Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective


Trying something new – Let’s Scare Chip! Playing Perception

Hi everybody!  It’s Ditto the Monster, trying something new here…   It’s great being back and making videos and interacting with fans again, I’m having such a great time with Wizard 101, but I’m looking to change things up a little, too – keep things interesting for the fans, and this is my first try.

You see, my great friend Chip did such a great job putting together the ‘Missing Ditto Monster’ project, I wanted to get him in front of the camera again.  However, he’s quiet and he’s pretty shy, so I wanted to do something to make it more… interesting…   So I got him to play a new game called ‘Perception’, which is both very unique – you play as a blind woman exploring a haunted house – and it’s actually pretty scary too.  Of course, I did not tell Chip any of this, so all his reactions are completely genuine, the scares are real, and it might seem a little mean, but I think it’s really funny!

So what do people think?  Should Chip play more of this very interesting game, scares and all?  He’s not so sure about playing again, it’s a pretty so if people really want to see more, show Chip some likes and some positive comments to let him know that people are enjoying his videos and you want to see more!  I hope everyone enjoys it and that you have fun with it too!

Ditto faces the Khrysalis Sandworm Menace in Wizard101

Thanks to everyone who answered my recent poll, it’s pretty clear you just like seeing Ditto doing his thing, questing and being silly, and I’m happy to do that!  So here’s some questing and battling some deadly sandworms in Khrysalis!  I’ll be pushing my way through Khrysalis and trying to get to the next world pretty soon, so stay tuned!!

Ditto is an Outlaw!!  Back in Wizard101

It’s me, Ditto the Monster, back in Wizard101! Wow, this was a tough video to make, because the morning I was setting up to make it, my computer crashed, hard, likely due to a bad Windows update. It took me all day and into the next day to get it fixed, and in the end I had to re-install Windows, which meant I had to re-install all my software, including Wizard101 and my game recording / streaming software. OF COURSE once I got that installed, it would no longer work, so I fought with that for a while, then finally just decided to get something new and configure that, which did, finally, work! 
So here it is – Ditto is now an outlaw! I’ve got the house, the cool green outfit, the bow, and I even get to ride a fox! It’s a nice set and a lot of fun – I did some fishing in my little forest stream after the video ended, that was cool too! I think Fishing might be too boring for gameplay videos, but it’s so relaxing…

Let me know what you think about the new video and tell me what you want to see in the future too – I’m all about communicating with my wonderful fans, so comment or send me a tweet or whatever… I’m looking forward to doing lots more here, now that I’m back! (And MAYBE I’ll be able to run some contests again soon, too!)   

So Carl got me hooked on EverClicker… 

Apparently, while I was ‘gone’, KingsIsle came out with a new mobile game called EverClicker.  It’s like a clicky kind of RPG with an exciting story (defeat the evil Star Devourer, oohhhh) and pretty fun play mechanic, clicking to defeat bad guys and upgrading your ‘team’ to deal more and more damage as the enemies get bigger and tougher, culminating in a pretty big boss fight every 5 levels.   


It’s as simple as that, but it can be pretty complex too – there are multiple ways to upgrade your team, both temporarily with spells or special abilities, as well as permanently by summoning spirits or upgrading your feast hall! Gaining gold by defeating enemies or capturing what I’ve started to call ‘gold bugs’ that randomly fly across the screen seems to be the primary currency, and there are red gems that do… something? They seem to allow to reduce timers or purchase upgrade kits for your team, but not too much else? 

Finally, there’s my favorite part of the game – time gates.  They’re kind of like raids, I guess? You get pulled into some kind of alternate dimension and have to help a team defeat a bunch of bad guys as fast as you can, because the magic key can only blip you to the other dimension for like 30 seconds. I think it’s that timer and the friendly competition with other players that makes it so fun.  

So there you have it – I know I’m late to the party on this and I’m probably missing a ton, but I’m really enjoying this game! It’s such fun, and like I said; very easy to play, but challenging if you like to maximize your effectiveness.  

Do you play? How do you like it?  Let me know any tips or tricks you might have, I’d love to hear from you! 

New Gameplay Video and a Poll – Ditto tries Monstrology in Wizard101

So after my Chinese food induced absence, Ditto has returned to Wizard101 and started out easy, with the new Monstrology system.  I think I am going to like this Monstrology thing – it seems quite fun, and I really like making houseguests!

I’m also looking for feedback – My pyromancer is level 100 now and I’ve been playing him for seven years now… should I keep playing him randomly like I’ve been doing, should I do something specific with him like specific quests or PVP, should I start a new character,  etc…  I’m adding a poll, so go ahead and vote or drop me a note, what interests people in gameplay videos?

At long last – a New Gameplay Video!

Missing Ditto Monster Episode 3 – The Finale

So after weeks of searching, it all came down to a small ‘All You Can Eat’ buffet in a strip mall on the outskirts of town…  A buffet that seemed all too happy to be rid of the furry orange monster who had been eating them out of crab rangoons and fried rice for who knows how long…

As for the ‘why’…  well, Ditto felt like people weren’t really ‘into’ his videos and silly antics any more, so he didn’t think anyone would even notice he was gone.  Thanks to all his friends and fans and all the questions on Twitter and shared videos, etc…. he sees that he’s got a loyal following who do miss him and his crazy videos, so he’s planning on coming back…  Sure he might not get the views and likes of some of the big gamer channels, but that’s not really the point; he just wants to make people happy and have fun,  and that’s what he’ll be doing.

Missing Ditto Monster – Episode 2

So the hunt for Ditto the Monster continues – tfollow up on that his week we’ve put up multiple ‘Have you seen this monster’ signs and interviewed a few more people, asking if they’ve seen Ditto.. the Miss Narrator interview didn’t go so well.  Neither did Carl interviewing the cat.  We DID get a lead, though, and we’ll follow up on that soon!

We do discuss Ditto’s history, how he started in February of 2010, interviewed Fred Howard of Kingsisle once, and other great things that Ditto has done…. It’s quite a lot, actually…  We do miss him.  Come back soon, Ditto


Missing Ditto Monster – Episode 1

Recently, Ditto’s fans have been asking about him, about where he is, and what he’s up to lately… Well, we aren’t sure, exactly. You see, Ditto the Monster is kind of… missing. But don’t worry – Chip and Carl the Camera-bear are on the case and searching for him!

Chip and Carl will interview Ditto’s friends and some of his online pals and search high and low to find their furry friend!

If you miss Ditto too, let us know – tell us if you’re looking for him too, and if you’ve seen him. Let him know you miss his videos.



Ditto is still having fun with Asheron’s Call

So Ditto is still playing ‘Asheron’s Call’ a bit – it’s challenging, playing an MMORPG that started 17 years ago!  There are a lot of things we kind of take for granted in modern online games that just don’t exist in Asheron’s Call, like quest guides and such…  Today I just ran across the world in a random direction – no portals, no loading screens, just open landscape, mountains, rivers, and the occasional strange monster who wants to eat me; why do they always want to eat me?


I did find a town and talked to some folks, got to know the vendors, etc… – for such an old game, most people are very high level and I just made level 6, but the areas closest to the town seem appropriate to lower levels, so I didn’t get eaten (though it was close, I’ll admit).

So are my fans interested in more of this exploration?   Do people want to see more old-school gaming in Asheron’s Call on a regular basis?  Or should I just stick to Wizard101 and Pirate101 and do more adventuring there?  I’m looking forward to getting feedback, what do my fans want to see more of?  Let me know!

New Gameplay Video – Ditto plays Asheron’s Call! Old School Gaming Fun!

Ditto takes a ride in the wayback machine and plays an MMORPG that got started on November 2, 1999!!  I’m pretty sure I’ve got fans and followers that weren’t even born when this game came out!

So this This is the very interesting character creation system, with a lot of very detailed character creation choices that feel more like old-school tabletop RPG character creation than a modern game, which was cool.  This also has the first half of the game intro tutorial and that’s a lot of fun too…  I have to say, this game is still pretty great, even though it’s been around for close to 20 years!!

Ditto’s been a busy (pocket) Monster… #PokemonGO

So I know it has been a while since Ditto posted.  First we had vacation, and now I’ll just be honest – the weather has been so perfect, I’ve been outside swimming and riding my bike and, lately, having fun with a whole new kind of game…



Ditto explores Darkmoor Manor from the Witch Hunters’ Pack! #wizard101

Your friendly neighborhood Ditto Monster jumps on with his Necromancer alt to explore the new Witch Hunter’s bundle with cool new armor and an a AWESOME mount – a coffin hot-rod!  Also there is the amazing and spooky Darkmoor Manor!! It’s creepy fun and I’m pretty sure this is the first time my Necro has made an appearance in a video… 

The bundle is available now!  Witch Hunters Bundle 

Something is coming to Wizard1o1 – but what is it?? Exclusive Teaser!!

So if you have seen the most recent WIzard101 Newsletter, you’ll know that there’s something new coming, and we got a small tease…   Well, Ditto has ANOTHER tease to share, and Ditto figured out what it is… It is clearly ‘Krokotopia 2 – Electric Boogaloo’….   Makes sense, right?  And then the next world will me ‘Marleybone 3 – More Fast, More Furious’ and then ‘Mooshu – Age of Ultron’…  Can’t wait for the big boss fight there!!

Anyway – here is Ditto’s new teaser image – you can decide if I’m on the right track or not:

teaser image


Ditto is sorry he hasn’t been posting too much lately – it’s a work thing, real life getting in the way of fun Wizard101 life, but I’ll be back posting and streaming really soon, don’t you worry!!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Twas the Night Before Christmas by Ditto!

This is becoming a bit of a yearly tradition – here is Ditto reciting the whole poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’!!  Ditto wants to thank all his friends and fans throughout the year, it is so wonderful to have you all supporting Ditto and his friends!


Ditto working on Minecraft Ravenwood… Beware the Googlies!!

Googlies everywhere!!  What are googlies?  Well, they are all the scary creatures that inhabit my Minecraft world, like zombies and creepers and spiders and skeletons…  I know a lot of people call them ‘monsters’ but, since Ditto is a monster, he doesn’t like calling the scary bad things monsters, so he calls them Googlies – it’s something my mom used to say…

So as you can see, Ditto is working hard on his ‘Minecraft Ravenwood’ project, with the Headmasters’ office and Bartleby built, including a good start on the spiral door chamber down inside of Bartleby…  I start building out some roads, but as soon as it gets dark there are just googlies all over the place, and that doesn’t go well for Ditto…

Looking for help with Streaming and the Bloggy Thingy

Hi everybody!  So Ditto has been having a great time streaming, and it works a lot better than my old recording method.  I’ve had some fun interactions with people in the chat room too – like I said, I really like it and, small technical glitches aside, it’s been great.  Now, I want to improve it, fine-tune it…  and that’s where I need your help!

If you are a person who loves watching gaming streams and watch them all the time, or you are a Ditto fan who just likes watching my videos, I want to hear from you!  I want to know what you’re looking for! How often you want to see videos?  Do you prefer watching live or seeing the recordings on Twitch or YouTube?  How long do you like them – short, like 15 minutes?  A half hour?  Longer?  I can really get wrapped up while playing and some of these videos and they can go on fore a while… so how long is too long?  Also, regarding schedule, I’m TRYING to keep a semi-normal schedule of streaming on Tuesday night and Thursday night starting between 7:30 and 8:00pm EST, plus weekend play on Saturday and maybe Sunday morning, starting between 8am and 8:30am.

Hopefully that works for most folks, but I know in addition to good timing I have to provide entertaining content too – if a TV show is boring it doesn’t matter if it’s on every night, people aren’t going to watch!  I’ve got plans for Wizard1o1, Pirate101, maybe Hearthstone (I kind of fell out of favor with that one) and now Minecraft – I want to keep the content fun and totally family friendly, but what more do you like to see?  Ditto in daring battles?  Ditto completing quests, doing boss fights, getting killed by zombies?  I’d love to hear thoughts and suggestions to make Ditto’s channel your go-to destination for furry monster gaming video fun!!

Have Fun and Play Safe!!!

Ditto makes it to Aquila in Wizard101

Ditto’s new streaming setup is working great, and after some technical and connection difficulties, Ditto has finally made it to the amazing arenas of Aquila!  Ditto must do battle and win three battle tokens to unlock the puzzle of Eris Golden Apple…. which Ditto immediately fails… but at least he can still use his amazing Pyromancer’s abilities!


Captain Ditto’s Halloween Pirate Contest Winners!!

Ah, another Halloween has come and gone and all we have left is a huge pile of candy wrappers, and the winners from Ditto’s fun Pirate101 Halloween contest!!   That’s right, Ditto asked everyone for their favorite part of Halloween and wow did you deliver!  I got some great entries, and here are the winners!

Witty Arthur Norrington – My favorite part ’bout Halloween are the costumes. They always go crazy when I wear my Zombie Pirate outfit. I always love to see the terrified look in those kid’s faces.


Ditto having Halloween fun in Wizard101

It’s that time of year again!!   Ditto actually had some folks in the Twitch chat who were requesting a bit of Wizard101 fun,  so I decided to have some Halloween fun with the Jack Hallow quests!  I love all the great Halloween quests so much!!

Introducing… Jasmine!!

So things have been pretty quite on Ditto’s blog lately, and there is a reason for that… Not long ago, Miss Narrator heard about a kitty who needed some help.  She lived with a family, her and her son, for a couple years, but then for some reason her family gave her and her son up.  Not only that, but her son (who was still more or less a kitten) was adopted out right away, so her last connection to her old, safe life was gone and she was all alone.

Of course her name was Jasmine, just like my long time Wizard101 pet Madame Jasmine, so it was like it was meant to be!  How could we resist?

The Lovely Jasmine!!

The Lovely Jasmine!!


Gameplay Video – Ditto versus his lack of paying attention… #Wizard101

SO this should have been a pretty standard ‘junk mob’ fight, taking out some crazy pterosaur looking bad guys who, at first glance, all appeared to be Myth school…  I set my deck up and dive in, and suddenly I find myself facing a FIRE enemy with over 6,000 health!!   And did I have even a single fire prism?  NOPE!
The most frustrating thing is that I was SO CLOSE to winning the fight – if I had better healing skills or hadn’t fizzled a key spell I think I could have beat him, even without prisms…
But I’ll definitely bring Prisms next time!

Gameplay Video -Big Boss Fight – Scary Malinche Tears of Night #Wizard101

OK, first, this guy is very creepy!!   He says he cries black tears and wants to do pretty awful things to me and make me undead!   Scary!!!
Malinche is a Rank 13 death boss, but he’s really good at Ice school too- – he might have used more ice spells than death spells come to think of it.
I did end up using a life henchman to help me through the fight – I might have been able to take him solo, but it would have been tough and I need to improve my healing skills – I might do a re-spec for that…

Captain Ditto battles an evil Necromancer! #Pirate101 #blaughust Day 18

Captain Ditto and Crew have to deal with a pesky Necromancer holed up in his mooshu tower…  Ditto and his crack team of pirates headed in and cleaned house and once again saved the day!!

I need to remember not to forget this ‘blaughust’ thing – I almost forgot to post something today…

April Fools Day at KingsIsle!

OK, so Ditto did not have time to put together anything fun or cool for April Fools (though if you listen to Spiral Radio 101 tonight you’ll hear something from Ditto…. Just saying…)  but the fine folks at KingsIsle have outdone themselves with April Foolishness!