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Contest – Happy Pirates De Mayo!!

It’s May, and that means it’s time for Pirates De Mayo!! For the pirates of The Spiral, this is a very special celebration filled with fun and games and pie! Ok, maybe I added the part about pie… But the rest is totally true! And to celebrate, Ditto has a fun and exciting contest!!

In the spirit of this wonderful holiday, tell Ditto what your pirate and crew do to celebrate Pirates De Mayo! Send an email to dittopirate@gmail.com with the subject ‘Pirates De Mayo’, tell me what Pirates De Mayo tradition your captain has, and make sure you include your captain’s name. On Sunday, May 5th after 6pm EST, I will select 15 winners to receive special Pirates De Mayo codes that include 2500 crowns and the exclusive Gobbler Piñata!

Gobbler Pinata!

Gobbler Pinata!

Please only one entry per person, to keep it fair, and these codes can only redeemed once per account, so if you win a code from another fansite, you can’t redeem Ditto’s code for more crowns and another Gobbler Piñata on the same account – but you can use it on a different account, give it to a friend, etc…

Have fun, good luck in the contest, and as always, Play Safe!!!

Mount-A-Palooza Daily Winners contest!!!

That’s right folks, it’s Contest Time again at Dittomonster.com!! This week we’re celebrating the awesome ‘Mount-A-Palooza’ at Wizard101, and to celebrate, Ditto will be giving away DAILY PRIZES!! What prizes? Well, Ditto will be giving away codes for 5000 Crowns, and best of all, he has codes for permanent fantasy mounts!! That’s right, Ditto has codes that randomly grant one of six great fantasy mounts:

  • Alphyn
  • Blue Kirin
  • Gold Kirin
  • Silver Kirin
  • Hydra
  • Hippogriff
The Mighty Hydra!

The Mighty Hydra!


Ditto’s Pirate101 Springtime Contest Winners!

Sometimes it is hard for Ditto to come up with fun and interesting contests, but this one is probably going to wind up being one of Ditto’s favorites – though it was definitely one of the hardest to judge!!  The challenge was to take a picture of a cute Pirate101 pet and give it a funny or cute caption, like all those pictures of cute kitties and hedgehogs talking about cheeseburgers and stuff, and wow did I get some GREAT entries!!  Here are the winning images, congratulations to the winners and thanks everyone who entered!!!   This was a lot of fun!

Pirate101 Springtime Pets Contest – So Cute!!

Ditto has some great codes for Springtime Pets in Pirate101, and these are some of the cutest pets I’ve seen so far!  The Yellow Marshadillow, Pink Marshadillow, Batik Eggaloon, Purple Polkaloon, Pink Chocolope and Blue Chocolope are great, fun Pirate pets, and Ditto is giving you a chance to win one!!



The Winners of the ‘Where’s Ditto’ Contest!

Here are the winners from Ditto’s ‘Where’s Ditto‘ contest – this was a fun contest to do, and I’ll probably do more of them in the future.  Maybe next time I’ll hide in three locations and you’ll need to find all three, something like that.

For this contest, I was hidden in the School of Tempest in Pigswick Academy in Wysteria – I thought it was a good hiding spot! (more…)

Ditto’s March Contest – Where’s Ditto?

So Ditto has a brand new contest running for March, with some pretty AMAZING prizes! The contest is very simple – but it could be pretty tricky, too. To enter the contest, look at the screen shot here and tell me where in the Spiral Ditto is – it’s that easy.


Ditto’s Mount Contest Winners!!

So here they are – the winners of Ditto’s great Mount contest!  Ditto asked everyone to write in and tell me what mount they would want to win, out of the list of codes he had, and then I chose winners randomly (using random.org) from all entries – and I got a LOT of entries!   So here’s the list of lucky winners!!


Friendship Festival Contest! Ditto’s Mount Mania! Pick a Mount, Win a Mount!

Here it is, another fun contest for the Wizard101 Friendship Festival!!  Ditto has been given prize codes for a bunch of AWESOME mounts, and I am excited to give them away to my fans!  So how can you win a mount?  Well – just tell me which one you want, and you’ll have a chance to win it!

Skyvern Mount

Skyvern Mount


Annoucing Ditto’s Tribal Crew Pack Contest Winners!!

Thank you everyone who entered Ditto’s Tribal Crew Pack contest!  I had TONS of great entries, and it was so much fun reading through them all!  As usual, I have chosen the winners randomly (using Random.org) and have already alerted them by email.  Congratulations to all the winners, and definitely stay tuned to Dittomonster.com for my next fun contest, which will be starting very soon!!

The Winners: (Each got a code for 5 Tribal Crew Packs in Pirate101!)

