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Ditto’s Week 2 December Contest Winners!! Great Job Helping!

Ditto here, and I want to say thank you to everyone who entered this contest – Miss Narrator and I were completely overwhelmed by the number of entries and the wonderful, amazing things everyone did to help others.  I did this contest to get everyone thinking about helping others, which I think is really important, and all you wonderful wizards out there surpassed my wildest dreams with all the amazing things you did to help others!  From selflessly helping new players level or get through long dungeons to writing letters to US servicemen to helping in your communities, the emails and pictures I got for this contest were amazing, and I enjoyed every single one.

In response to the amazing responses I got, I’ll be awarding a few additional prizes for this one.  Winners and their stories and pictures are below – this will probably be a really long post…

Grand Prize Winner #1  – Alex Griffinsong (8 years old, submitted by his mom)  Won the Epic Bundle, Grand Prize Bundle, and 10K Crowns

Dear Ditto and Miss Narrator,

Thank you for the contest. I had fun helping others. I tried to do one good thing each day. My mom said I could only pick one so I picked my favorite. I hope you like it.

I wrote a letter to a U.S. soldier to thank them for fighting for our country. My mom said they don’t get to be with their family for Christmas so I packed a care package with snacks, treats, and beanie babies because they give them to kids they meet in other countries to show them that America is nice and good.


Alex Griffinsong

Alex Griffinsong

Alex Griffinsong Letter

Alex Griffinsong Letter

Grand Prize Winner #2  Leesha Moondust  Won the Mega Bundle, Hawkrider Bundle, and 10K Crowns

Hey Ditto,

This week I helped people less fortunate than me by donating old toys that I’m not going to use anymore.

I found 2 garbage bags and a cardboard box worth of toys. And this afternoon I drove to lifeline and donated them.

I hope someone else less fortunate than me gets the joy of playing with my preloaded toys.

The 2 garbage bags and cardboard box which are full of toys.

Thanks from Leesha Moondust

Grand Prize Winner #3:  Trevor WildTail  Won the Majestic Bundle, HAwkrider Bundle, and 10K Crowns

Before I begin, I want to extend my profound thanks to you Ditto for all the amazing & wonderful things you’ve done for everyone and the way you even helped some. You’ve helped some Wizards move forward in the game & even made some interested in the game even more & I wanted to just thank you.

This is a photo of me & my little 6 year old brother. He is  in the First Grade or Grade One as we locally call it. He has difficulties in penmanship, so when he comes home from school and I’m not busy with homework, I take the time out to help him with his writing skills.

To help him learn to write better, our next door neighbor who’s a teacher has a mobile chalkboard not big but good sized & I ask her to borrow it so I can write on it to help improve his writing ability. In the afternoons we go into the yard or stay in the house (as you can see from the photo), I give him a pencil & a book & I begin to write on the board, and I begin to explain how to write each letter of the alphabet, then when that is completed, I go on to write basic words to see how he put the letters all together such as “bat”, “cat”, “door”, etc.

This has helped him improve tremendously in his studies since his he is now about to move on to his third semester in first grade & there is a major improvement between his Penmanship grade from the First Semester and the Second Semester, in the first he received a percentage of 65% & in the second he got 82%, I will try my best to help him reach at least 95-100% in his third semester.

My mom congratulates me for what I’m doing for him, but I tell her I don’t do it for me, I do it for him, I want him to be able to write properly so that his teacher could understand.

Ditto thank you for doing this, you are someone many Wizards like myself are thankful for. You give people a chance to express themselves whether through Art, Writing, etc & people then discover that they have other talents, thank you for helping me exploring mine, that which is writing.

Helping with Homework

Helping with Homework

Grand Prize Winner #4 – Jordan Seadreamer  Won a Dino Bundle, Prehistoric Bundle, and 10K Crowns

As soon as I finished reading “Ditto’s Week 2 Wizard101 Contest – Helping Others!” post, I knew I wanted to go visit a nursing home to help out. I had never been in a nursing home before and it had always been an interesting topic to me so with the help of my parents, I called the local nursing home and asked them what I could do to help out. They told me that there was an elder woman by the name of Virginia that was going to be celebrating her 74th birthday on December 12th and they would really appreciate it if I could make her dream of a Mickey Mouse themed birthday cake come true. With the help of my mom’s baking skills, I baked a cake and decorated it Mickey Mouse style! While decorating the cake with icing, I was wondering what Virginia would think of my creation. Would she like it or would she be disappointed? As soon as school ended on December 12th, my parents picked up the cake from our house and we drove to the nursing home. When I entered through the doors of the nursing home, I was surprised to see so many elderly people gathered around a table talking and socializing. Never had I ever seen so many elderly people gathered at one place! We checked into the front desk of the nursing home and the clerk told us Virginia’s room’s number so we could deliver the cake. Once we got to Virginia’s door, we knocked softly until she pressed the button that would automatically open her door (so cool!). We yelled, “Surprise!” and brought in her Mickey Mouse themed birthday cake and sang her the “Happy Birthday” song. She was so happy with her cake that she hugged us all (and she didn’t even know us :D). She hadn’t had visitors in weeks so we stayed with her a while to get to know her. When it was almost time to go, she asked us if we would take a picture of her by the nursing home’s lobby’s Christmas tree! We took a picture of her with the Christmas tree and promised to come back next week to give her a couple copies of it. It felt really good to do something nice for someone even if I had never met them before. Plus, I also accomplished my dream of visiting a nursing home (and it turned out to be great).

With Virginia’s permission, I have attached two photos of the many we took. I know that we’re only allowed to submit one photo but I wanted to show you how happy Virginia was and how the cake ended up coming out (well, a piece of it).
Thanks for giving me the chance of helping out someone and fulfilling their wish! Good luck to the other contestants and thank you for the amazing contest. 🙂

From Jordan Seadreamer

From Jordan Seadreamer

From Jordan Seadreamer

From Jordan Seadreamer

Additional Winners, who won Bundles and Codes for the great ways they helped:
Alex Da Pirate – For helping new players get through the Tree of Life in Mooshoo
Autumn Starwalker – For helping people in game with hatches and other things
Lauren Storm – For giving out gifts to needy children where she lives
Duncan StormThief – For helping lots of people in-game as a life wizard.
And that’s it for this contest – thanks everyone who entered and did all those wonderful things.  This was absolutely the hardest contest I’ve ever judged, and I truly wish I could have given each and every one of you a prize!!  Thanks again and stay tuned for details on my next contest – still lots of great prizes to give away this month!

3 responses

  1. Malvin

    CONGRATZ all the winners, I love the story about Virginia, it really touched me. 🙂

    December 16, 2012 at 10:46 pm

  2. Congrats to everyone. So many moving stories. One reason we should always remember to care for and love one another.

    December 17, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    • Kate

      O: O: Hi Paige O: O:

      December 18, 2012 at 10:41 pm

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