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The Destiny Project – Week 6 – Krokotopia!!

So this week I finally finished up Wizard City and made it to Krokotopia!  The Gobblers were definitely troublesome, I was defeated a number of times , but I finally got into a good rhythm with my traps and blades, using a combination of ghoul and banshee.

I’m currently at level 14 – I’m only a hair over below level 15.  I would have kept going for 15, but wanted to get the article done for the week and ran out of time.  I’ve got 768 health and 43 mana now – health isn’t bad, I can hold my own, but at 3 mana points per banshee and 2 per pixie or ghoul, my mana pool goes fast, especially in a boss fight.

Destiny in Krokotopia

Destiny makes it to Krokotopia

One of the biggest things I’ve learned so far in this experiment is tactics and strategy, as with my more limited mana and health (and lack of Meteor Strike!) I have to make sure I’m being extra smart with every spell I cast.

Typically I liked to hit with a death trap, death blade, and ghoul, so I gain health as I do damage.  With the higher health of the Gobblers and rank 3 bosses, however, I’ve been using Banshee, because it’s a lot more damage and, while I don’t gain health,  it’s still smarter to take the enemy out in one shot than let him keep hitting me for a few extra turns.  As I’m not gaining as much health through Ghoul, I try to always have a pixie ready to go if I drop down to around 300 health.  It’s definitely saved me a few times!

I’m really looking forward to Krokotopia now – Krok is still my favorite world, I think, and I can’t wait to travel those sun-drenched streets and explore dusty ancient catacombs once again! I should have Vampire soon, I’m really looking forward to that!

The experiment is still going strong, and I’m certainly seeing Wizard 101 in a whole new way as I adventure with Destiny.  See you next week with another report!

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