans, I wanted to wish everyone a happy whatever it is you choose to celebrate, and hope you enjoy time with friends and family and those closest to you.  Stay safe, be merry, and thanks for watching Ditto and his friends!!   I’ll leave you off with an old classic, Ditto’s monster rendition of the holiday classic ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’…

Ditto’s 500th Video!! 500!! Happy Holidays!!

Ditto’s 500th Video!!

Hi everybody – it is the Ditto.  Wow, so here we are – 500 videos.  That seems like a lot, doesn’t it?  I’m pretty sure it is, yes.  I’ve had a lot of suggestions about wacky things to do, from doing a Christmas video  to doing a parody of ‘Gangnam Style’, but when I thought about it, I think the most important thing to remember about this milestone is why I reached it – and that is for everyone out there, all of you who follow my blog, and watch my videos, and listen to my silly adventures on Ravenwood Radio or Pieces of Eight Radio.  To all the wonderful people who I have met in-game, from people I met and friended at parties to all the wonderful and friendly strangers who helped me get through tough quests or beat tough bosses.

In the nearly three years since my first video  I’ve done a LOT here – I’ve played all kinds of great video games, I’ve talked to people about staying safe , I’ve run I can’t remember how many contests, I’ve gone to PAX East and interviewed all kinds of people, like Fred Howard from KingsIsle, I’ve beta tested new games, written for an online gaming magazine, gotten over a thousand twitter followers, I’ve been attacked by Kittens and had a lot of fun with my Fabricated American friends.   The most important thing of all, though, is that I’ve made lots of friends with all of you – from people I’ve met online at game parties to the complete strangers who helped me out with tough quests or nasty bosses, everyone I’ve met and talked to and made friends with have been great, and all my my friends and fans and twitter followers are the real reason I keep doing this, and why I love it so much and have so much fun with it!!

So thank you everyone – thank you for being my fans and my friends and for sticking by me and for enjoying and sharing my blog and my videos so much!  I’ve got 500 videos done, and with all your support I’m sure I’ll do another 500 before you know it!!

Thank you all and happy, happy holidays to each and every one of you.  I couldn’t do it without you all!!  Well, I guess I could, but nobody would watch it, so why bother??

Ditto’s spoiler free Avengers review!

Ditto did make it out to see Avengers over the weekend, like a lot of people did, apparently, and loved the movie – but it was definitely missing something. Here is Ditto’s review of Avengers, from a Fabricated American point of view!


While many people have already said how awesome Avengers is and how Joss Whedon certainly got everything right with his superhero smorgasbord, nobody has yet pointed out the one glaring omission from the film yet. You see, with such an all-star cast of heroes and the obvious re-writing of comic book canon, my big question is this:
Where are the Fabricated Americans?

This movie would have been the perfect vehicle to pull out all the big guns, like Super Grover!! But instead, they decide to give us a pitch-perfect Hulk who regularly steals the scene.

Yes, as written the movie is AMAZING – you have the rock star Tony Stark, the stoic and earnest Agent Coulson, who actually gets a first name in this feature. You have the man out of time, Captain America, with his sense of duty more than enough to make up for his lack of fashion sense. You have Thor, looking like an athletic but angry ken doll, Whedon’s contractually obligated ‘strong female character’ Black widow, AKA Buffy the alien slayer (who is awesome!) and her arrow-slinging partner Hawkeye. Then of course you have ‘The boss’, Nick Fury, whose no-nonsense approach to leadership includes the occasional use of a rocket launcher.

The team is pitted against Thor’s demigod half-brother Loki who is annoyed because Thor gets a better costume than he does (I mean come on – those horns are just so 80s). The movie also pits our heroes against an incredible alien force, which allows for maximum carnage and for each of the heroes to get several great ‘hero moments’ throughout, as well as injecting some serious humor, something Whedon excels at.

Overall I couldn’t recommend this movie enough, though I do genuinely wish they had taken the road less traveled and added a Fabricated hero. Just imagine the awesomeness of Thor being cornered by the enemy, things looking grim, when out of the sky falls Super Grover, taking out the bad guys and being adorable doing it…

Overall I give avengers five our of five pies… No wait, ten out of ten! I like pie!

Stuff Fabricated Americans Say – starring Ditto and friends!

For anyone who hasn’t seen the latest meme trend, it’s the ‘Stuff people say’ video meme, with my favorite being the ‘Stuff Vegans Say’ videos… And yes, I know it’s not really ‘stuff’ people say, but I’m a family friendly monster so I don’t like using naughty language… The videos are still very funny and entertaining!

Anyway, my friends and I decided to make our own video – ‘Stuff Fabricated Americans Say’ – starring me, Carl the Camera-Bear, Greenly Monster, and Morty Macaw.  We hope you like it….

Ditto talks about SOPA and PIPA, what is it all about?

Hi everybody, It’s Ditto.  So a lot of people are talking about this SOPA and PIPA thing today, there are a lot of websites that are blacked out because of it, and it’s all over the news.  Ditto is not really a political monster, so me doesn’t get into things like this much, but I will say a little bit about it, because it could affect me and everyone else who runs a website or uses the internet.


Quick Blooper Video… just for fun

Even monsters can get tongue-tied…  here’s a blooper Carl caught on film as we were making videos the other day, I thought you might like it…

Video Bloggy Thingy for 5/11/2011

So here is my video bloggy thingy for May 11th – I missed doing one of these last week, I think because I was writing the Facebook safety article.  Here is this weeks’ video, and don’t forget – Daring Adventures of Ditto celebrates 1 year tonight on Ravenwood Radio!!  Don’t miss it!!