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Ditto’s Mount Contest Winners!!

So here they are – the winners of Ditto’s great Mount contest!  Ditto asked everyone to write in and tell me what mount they would want to win, out of the list of codes he had, and then I chose winners randomly (using random.org) from all entries – and I got a LOT of entries!   So here’s the list of lucky winners!!

Skyvern Mount:

  • Katie Dreamcatcher
  • Talon Green-Forge
  • Daniel Ice
  • Rowan MoonHunter
  • Alex StormRider
  • Michael ThunderFist

Blood Raven Mount: 

  • Stephanie Treeheart
  • Robert Griffinglade
  • Rowan FireWhisper
  • Alexander Deathsword

Great Hornocerous Mount:

  • Michael Rider
  • Tavia Firestone
  • Stephanie FrostWielder
  • Joshua Daystalker

Hydra Mount:

  • Trevor
  • Lenora GriffinRider!
  • Michelle Mooncatcher
  • Joshua Jaderunner

Malorian Dragon Mount: 

  • Vanessa Dawnblossom
  • Gabriel Dragonstaff
  • Ryan Duskglade
  • Brianna Nightrider

Scarydactyl Mount:

  • Taryn Stormrider
  • Tasha Sparkleheart
  • Morgan Roseglenn
  • Sydney Shadowcatcher
  • Wolf Owlbreaker

Winter Treant Mount:

  • Katherine Nightsong
  • Galen FrostThief
  • Justin Seablade
  • Jacob Deathhorn

Phoenix Mount:

  • Jordan Goldblossom
  • Daniel Deathcaster
  • Angel Summerhaven
  • Scarlet Wildblade
  • Lindsey FoeBreaker

T-Rex mount:

  • Scarlet Dragonflame
  • Lucas Dodger
  • Esmee Pixie Flame
  • Alex WinterShard

That’s a LOT of prizes!!  Thanks to everyone who entered, there were a lot of great entries.  As always, have fun and play safe, and stay tuned for even more great contests here at Dittomonster.com!   Also remember how Ditto chooses and announces winners for all his contests.

Ditto P. Monster

2 responses

  1. Esmee PixieFlame

    Ditto you are the best, most furriest pie loving wizard, and i will ALWAYS remember you for this!!!

    February 17, 2013 at 5:41 pm

  2. Jesse Mistgem

    did he say Joshua daystalker made it?

    February 18, 2013 at 9:18 pm

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