Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Episode 3

The Daring Adventures of Ditto – Episode 3

The Daring Adventures of Ditto – Episode 3 As heard on Ravenwood Radio Episode 17

Narrator – When last we left our intrepid duo, they were battling for their lives against the fearsome and powerful Biti Nirini.

Ditto: Yeah – but me going to be OK right? Me not really in any danger… Am I?

Narrator: Ditto was building up his intense mystical powers, stacking fire blades and fire traps one after another in order to maximize his most powerful offensive spells, but the dreaded Nirini sorcerer was driving him back using his own dark krokotopian magic.

Ditto: But we’re going to pull through, yeah. Any minute now, we’re going to win this one… me sure of it.

Narrator: Anyway… Just when it looked like Ditto and Madame Jasmine were finished, Biti Nirini reared up and chanted dark, blasphemous words of limitless power that made the very air around them crackle with malevolent energy. Biti Nirni pointed his scepter at Ditto, his eyes aglow with menace, and…

Ditto (Excited) AND????

Narrator: The great Nirini sorcerer’s spell fizzles with a pathetic ‘pop’, the sparks from his wand setting his own minion on fire and sending him hurtling from the dueling circle. Distracted, Biti Nirni barely even notices as Ditto casts a mighty sunbird spell and defeats him handily, the end…

Ditto: So after all that, he fizzles and I beat him?

Narrator: Isn’t that what usually happens?

Ditto: Yeah but… oh nevermind. So I beat the Biti Nirini and returned to Professor Winthrop, who was very pleased with the rubbings we had brought him. With the information we gathered he took us to the map room – just like Indiana Jones! – and we discovered that the next piece of the puzzle was in another part of Krokotopia, the ancient monument know as the Krokosphynx.

Narrator: Yes, the Krokosphynx, mysterious and terrible monument of ancient power, it’s enormous shadow looming over the sandswept plains of Krokotopia. Sitting alone on a floating island of sand amidst a whirling maelstrom, the only way to reach the dreaded place is a sailing ship, crewed by deep-hooded Manders, that flies through the tempest-tossed winds ferrying –

Ditto: Um, it’s just a boat… and the ride was very smooth…

Narrator: And after a terrifying ride across the lightening-shredded sky Ditto and Madame JAsmine

Jasmine: Bwaak!

Narrator: Stood under the shadow of the ageless monument known only as the Krokosphynx. They slowly walked between the monstrous paws of the great stone creature and entered the forbidden temple through the immense doors at the base of the statue. Even though the air outside was blistering hot, the stale air that met our intrepid explorers was as cold as the grave…

Ditto: Do you have to say ‘Grave’? Why not say ‘chilly morning’ or ‘as cold as a slurpie’….

Narrator: A slurpie? Really?

Ditto: Ditto really like slurpies. Especially cherry.

Narrator: You’re quite the ‘daring adventurer’ aren’t you?

Ditto: Daring adventurers can like slurpies, what wrong with slurpies?

Narrator: Can we get back to this?

Ditto: YEah, sure, sorry. Slurpies still good though…

Narrator: Yes, delicious. As Ditto and Madame Jasmine explore the inner sanctum of the Krokosphynx, a booking voice calls out, echoing across the icy walls.

Booming voice: Who dares disturb the sacred chambers of the eternal emperor of Krokotopia!?!?!

Ditto: What? Who dat?

Narrator: What deadly adversary awaits Ditto and Madame Jasmine deep in the bowels of the Krokosphynx? What terrors lurk in it’s dark and ancient passageways? Tune in next time for the next exciting episode of ‘The Daring Adventures of Ditto!’

Ditto: Aw dat it?? ME was hoping for more dis time…

Madame Jasmine – Bwaak!!

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