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Ditto’s Week 1 December Contest winners!!

Ditto’s contest this week asked players to tell me which of Ditto’s awesome prizes they wanted to win, and why!  Ditto got a LOT of great answers, and out of all the qualified entries, did a random drawing for each winner.  Here are all the winners, with their entries – enjoy!

Epic Bundle – Blake Storm:  Dear Ditto,I would really would appricate it if u gave me an epic bundle.  The reason is because I’m new and i really would like to not be left out. I hope you chose me because i would really like this for my very first bundle.

Mega Bundle – Michelle Unicornbringer:  I am in love with wizard101, and i am in love with mega bundle. i love it so very much, i always wanted to have it, but something always happened which made it impossible for me. so why should i be given the mega bundle out of all these people. because maybe i am one who needs it the most. if i get it, ill be the happiest person of all 😀

Hawkrider Bundle – John LegendMancer:  I want a Hawkrider Bundle because my hobby is birdwatching! I always wonder what it feels to be a bird – Flying across the blue sky easily and defy gravity.

Majestic Bundle – Calamity WinterBlade:  I would love to have a Majestic Bundle because… well, okay, I’ll admit it. I mostly want it because the Strange Beast pet is so darn cute! Squee! I also think it’s a ton of fun every time I get to explore a new house and plan my decorating spree. 🙂 I can foresee lots of Royal Sofas… I have holiday farming to do.

Pagoda Bundle – Scarlet Wildblade:  I’ve been trying a long time to get it because of the “Master of Friendship and Karate” badge. I can never seem to find anyone who has one. If I got this bundle I would even help friends who want the badge too. Its a really cool,nice,small bundle and it doesn’t come with a house (which i don’t need).Honestly, I mostly need the pack for its crowns,it’s hard moving up my level and going to places when I don’t have any left.. My parents don’t want me playing the game because of the money,and I want to get the full experience of Wizard101.

Dino Bundle – David Silverhunter: I recently got my younger nephew started on Wizard101 and he fell in love right away! Sadly, my brother and his wife haven’t been really present in his life lately so I’ve been looking after him. Because his parents are absent, I feel like he’s missing on some important family values. Happily, Wizard101 got us closer because now he knows we share a common interest, and I think it’s a good start. I’ve been meaning to buy him a Dino Bundle Card for Christmas, but unfortunately things on my end are more difficult than I had hoped…

 While I know that getting my nephew something material for Christmas won’t make him open up to us, I really want him to enjoy every experience Wizard101 has to offer and I’m hoping that soon he will realize he does have people that he can count on, for anything. Filling my brother’s shoes has proven to be a real challenge, but I’m 100% committed to this. And Wizard101 is a good way to teach him the values of life and family bonds.
The reason why I want that bundle? I just want to surprise him on Christmas and see that huge smile on his face! My wizard’s name is David Silverhunter.
Prehistoric Bundle -Jasmine:  I would love to win a Prehistoric Bundle because the pretty purple dinosaur pet is so fluffy! 🙂

I also would love to put the magic treehouse in my wizards garden, it is so pretty with the flowers on the tree.
Thank you so much for having this contest, and everything you do for wizard101 players!

One response

  1. Jordan Seadreamer

    Congrats to the winners! Hope they enjoy their bundles. 🙂

    December 9, 2012 at 5:02 pm

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