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The Destiny Project – Week 2

I didn’t get to play Destiny as much as I wanted this week, but I made it to level 8, which isn’t too bad. At Level 8 I now have 621 health, 30 mana, and I recently got Death Blade and Dream Shield spells.

My main strategy is still death trap + ghoul, and adding in death blade when I need it.  Having the wand spells in the mix is somewhat inconvenient, because on my first turn, if I have no traps or blades I need to either pass or cast something weaker than ghoul. I might actually go without a wand – not sure if that’s allowed by the rules here though.

Fizzles are the worst, seriously. I seem to fizzle a lot more than I’m used to with no armor or gear to boost my base percentage.  I also find myself second guessing some duels, like with Field Guards, which is a new thing for me – with my limited health (was 395, now up to 621 so not as bad) an elite storm opponent is nearing boss level danger, able to take me out with two well placed hits in some cases.

Lack of mana is still my biggest issue – I actually found myself with one mana left, desperately looking for a blue wisp before I got pulled into a duel.

I did finish the Storm Kraken quest, which was more chaotic than I remembered previously – I assume due to the growth of the game.  There must have been twenty people crowded into that little island area waiting for the kraken to appear – I actually felt bad for the kraken, he didn’t stand a chance…

Storm Kraken Fight

One response

  1. Victoria Dragonsong

    I’m glad to hear you are sticking with your goal of using starter gear. Good luck and thanks for the update.

    May 6, 2011 at 11:15 pm

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