  1. Humble Amanda Nightingale – My favorite companion is Bonnie Anne. I love her attacks on every foe; it’s so helpful!
  2. Dreaming Kevin Morgan – My favourite companion is Lieutenant Otter Emmet Ensign.
  3. Cunning Aedan Morgan -My favorite has to be between Subodai and the Mustang Toreador from the Cool Ranch Side Quest.
  4. Salty Padric Otway – My favorite companion is Don Hernando Chavez, because it is so much fun to say “I have a monkey monk!”
  5. Brave Alex Richmond – Well most of my companions are terrible as you can see from the picture above. But my favorite companion would have to be Bill O’leary, my Cat Pirate from the Boochbeard Bundle! He is very strong and keeps getting stronger as I train him! He is so helpful in battle, and I could probably never beat bosses without him.  I’m hoping to get better companions, hopefully a Tribal Crew Pack will give me a companion!
  6. Clever Cole Crow – My personal favorite companion is Goronado, the Gortez clone. Why?
    1. He has two powers. First, there’s Vicious Charge, which allows him to span the board reasonably quickly. And then, Gorilla Warfare, which is a physical AoE that allows him to attack all the enemies directly around him.
    2. He holds up well in combat. While he’s not the heaviest hitter, being a Buccaneer, he’s still a pretty skilled combatant.
    3. He looks awesome!

Congratulations once again to all the winners – enjoy your prize codes!!

Ditto P. Monster

Pirate101 Tribal Crew Packs Contest!!

Pirate101 has a great new item pack, the Tribal Crew Pack, and in it you could get some amazing new stuff, including Aztecosaur Companions, Mounts, Weapons, Housing Items, Pets,and Pirate Treasures that can be sold at vendors for gold!  These Crew Packs are available in-game now for Crowns, but Ditto has got some to share with his fans and followers – and you know how Ditto loves giving away prizes!  For the Tribal Packs there will be two ways to win, so everyone can get a chance!!   (more…)

Ditto’s Pie Contest Winners!!

After judging this Pie contest, Ditto is suddenly very hungry!!!  There were so many awesome and yummy looking pies – Ditto has already sent out all the prizes, and here is the list of winners and a gallery of all the yummy winning pie entries! (more…)

New Contest – It’s All About Pie!! Yummy, Delicious Pie!

Ditto has been running lots of contests lately, and I like to keep them interesting, of course. Ditto hates to be boring, after all.  Well, I have been having a heck of a time thinking up something new and exciting for this next December contest and asked for ideas on Twitter (OK, I complained I was out of ideas, and the wonderful people on twitter helped me out.  I love my Twitter followers) .  My favorite suggestion was to come up with pictures of Ditto to color – but Ditto has no idea how to make a line drawing of myself for people to color in a short timeframe, so I”ll have to work on that one a bit more.  Instead of coloring Ditto, I was able to come up with the next best thing – PIE!!

Below are two line drawings of Pie – a slice and a full pie – and you can color either one of them in and send it to me at dittocontest@gmail.com.  The email should have a subject of ‘Pie Contest‘, and you have to tell me what kind of pie it is, and tell me your wizard name.

You can print the picture out and color it and scan it back in (or take a picture of the picture), or you can digitally color it on the computer – whatever works for you.   The end date for this contest is Saturday, December 29th – that’s over a week and a half (because I know lots of people will probably be busy with family stuff during that time).

What are the prizes?  Well… everything I have left.  Bundles, crowns codes – ‘Everything Must Go!!’  That’s over 25 great prize codes!!

DittoPie2 DittoPie1

And there you have it – make Ditto a pie and win prizes!!  Have fun with it, get creative, and good luck!!


Ditto’s Week 2 December Contest Winners!! Great Job Helping!

Ditto here, and I want to say thank you to everyone who entered this contest – Miss Narrator and I were completely overwhelmed by the number of entries and the wonderful, amazing things everyone did to help others.  I did this contest to get everyone thinking about helping others, which I think is really important, and all you wonderful wizards out there surpassed my wildest dreams with all the amazing things you did to help others!  From selflessly helping new players level or get through long dungeons to writing letters to US servicemen to helping in your communities, the emails and pictures I got for this contest were amazing, and I enjoyed every single one.

In response to the amazing responses I got, I’ll be awarding a few additional prizes for this one.  Winners and their stories and pictures are below – this will probably be a really long post…


Ditto’s Week 2 Wizard101 Contest – Helping Others!

It took Ditto a while to come up with his Week 2 contest, and since we’re in the middle of what Ditto likes to consider ‘The Giving Season’, I want to encourage my fans and readers to help others – and give you big prizes for doing so!!  Week 2 is all about helping out others, either in-game or in real life.

