Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Episode 4

The Daring Adventures of Ditto – Episode 4 (First Appearance of Miss Narrator)

The Daring Adventures of Ditto, Episode 4 as heard on Episode 18 of Ravenwood Radio

Narrator (Sexy Voice) Welcome once again to the Daring Adventures of Ditto, mmmmm

Ditto: Hey wait, who you?

Narrator: I’m your new narrator (giggle) – I want to talk about all your big, strong, daring adventures…

Ditto: Hey hold on there miss narrator, dis a family show! Lets not get too crazy!

Narrator: Aw, ok (pouting). Well, this week on The Daring Adventures of ditto, we’re going to explore the dangerous and exciting realm of Grlzzlyheim

ditto: Dats Grizzleheim, and no, we was just exploring the Krokosphynx!

Narrator: But I like grizzlyheim…

Ditto: but we were in –

Narrator: (forcefully) So Ditto and Madame Jasmine

Jasmine: Bwaak!

Narrator: Headed through the great spiral door and found themselves in the lush green forests of grizzlyheim

Ditto: Grizzleheim

Narrator: and they walked over the wonderful magical rainbow bridge and into the quaint little village of the bears

Ditto: Oh boy… we go from the dark terrors of Krokotopia to a magical rainbow land? Next thing you know there going to be a unicorn parade…

Madame Jasmine: Bwaak

Narrator: Ditto and Madame Jasmine head into the villiage to find a burly warrior named Bjorn Ironclaws, he’s big, and strong, and…

Ditto: OK, OK, we get the picture, let’s move on…

Narrator: Ditto and Madam Jasmine want to see the king, but Big bad Bjorn won’t let them until Ditto proves that he’s a –

Ditto: Wizard! Just proves that he is a friendly and skilled student wizard, that’s all… Dis a family show, remember?

Narrator: YEah, I know…. So Bjorn tells Ditto that he has to go prove himself to be a warrior and sends him off into the wild Roughlands to find another bear warrior, Egil Axebearer. On their way into the forest, though, they were ambushed!

Ditto: Ambushed?!? By what?

Narrator: Unicorns

Ditto: Nooooooo!

Narrator: Only kidding – Ditto and Madame Jasmine were ambushed by fearsome and ferocious spiders

Ditto: Spiders, really? I didn’t think there were –

Narrator: The spiders jump out of the trees and drop onto Ditto and Madame Jasmine, their fangs dripping with icky poision

Ditto: Icky?

Narrator: Ditto and Madame Jasmine kick and punch at the –

ditto: Um – me a wizard – me not really kick and punch, me just use spells…

Narrator: (Giggle) Oops. So yeah, ditto casts some spells and scares all the spiders away…

Ditto: (sigh) Oh brother… Um, maybe me keep telling de story at dis point, dat OK with you?

Narrator: OH all right.

Ditto: Thank you.

Narrator: (Getting Defensive) I got this job at the last minute you know?

Ditto: Yeah, I know, me sorry but…

Narrator: So, I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare, and I’ve never played Warcraft 101 or anything…

Ditto: (Winces) It’s the Wizard 101 and it’s not really….

Narrator: But that’s OK

Ditto: OK, me sorry – you can continue. Ditto was being rude. Me under a lot of pressure here…

Narrator: Are you sure?

Ditto: Yes, me sure. sorry.

Narrator: So, Ditto and Madame Jasmine made their way deep into the forests of Grizzleheim, looking for the great warrior Egil Axebearer –

Ditto: heh heh, that funny, Axe BEARer….

Narrator: Oh yes, hilarious, because he’s a bear. So this Axebearer guy needs Ditto’s help to gather some berries.

Ditto: Berries? dat not sound very hard or daring – Me just have to gather berries? In Krokotopia me have to fight deadly sand scorpions and deal with viscous manders and traps and….

Narrator: They could be really dangerous berries….

Ditto: Are dey?

Narrator (with a sigh) No. they’re just berries.

Ditto: Argh. So what happen next?

Narrator: So Ditto and Madame Jasmine head deeper into the threatening forest searching for the mystical berries. They search high and low, looking under rocks –

Ditto: Berries no grow under rocks, do dey?

Narrator: (Ignoring him) and deep in the brush until, finally, they find a lone bush, thick with plump, red berries.

Ditto: And?

Narrator: And, well… you pick six berries and head back to Egil Axebearer and give him the berries.

Ditto: And?

Narrator: (confused) And…. he thanks you for the berries?

Ditto: So that’s it – no epic struggle for survival?

Narrator: Well there were those spiders earlier… that was intense, wasn’t it?

Ditto: Yeah sure, how about we wrap this up?

Narrator: Oh, ok… Tune in next episode to, uh…. see what the mighty Egil Axebearer does with the mystical berries!

Ditto: He’s going to eat them isn’t he.

Narrator: Maybe not….

Ditto: Yeah, he just going to eat them….

Music out…

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