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Ditto’s Ship Contest Winners!! #Pirate101

I have gone through all the many, MANY wonderful contest entries that people sent in, and Miss Narrator and I have selected two grand prize winners and a runner-up!

As a reminder, Ditto asked people to send me a picture – screenshot, drawn, photoshopped, whatever you wanted to do – showing me why you need a new ship.  The top two winners get a special promo Admiral’s Bundle code with an amazing Marleybone ship, a Bulldog companion, and other great prizes.  We got so many fun and creative entries it was really hard to choose just two – that’s why I added a runner-up as well, who won some stuff too.  

So without further ado – the winners!!
Winner #1 – Fearless Hazel Xanderman and a fantastically cute hand drawn entry:

Winner #1

Fearless Hazel Xanderman

Winner #2 – Ruthless Cordelia Spinnaker – Very creative Photoshop, and I’ll admit, the ‘Jaws’ reference won me over.

Winner #2

Ruthless Cordelia Spinnaker

Runner-Up:  Julia Rainbreaker – her picture told a great story and had great little details, like the Fire flag and the little mouse.

Runner Up

Julia Rainmaker


Congrats to the winners, and remember, the Admiral’s bundle is available at Wal-Mart, and is a great deal!

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