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The Destiny Project – Week 4

With all the excitement around the Mega Sultan’s Palace, I honestly haven’t been playing Destiny as much as I’d like, but I did make it to level 12!

Destiny getting a quest from Malorn Ashthorn

Destiny getting a quest from Malorn Ashthorn

At level 12 I have 719 health and 39 mana, with 4 available training points, and I’m thinking about training soon, because I’m starting to have trouble with boss fights.  In particular, I have been defeated four times so far trying to duel Foulgaze in Olde Town.  He’s a pretty high health death boss, and I don’t have a death prism yet, so taking him and his storm minion out before they get me has proven very challenging.  I’m going to try again after I see what spell I get for level 12.

Mana continues to be my biggest inconvenience.  I’m so used to having a really big tank for mana, having less that 40 is hard to get used to.  I do find myself running pretty close to empty quite often, and have one time won a duel with zero mana left!  That was a scary duel, I’ll tell you!

The project is still going well and, though I’m a pyromancer at heart, I have to say Death school is really nice too.  I’m starting to consider life school for my secondary, but only because of my current troubles with death bosses, so once I get death prism I might change my mind.

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