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Ditto’s Friendship Festival Contest Winners!!

Here they are, the winners of Ditto’s fun Friendship Festival contest!  The entries in this one were SO great, everyone really captured just what I was looking for, and I laughed out loud at a lot of the entries – Miss Narrator thought I was crazy, laughing to myself…  but anyway, it was hard, but I have finally chosen five grand prize winners, who win that great Chariot mount, and then I had so many entries that I loved, I chose three runner-ups that won both of my Teleport Tapestry prizes.  The remaining winners were chosen randomly and each received one random teleport tapestry code.

Grand Prize winners (And runners-up):


Ditto’s Wizard101 Friendship Festival Contest!

It’s finally here, Ditto’s Friendship Festival contest!!  Ditto wanted to celebrate the Friendship Festival with one of his favorite Valentines traditions – those cute little cards we used to give people in school, with pictures of our favorite characters and silly, pun-filled sayings, like this:

You Moooove Me!

You Moooove Me!


And Ditto’s new monster is named….

After going through all the entries – some of them multiple times – my new monster has made his decision and picked our winners!   The new name he chose is:   Horatio Yahto!!

Horatio Yahto
Say Hello to Horatio Yahto!!


Name That Monster contest! Pirate101

So Ditto’s fun December contests are not yet over!!   Ditto has some GREAT prizes to give away for Pirate101 now, and he has a fun new contest idea that just kind of… wandered into his house and sat on the couch…


Ditto’s ‘Make a Difference in December’ Contest Winners!!

I tried something very different for my December contest, and I’ll admit  – I was a little worried that folks wouldn’t be into it.  I shouldn’t have worried though, because Ditto’s fans are awesome!  The response I got from this contest was almost overwhelming, and I am so happy with all the wonderful letters and drawings that people sent in, thank you SO MUCH!  Chip, Greenly and I are printing the letters out and getting them ready for Operation Gratitude, and we’ll send them out on Monday.


Wizard101 Contest – Make a Difference in December!

It’s December in The Spiral, and that means more contests, presents, prizes, and fun!!  December is such a fun month for so many reasons, and it’s definitely one of Ditto’s favorite times of year!  I get to be with family and friends and enjoy their company and friendship and great food, sparkly lights, and bright wrapping paper!  It’s just great!  I love brightly colored wrapping paper 🙂

During the holidays, Ditto also thinks a lot about people who can’t be with their family and friends, like military folks who are out on deployment.  For this December contest, I want folks to write a letter or draw a picture for a deployed US military person.  At then end of the contest I’ll print your letters out and get them all sent to military members via ‘Operation Gratitude‘, a great organization that sends letters to deployed military all around the world.


Contest Winners – Ditto’s Wizard101 Costume Confusion!

So for Halloween Ditto asked everyone to imagine what their favorite Wizard101 teacher or character would dress up as – Cyrus Drake as a clown (oooh, scary!) or Moolinda Wu as a vampire?  Well, I got a LOT of great entries, as always, and I’ve chosen all the winners by random draw (thanks Random.org) and awarded some great prizes.  Here are the winners who supplied their wizard names, along with their fun costume ideas, in no particular order… (If you did not supply your wizard name you were still eligible to win, and many of you did, but if you didn’t send me your wizard name I didn’t have a name to credit your entry to, so I couldn’t add them here…)


Contest Winners for ‘My Favorite Pirate101 memory’ – Pirate101 Birthday contest!

So here they are, the winners for Ditto’s ‘Favorite Pirate101 Memory‘ contest!!  As I said in the contest, the grand prize winner and three second place winners are chosen by me and are shared below, and the rest of the prizes will be given out by random draw.  Thanks to everyone who entered, there were some truly great memories here, and picking the winners was VERY hard!!


New Contest – It’s a Pirate101 Birthday Celebration!!!

Well it’s Party Time in Pirate101!!  Can you believe it’s been a year already?  And what a year it has been!  New islands, housing, PVP, Henchmen, and more ships than you can shake a sword at!!  It’s VERY exciting, Ditto has had so much fun, and he cannot WAIT to see what’s coming next!!

To celebrate this very special occasion Ditto is having a brand new contest, with some great, Halloween-themed prizes!!  For this contest, I want you to tell me your favorite Pirate101 memory!  Was it your first character, your first big quest, getting a friend into the game, or maybe getting your first ship and getting out onto the skyways?  Send me an email at dittopirate@gmail.com with the subject ‘Pirate101 Memories‘ and tell me your favorite memory.  Please keep it to around a paragraph (I DO have to read them all) and make sure to include your pirate name!  The contest runs from now until Friday, October 25th at midnight EST, and prizes will be awarded during that weekend (Probably Saturday, but no promises).

So what are these awesome prizes?  Well check this out: (more…)

Ditto’s Wizard101 Costume Confusion Contest!

So it is contest time again, and it’s also Ditto’s favorite time of year – Halloween is a favorite for most monsters that I know, it’s the best!  To celebrate, Ditto wants to help the Wizard101 teachers find their costumes – and I need your help!!