So how do you enter?  Well, first you need to help someone.  That could be helping someone with a quest or assisting a new player in-game, or it could be helping someone in real life to rake leaves, shovel snow, read a book to a younger sibling, put away the dishes… there are many options, the main point is that you’re helping out and doing something nice for someone.  (more…)

Ditto’s Week 1 December Contest winners!!

Ditto’s contest this week asked players to tell me which of Ditto’s awesome prizes they wanted to win, and why!  Ditto got a LOT of great answers, and out of all the qualified entries, did a random drawing for each winner.  Here are all the winners, with their entries – enjoy!


Ditto’s December Wizard101 Contests!!

Here we are in December and once again Ditto has LOTS of prize codes to give away – it’s like Ditto’s own crazy Code-A-Palooza!!  I’ve got multiple codes for the Epic Bundle, Mega Bundle, Hawkrider Bundle, Majestic Bundle, Pagoda Bundle, Dino Bundle, and Prehistoric Bundle, as well as a bunch of codes for crowns!  It’s like KingsIsle just said ‘Ditto is so cute and fuzzy, he should have all the codes this month…’    and now I get to give them all to you!!

Ditto's Exclusive Contest Prize - The Warpwood Wand!

Ditto’s Exclusive Contest Prize – The Warpwood Wand!

In addition to the bundle codes and crowns, Ditto also has a lot of codes for an exclusive item, the Warpwood Wand!  It’s a cool life wand that looks great, and it’s exclusive to DittoMonster.com – I’ll be giving these away in lots of different ways, including lots of new Twitter giveaways, so if you’re not following Ditto on Twitter you should start!

So how can you start winning these great prizes?  Well, I’m going to try to run a contest a week, and for the first contest I’m going to give away one of each bundle that’s listed above, so that’s seven great prizes to give away to seven lucky wizards.  To win a bundle, send an email to dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject “I want a [your choice] Bundle” and tell me which bundle you want, and tell me why you want it, as well as your wizard name.  Be creative, too – have fun with it. You have until Saturday, December 8th at Midnight(ish) to enter, and I”ll choose and announce all the winners on Sunday December 9th.

All the usual rules apply – please only one contest entry per email address, I filter out all multiple entries, and don’t forget how I choose and announce winners and how that applies to your wizard name.   There are lots of contests coming and that means lots of winners, so stay tuned to DittoMonster.com and good luck!!!

A clarification on Ditto’s contests and winners

First, congratulations to all my November winners!  In the month of November I gave away nearly 50 prizes, the most ever, and I had a LOT of fun doing it!  I love doing contests, and I’m very thankful to KingsIsle for getting me so many codes to give away to my readers and fans!

Have Fun and Play Safe

Have Fun and Play Safe


Ditto’s Ship Contest Winners!! #Pirate101

I have gone through all the many, MANY wonderful contest entries that people sent in, and Miss Narrator and I have selected two grand prize winners and a runner-up!

As a reminder, Ditto asked people to send me a picture – screenshot, drawn, photoshopped, whatever you wanted to do – showing me why you need a new ship.  The top two winners get a special promo Admiral’s Bundle code with an amazing Marleybone ship, a Bulldog companion, and other great prizes.  We got so many fun and creative entries it was really hard to choose just two – that’s why I added a runner-up as well, who won some stuff too.   (more…)

Do you need a good ship? Win an Admiral’s Bundle for Pirate101

Captain Ditto here.  Are you a new Pirate, just landed on Skull Island?  Has Captain Avery gifted you with your first ‘Ship’, and suddenly you find yourself the proud owner of something resembling leaky barrels held together with shoestrings and tape? Is your hat more seaworthy than that poor leaky raft your call a ship?  It can be rough out there on the high seas, with pirates, brigands, batacuda and worse, all trying to take a bite out of your, um… hull…  So what’s a Pirate to do?  Fear not – The Admiral’s Bundle has the answer!!!

Marleybone Warship

Marleybone Warship with Bulldog Companion

Yes the Admiral’s Bundle (Now available at Wal MArt for $29, a great stocking stuffer…) has an AMAZING Marleybone warship to make you the scourge of the Aether, a loyal and trustworthy Bulldog companion, a fancy Naval outfit to look the part, a great military saber, and a crows’ nest housing Add-On so you can spot trouble long before it arrives.  I have tow – yes two – of these fantastic bundles to give away to you, my wonderful fans and readers.  (In the purchased bundle it also gives 5,000 crowns, but the prize packs I have don’t grant that.)

