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Ditto likes TV – some of my favorite shows #blaughust Day 27

So Ditto was wondering what to post about next, and he was watching some TV, so I decided to talk about what I like to watch on TV…

Well of course I’m going to start with Fraggle Rock – what Fabricated American did not love this show!!  Red, Wembly, Gobo, those cute little Doozers…  I still love this show, you can watch it now on Hulu or other on demand services, and there is talk of it being rebooted soon too!!

Next we’ll go a bit more modern with ‘The Flash’ – Ditto is definitely a fan of super heroes, and the first season of The Flash was just what Ditto loves – fun, lighthearted, and action-packed! Barry Allen is a great hero because he’s not perfect – he makes mistakes and he learns from them, and he relies on his friends.  It is definitely one of Ditto’s favorite shows.

Finally, let’s talk about cartoons…  I like a lot of those but Star Wars Rebels is a new favorite – what a great addition to the Star Wars universe!  Ezra, Kanan, and Sabine are great, but I love Zeb – I always root for the big furry guy!  I also love Ezras’ blaster / lightsaber – that’s a great design, very smart.  Again, it’s a fun, action-packed show with great characters and the return of one of my all-time favorites (no spoilers though…)  and season 2 should be starting soon!

So what so you think – good stuff?  What are some of your favorite shows – anything Ditto should check out?

Captain Ditto battles Inoshishi Bandits in Mooshu!! #Pirate101 #balughust day 26

Captain Ditto and his swarthy crew are back in Mooshu, where they need to battle some untrustworthy Inoshishi Bandits to recover, of all things, an incense stick…   Kind of weird

I think this was the last video recorded before I fixed the sound, so it might be a little off again… the next ones should all be awesome!

#blaughust – missed it by ‘that’ much… but I’ve done OK.

So I did try the Blaughust challenge, and overall I guess I did pretty well, but I just couldn’t make a solid post every single day.. there were some days I just never even got online, to be honest, and at least once where I just couldn’t think of anything.

Still, it’s been fun, and I think I’ve had some pretty good posts, things I would not have thought to do without this challenge, so I’ll call it at least a partial success, and it really was fun, when I was able to sit down and plan out a good post.  I think that’s the biggest challenge, and one that I’m sure many readers don’t think about – even a short post take quite a bit of time to come up with, to write out, to edit – many of my posts have pictures or video as well, so I’ve got to do those… Every post that you read, from every blogger out there, takes time and effort to put together; in some cases a single article could be worked on for days!

Because so many bloggers do put in so much effort, and it really is a ‘labor of love’ (since there aren’t many that get paid for it), if you read something you like, I encourage everyone to re-post it, re-tweet it, share it, and comment on it – let the author know you’re a fan or a follower, let them know that you liked the article or post they wrote, things like that.  Most bloggers don’t do it for the money, but we all love to know that our articles are getting out there and people are reading them and enjoying them – when someone takes the time to write to me or comment that they’ve really liked something I’ve done, be it a video or a blog post or podcast or whatever, that’s the biggest compliment to me, it really is…

So what’s next?  Well, there’s still a few days left of blaughust, I’ll get a post up for all the last days, and then I’ll definitely go back to a more ‘normal’ posting cadence, though I’ll try to be much more regular about it – I see a lot of video channels that say ‘new content every Monday Wednesday Friday’ or something similar.  I think I’ll try something like that.

Ditto the Dwarf is playing through the LOTRO tutorial! Fun times!

This video was primarily a sound check to get my audio issues sorted out live, but once those were all set I just kept playing my new LOTRO character for a while, going through more of the opening tutorial section.  It’s great fun!

Ditto plays LOTRO and rolls up a Dwarf! #blaughust Day 20

So this video still has some sound issues – the next one is where I fix that – but here I start playing LOTRO again after MANY years away, and decide to roll up a Dwarf Champion…  I’ll be honest – not sure I’m 100% on board with him, but I’ll play him for a while and see how he shapes up…

Captain Ditto and Crew back in Mooshu in Pirate101!! #blaughust Day 17

Captain Ditto and Crew are back in Mooshu and have to battle possessed samoorai warriors, searching for magic swords!
Mustang Sally was a real hero in this one – her sword work was so quick and deadly, she really earned her keep!

It was a little disorienting doing battle with opponents my own level, since I’ve been playing significantly below my level with those other quests lately.  It’s OK though – my crew was ready for action!  So exciting fighting these cursed Samoorai – they know a few serious tricks!!

The sound on these videos is still a little off – I fixed it in a later video, but for these I’m still a bit quiet.

With A Little Help From My Friends #blaughust Day 16

Yesterday I did a bunch of streaming, and it was fun – I even started a dwarf on LOTRO.  As I was streaming everything seemed to be working OK and it was fun – I will admit, this new streaming is a lot of fun and it’s much easier to set up than my old method with the ‘over the shoulder’ camera, with Carl the camera-bear and trying to make sure everything was lined up right… this was I can just start playing, hit the quick-key to start the stream, and then I kind of forget about it….

After I finished streaming and went back to watch some of the recordings, I realized that the sound was off – my voice was much too quiet, game noise was too loud… you can hear me, but it’s not great.  I knew I needed to fix it but I didn’t know to adjust it and make sure it sounded right while I was streaming without a lot of trial and error.  This morning I realized the simple answer – it’s a stream, I could ask people to jump in and listen and tell me how it sounded!  (more…)