What should Professor Falmea dress as?  Remember – it can’t be flammable!  How should Moolinda Wu dress up?  Would Professor Drake dress as something scary, or funny?  What do you think?  Send me an email at dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Costume Confusion‘ and tell me which professor you chose and what their costume will be – you can play it simple and say ‘Vampire’ or you can be as detailed as you like – even draw me a picture if you like!  I want everyone to have fun with it!!

The contest starts today  and runs through Midnight EST on Saturday, October 26th, with the winners being announced on Sunday, October 27th.  I will be choosing the winners randomly and posting them to the website.

Ditto's New Outfit!

Costumes are fun!!


Ditto’s Pirate101 Pirate Dictionary contest winners!!

Congratulations to the grand prize winner – Perilous Sergio Zabra!!  Sergio came up with a great word and definition that is unique, fun, and fits well within the game world – I love it!!

Twirly:  When you move your ship in a circle around an enemy ship while attacking.

Dittos’ Fashion Contest Winners!!

I just want to say – I LOVE my fans!!  This was such a fun contest, and all the entries were so creative and fun, I loved them all!!  I’m just going to list all the winners in a photo gallery here – congrats to all the winners!!


Yarrrr, Cap’n Ditto’s Pirate Dictionary Contest!!

So it be the world-famous ‘Talk Like A Pirate’ day, and Captain Ditto and his trusty crew want to celebrate too!  Unfortunately, while Ditto is very good at talking like a monster, he gets confused easily when trying to talk like a pirate, and that’s where you can help!  Ditto needs a Pirate – to – English dictionary to help me translate all this great piratey fun!

To enter this contest, you need to send Ditto a pirate word, like ‘Yarrr’ or ‘Dubloon’ or ‘Scallawag’, and give me a fun definition for it, tell me what you think it means.  These can be totally made up words, too – as always, I want you to have fun with it!  Send your entry to dittopirate@gmail.com with the subject ‘Pirate Dictionary’ and make sure you include your pirate name with it, that’s important.   (more…)

Ditto’s Arrrgust Pirate101 prize winners!!!

Wow, this was a tough contest to judge!  As you know, Ditto is personally choosing the grand prize winner, and then randomly picking all the rest of the winners for the other prizes.  There were SO MANY great entries and ideas, and Ditto really appreciates all the hard work you all put into this fun contest!  I wish I could give everyone a grand prize, I really do.  Here are the winners!

Grand Prize – Alicia Dodger – Interactive Funny Parrot  I loved this entry – it’s simple and fun and very piratey.  I love the fact that it tells jokes, too!  Alicia wins 1 Random Class House + Pack O Porters + 10k Crowns!!!

Alicia Dodger's Winning Item

Alicia Dodger’s Winning Item

This interactive furniture item is a talking pirate parrot that sits in a bird perch called “The Pirate’s Parrot”. Here’s how it works, first you place the item (lol)… And then you can interact with the funny Parrot anytime you like! Whenever interacted, the Parrot will give useful tips and tricks (and sometimes jokes) with a funny twist!

Additional Random Draw Winners:

5K Crowns & Pack O ‘Porters

  • Belgrim Laverne
  • Merciless Felicity Nightingale
  • Little Harmony
  • Kevin Moonleaf

2500 Crowns

  • Ruthless Destiny
  • Victor Hawkins
  • Practical Evelyn Lewis
  • Fearless Morgan
  • Justin Ironside
  • (Captain) Robert Stevenson
  • Hunter
  • Virtuous Anne Radcliffe

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered!!  This was a fun contest – I can’t wait for the next one!!

More House-A-Palooza contest winners!!

Since a few people have asked, here’s the list of additional House-A-Palooza winners – each of these winners got a code for a random teleport tapestry – those are so fun!  Here are the winners, who have already been notified via email.

Brandon StarShield
Mark Shadow Blade
Katie NightGiver
Jasmine Dragonheart
Tara WillowBreeze
Nicole IceCloud
Duncan StormThief
Hannah Fairyheart
Evan Shadow
Abigail Firegem
hunter mytheyes
Zachary Dreamsword
Justin Moonrider
Fallon Ravenshade
Alexander EarthBlood
Ashley RoseTamer
Haley EarthCloud
Kane Deathwalker
Steven Rosetail
Jordan Giver
Vanessa Mythdust
Daniel DragonDreamer

Ditto’s Massive Fantasy Palace winners!! #wizard101

For House-A-Palooza Ditto had a simple contest – if you could guess which house I was giving away based on a single, tricky screen shot, you would have a chance to win!  Well, I thought it was a tricky contest – but lots and LOTS of you knew right where Ditto was! So here are the four big winners – each of the winners gets the mystery house  – a Massive Fantasy Palace!

  • jasmine rainbowriver
  • Thomas DragonRider
  • Calamity Daystalker
  • Rowan Moonstone

I’ve got more codes for things like teleporters I’ll also be giving away to random winners, so keep checking your email today and tomorrow!!

