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Chip decided to play some #LOTRO

So Ditto slept in a bit, as it was a holiday (Labor Day in the US) and while he was sleeping in, Chip and Carl decided to play around with Ditto’s Twitch stream…  Chip has a LOTRO character he likes to play – a Hobbit burglar named ‘Klepto’, and he likes running around the shire doing random quests and doing tricks on the other hobbits.  Chip is also pretty shy and does get nervous when he thinks people may be watching, so this whole stream was a bit silly, but hopefully people liked it…

I hope nobody else around here gets the idea to play on my twitch stream, especially….

Never mind, I don’t even want to think about that!

Ditto the Dwarf is playing through the LOTRO tutorial! Fun times!

This video was primarily a sound check to get my audio issues sorted out live, but once those were all set I just kept playing my new LOTRO character for a while, going through more of the opening tutorial section.  It’s great fun!

Ditto plays LOTRO and rolls up a Dwarf! #blaughust Day 20

So this video still has some sound issues – the next one is where I fix that – but here I start playing LOTRO again after MANY years away, and decide to roll up a Dwarf Champion…  I’ll be honest – not sure I’m 100% on board with him, but I’ll play him for a while and see how he shapes up…