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Ditto’s Current Games – 11/5/2010

Hello Everybody… Well it is time again for another exciting article about what Ditto is playing!
So this week all my focus has been on an AMAZING new game that has literally consumed every free moment of my time – it’s unbelievable! It’s got action, it’s got great characters, but it’s definitely a bit of a grind… It’s called:

That’s right, it’s the all-new MMO that seems to be sweeping the nation, possibly the globe. It’s got it’s own hashtag on Twitter, multiple forums and social networks dedicated to it, and even non-gaming sites are talking about it – it’s like some kind of crazy phenomena!

The gameplay here is pretty much all-consuming, with a focus on daily – that’s right DAILY – leveling goals that to some people (um, me anyway) find nearly impossible, but that seems to be part of the fun! I’m a little behind the curve right now, I’ll admit, because I really had trouble with my first big boss fight, ‘The Opening Chapter’ – that was a TOUGH fight, but I ended up staying up pretty late and finally finishing it off. Right now I’m grinding through some lower level narrative areas, but I think I’ve got another boss fight coming up soon so I need to make sure I get caught up soon.

Oh, and graphics – the graphics for this game might not be cutting edge, but they’re really crisp and it seems to run smoothly even on older computers – my only complaint is that they could have used a bit more color, I think…

My new MMO obsession - NaNoWriMo

Screenshot of the new gaming obsession sweeping the globe

I’m going to try and get a bit more Wizard101 in really soon, but for now I’m just focused on leveling up my NaNoWriMo character – after all, I’ve only got until November 30th to hit max level!!!




So as I mentioned on Twitter, my roommate is doing this crazy ‘National Novel Writers Month‘ thingy and has been obsessively hogging the computer. Case in point, I was editing the latest ‘Daring Adventures’ episode and he was kind of freaking out, babbling about wordcount and how what he was doing was actually ‘important’ somehow. Well, I got a little annoyed and somehow my mouth opened and words came out – that’s never a good thing when I’m annoyed…

What I was GOING to say was that I would be off the computer in a few minutes and he could have it back. What I ACTUALLY said was something to the effect of “Well you’re not the only one doing this NaNoWriMo thingy – I’m writing a novel this month too! And it’s awesome – it’s a steampunk-vampire-horror-comedy-buddy-adventure novel!”

As I said – sometimes I really shouldn’t open my mouth.

So as of right now, I am apparently writing a steampunk-vampire-horror-comedy-buddy-adventure novel in the month of November. I will do my best to keep up with at least a few video updates here, and will make sure that my Daring Adventures continue on Ravenwood Radio as well. I’ll keep everyone up to date on how my literary masterpiece is working out, as well. How hard could it be, really – I mean, William Shatner wrote a whole series of novels, and he has less brains than I do…