Thanks to all who entered, and thank you to KingsIsle and the awesome folks at Wizard101 for helping us fan sites put together so many awesome contests!!

It’s Arrrgust in Pirate101 – So let’s design a cool housing item!

OK, my apologies to One Eye’d Jack and Captain Avery on this one, Ditto is about a week late on this contest due to a number of furry monster related things, but it’s still Arrrgust and Ditto has prizes to give away, so hopefully they won’t make me walk the plank!

So I sent out a request to my fans for good contest ideas, and I got some great ones, I”m sure I’ll use them all eventually.  For Arrrgust, though, there was one that made the most sense – so thanks to Jose  on Twitter I’ve got a fun idea for a great design contest – design an interactive housing item.

Interactive Cannon in Swashbuckler House

Interactive Cannon in Swashbuckler House


Ditto’s Win a Wizard101 House Contest! You just have to find it!

So Ditto has another fun and crazy contest, and in this one, you can win a HOUSE!  Which house? Well, that’s the contest – you need to figure it out!  I’m posting a single screenshot of me in the house that I’m giving away, and it’s a tricky one!  Email me at dittocontest@gmail.com with a subject of ‘House Contest’, your wizard name, and which Wizard101 house you think I’m in (With the name that shows up in the game menu), and you’ll have a chance of winning one of the same house!!  Don’t worry if you can’t figure it out, though – I’ve also got a bunch of codes for random Teleport Tapestries, and I will choose random winners for those too!  Lots of winners in August!

Ditto in his house

Ditto in his house


Ditto Loves to Rock N Roll!! Wizard101 July Contest!

So here we are with a fun new July contest, and it’s music themed!!  As you probably know, Wizard101 just added a great new fun feature, musical instruments!!  You can decorate  your house or dorm with these fun instruments and jam!  They’re really fun, even for someone not particularly musically inclined.  (more…)

Ditto’s Pet-A-Palooza Pet Show Contest!!

Ditto is celebrating Pet-A-Palooza with a fun new pet-themed contest!!  I’m picking TWENTY winners to win 5,000 crowns and an amazing pet pack that contains One Mega Snack Pack, One Hatching Elixir, One Energy Elixir for training your pet, and One Random Pet from the following list:

  • Spider Golem
  • Firewing
  • Ice Salamander
  • Black Cat
  • Lucky Leprechaun
  • Storm Beetle
  • Death Scarab
  • Summer Dragon
  • Fog Unicorn
  • Ice Elf
  • Dark Crow
  • Myth Leprechaun
  • Crabling
  • Snake in a Basket
  • Fierce Hound


Where’s Captain Ditto? Daily winners!! Pirate101!!

It’s contest time again on the high seas!  Ditto has prize codes good for 2,500 crowns and the ‘Heroic Anchor’, which is a brand new piece of Aquila ship equipment that has not yet been released in the Crown Shop!  Ditto will be giving one of these out DAILY* for the next two weeks!, from June 1st to June 15th!

But that’s not all!!  Ditto also has a GRAND PRIZE of a new, amazing, unreleased Aquila Crown Shop ship and 10,000 Crowns!!  I’ll be giving that away on Sunday, June 16th, to one lucky winner!  (more…)

Old McDitto’s Farm Contest Winners! (I could have planned this better…)

Here they are – the winners of Ditto’s April contest – thanks to everyone who entered, I REALLY loved all the fin entries!!  I will admit, I didn’t plan this one as well as I usually do – I didn’t even look at the weekend I had it end on, and didn’t realize it was Memorial Day weekend and I was planning on being away, visiting some friends (Grover says Hi) – so here they are, better late than never…   I love these entries, everyone is so creative!  Thanks again for entering, and enjoy your prizes!!

James DragonCatcher - Giant Miss Whiskers

James DragonCatcher – Giant Miss Whiskers

Alura Shadowwalker

Alura Shadowwalker



Tabitha Darksword

Tabitha Darksword

Gilroy - Red Grapes of Wrath

Gilroy – Red Grapes of Wrath

Thank you again and stay tuned for my next contest, which I assure you will be planed a bit more carefully!!

Old McDitto Had a Farm… Contest Time!

Well May is here and Ditto has a fresh new contest – this month is all about farming!  That’s right, Ditto has seed packs to give away – these contain random seeds AND Moolinda Wu packs – as well as the BIG prize – the amazing Red Barn Farm House (with additional castle elixir) .  Now this is serious farming – Farmville has nothing on Ditto and the Red Barn Farm House!!

Red Barn Farm House

Red Barn Farm House


Ditto’s Pirates De Mayo Contest Winners!!

For Pirates De Mayo, Ditto asked how your pirate captain and crew celebrated this fun holiday, and I got lots of really great answers!!  I’ve chosen the winners and sent their codes for 2500 Crowns and the Gobbler Pinata!  Also, I ended up having more codes than expected, so I’ve awarded codes to even more winners!!  Here they are: