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The Destiny Project, Week 8

Here we are at Week 8.  Destiny made level 16 this week, and than means VAMPIRE!  That was a welcome addition to my spellbook, especially in Krokotopia.  I needed to use Banshee to defeat a lot of the higher ranked enemies, and Banshee doesn’t give me any health back.  With Vampire, I can take out Nirini bosses and get most of my health back at the same time.

Destiny Gets Vampire

Destiny get Vampire!

So at Level 16 I am at 817 health, 47 mana, and 15% power pip chance.  With Vampire I sure do wish I had more power pips, but it’s not too bad.  I also have 5 training points – still haven’t used any – and 21,500 gold. Selling everything I get (aside from some housing items I put in shared storage) certainly makes me a lot of money without actively farming it.  Of course I don’t actually have anything to spend money on, but I’m curious how much I’ll earn as I work my way through the worlds of the Spiral.

My deck right now is set up very basic and straightforward.  Two pixies and three each of Death Trap, Death Blade, Ghoul, and Vampire.  For treasure cards I generally stack a few of whatever my main opponents are weak against – right now it’s mosly ice beetles and ghost touch, I think, as I’m in the Palace of Fire in Krokotopia.

Any tips or suggestions out there?  With only starter equipment I don’t have many options, but let me know if you’ve got any ideas or questions for me on this very interesting project.  Thanks!!

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