So how do you win?  Well, since I only have two of these highly valuable prize bundles, I’m going to make you work a little for it – you need to show me how much you need a shiny new warship.  Take a screenshot, or draw a picture, or use Photoshop – do something to show me just how bad your current ship is.  Is it a raft surrounded by hungry sharks?  Maybe you’re in a rowboat trying to escape a warship? Maybe it’s a little X-Wing fighter trying desperately to get to that thermal exhaust port – it’s up to you, be creative and have fun!

Send your picture, and your pirate name, to dittopirate@gmail.com with a subject of ‘I need a ship!’ – Show me how desperately you need a ship, and maybe you’ll win one!!  You have until Sunday, November 25th at midnight EST to enter, and I’ll announce the winners within a few days (might need some time to go through all that artwork).

One entry per pirate, please, and make sure you keep those pictures safe and family-friendly.  And most importantly – have fun!!  Good luck!

Ditto’s Prehistoric Party!! Contest Fun!!

So Ditto has some prehistoric prizes to promote, and he’s positively… um… purple?  No that doesn’t work, purple clashes something terrible with Orange…  Anyway, Ditto has some great prizes to give away throughout November, including scaradactyl pets and mounts, magic treehouses, and a couple full prehistoric bundles! So how am I going to give them away?  How does a daily giveaway sound?  Sounds pretty exhausting to me, but for you, my fans, it’s totally worth it!  And how do you take part in this daily giveaway?  Send Ditto an email at dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Daily Giveaway’ with your wizard name, and every day I’ll choose a random winner and a random prize – you only have to send one email and you’re entered, you don’t need to enter every day.  It’s that simple (because I am a simple monster).

I’ll probably do some Twitter giveaways, too – we’ll see what happens!

Play Safe and Have Fun!!

Ditto’s Week 4 Spooky Contest Winners!!!

Here they are, the final three grand prize winners of Ditto’s Spooky Halloween contest!!  For this contest, I asked you to tell me what your favorite part of Halloween was, and I got some GREAT answers!!  I love doing the contests because I love all the fun and creative entries!!

Winner 1 – Connor Stormblade  – I like eating Halloween Candy.

Winner 2 – Scarlet Redgem – My favorite part of Halloween is decorating. My parents say I’m too young to go trick-or-treating, but I help out with all the decorating cause its exciting. I help put up cobwebs and spiders,ghost, little  gravestones. Our house always ends up looking the scariest.

Winner 3 – Paige DreamRider  –  She likes a little bit of everything – Quests! Jack O Lanterns!  Spooky decorations!  TREATS AND TRICKS 🙂  Ditto P. Monsters halloween surprises!

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who entered, it was lots of fun reading through all your entries!  As always, have fun and play safe!!

Reminder, Ditto’s Spooky Halloween contest ends TOMORROW!

I just wanted to remind everyone that I will be picking the last three grand prize winners for my Spooky decorating contest tomorrow (Sunday, October 28th) and there is still time to enter!!  Just check out the rules to the contest and send me your entry!  I can’t wait to see what you send me – I love these contests, people are so creative!!

Spooky Halloween Ditto

Spooky Halloween Ditto!

Ditto’s Spooky Decorating Contest, Week 4!

Here it is, the final week of my Spooky Halloween contest for Wizard 101!  This week there will be three Grand Prize winners chosen, and each will win a Death house, One of each of the three spooky Halloween decorator packs (Spider, Graveyard, and Spooky), and 5,000 crowns!

Ditto in a Ghost costume

So far we’ve done Scary Movies, fun costumes, and looked at what was Spooky in The Spiral… This week, I want to know what YOU like – what’s your favorite part of Halloween?  Is it dressing up?  Candy?  Bobbing for Apples?  Watching ‘It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown’ over and over again?  Send your favorite thing to me at dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Favorite Thing’, and be sure to include your wizard name!  I’ll draw the final three contest winners next Sunday, October 28th.

As with my other contests, only one entry per person, please.  Let’s play fair 🙂

Good luck to all who enter, and have fun with it!!

Ditto’s 1000 Follower Twitter Contest Winners!!

So I used TwitRand to generate a list of ten totally random winners from my list of Twitter followers (1012 now!!)  and I’ve notified all winners by DM.  Here are the lucky winners!!

  • @AnthonyShadowD
  • @VThunderheart
  • @SophiWaterheart
  • @Ma1kavian
  • @AlexStormRider
  • @LionRiderKing
  • @stevehamner
  • @dylanpaulsilva2
  • @sofiav33x3
  • @echo_the_sun

Thanks to all my awesome Twitter followers – definitely stay tuned for many more great contests and more fun!

Ditto P. Monster