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The Destiny Project: Level 20

As a quick recap; a while ago I was inspired by The Friendly Necromancer and others to start a Necromancer named Destiny Hexcrafter, sister to my Pyromancer Digby Hexcrafter, who I am playing with only starter equipment. This means only starter robes, starter wand, starter deck, and no additional equipment or mount. It’s a fun and exciting challenge, and I’ve really been having fun!

This week I made level 20 with Destiny – I felt this was a pretty significant milestone, and worth a good article about my progress and the tings I’ve learned along the way.

Destint in Krokotopia

Destiny under the Krokosphinx

First – the numbers. At level 20, Destiny has 915 health, 56 mana, 7 Training points, and just over 30,000 gold after my bazaar trip (not having anything to spend money on is nice – just wish I could transfer it to Digby 🙂 )

While in earlier levels it was my mana that seemed really low and troublesome, at level 20 my mana isn’t as bad as my heatlh. With some of the duels I’m in, 900 health is gone in two or three good rank 4 hits. Storm bosses are exceedingly problematic now – I cringe with every storm shark that comes after me!

One interesting thing that’s both a blessing and a curse is deck size. With the starter deck I almost always have the cards I need for my chosen strategy, which is great. On the downside, my cards go FAST in a boss fight. I’ve won more than one duel with only one or two cards left, not counting treasure cards. I’m thinking that I should keep one or two reshuffles in my treasure cards, just in case.

My current strategy is standard necromancer tactics – death trap, curse, death blade, and vampire. That’s a good amount of damage with half returned as health, and often comes close to topping off my health in standard trash mob fights. Boss fights are another matter altogether, of course – boss damage is often a bit overwhelming for my mere 900 health, as you can imagine.

I’ve gotten used to slower, non-mounted travel, that’s not much of a concern now, but I’m still trying to decide a secondary school. As my chosen strategy is working really well right now, I’m not too worried about a secondary yet, but I have a feeling I’ll be changing my mind about that before I leave Krokotopia – we’ll see.

That’s it for now, I’ll have another update at my next big milestone, maybe when I get my level 22 spell.

2 responses

  1. Joshua ShadowBlade

    I think your second school should be Storm, due to the giant damage and the 5 pip Storm Zilla that would normally cost 6 pips. I also think Feint might not be the best spell for you, with the 70% a great boost for your spells, but if you don’t attack fast, a nice Storm Shark with a Storm Blade and the 30% would crush you. But if you do choose Storm as your second school, a curse, storm trap, and Kraken would smash your enemy.

    July 24, 2011 at 3:50 pm

  2. I think you should take a look at spending a training point on reshuffle, instead of using treasure cards for it. Your deck size will allow for it to come up easily enough.

    Also you may consider ice – up to tower shield.. as tower shields cost nothing to cast and it will cut the damage towards Destiny in half while still building pips.

    July 28, 2011 at 7:09 pm

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