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Annoucing Ditto’s Tribal Crew Pack Contest Winners!!

Thank you everyone who entered Ditto’s Tribal Crew Pack contest!  I had TONS of great entries, and it was so much fun reading through them all!  As usual, I have chosen the winners randomly (using Random.org) and have already alerted them by email.  Congratulations to all the winners, and definitely stay tuned to Dittomonster.com for my next fun contest, which will be starting very soon!!

The Winners: (Each got a code for 5 Tribal Crew Packs in Pirate101!)

  1. Humble Amanda Nightingale – My favorite companion is Bonnie Anne. I love her attacks on every foe; it’s so helpful!
  2. Dreaming Kevin Morgan – My favourite companion is Lieutenant Otter Emmet Ensign.
  3. Cunning Aedan Morgan -My favorite has to be between Subodai and the Mustang Toreador from the Cool Ranch Side Quest.
  4. Salty Padric Otway – My favorite companion is Don Hernando Chavez, because it is so much fun to say “I have a monkey monk!”
  5. Brave Alex Richmond – Well most of my companions are terrible as you can see from the picture above. But my favorite companion would have to be Bill O’leary, my Cat Pirate from the Boochbeard Bundle! He is very strong and keeps getting stronger as I train him! He is so helpful in battle, and I could probably never beat bosses without him.  I’m hoping to get better companions, hopefully a Tribal Crew Pack will give me a companion!
  6. Clever Cole Crow – My personal favorite companion is Goronado, the Gortez clone. Why?
    1. He has two powers. First, there’s Vicious Charge, which allows him to span the board reasonably quickly. And then, Gorilla Warfare, which is a physical AoE that allows him to attack all the enemies directly around him.
    2. He holds up well in combat. While he’s not the heaviest hitter, being a Buccaneer, he’s still a pretty skilled combatant.
    3. He looks awesome!

Congratulations once again to all the winners – enjoy your prize codes!!

Ditto P. Monster

2 responses

  1. Julia

    Congratulations Amanda Kevin Padric Aedan alex and cole! Ditto: is there gonna be another contest?

    January 27, 2013 at 11:53 pm

    • There will be another contest coming soon! Stay tuned!

      January 28, 2013 at 2:23 am

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