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Ditto Interviews Steve Spohn from AbleGamers at PAX East

I want to talk about this one. When I went to PAX East, I honestly had one main goal – to see or even meet Felicia Day. I’m a video blogger into gaming, so naturally I’m a huge fan and really respect how her work has helped to elevate internet media to the level is at today. So that was my PAX quest – sure, I wanted to see new games and meet cool people, but I didn’t have any plan beyond my quest for a brush with celebrity.

Well, leaving the main show floor on a search for pie, I came across a booth for The AbleGamers Foundation. I’ve known about them for quite a while of course – many people in the gaming community do – and I understood their mission, but I hadn’t really looked into it any more that, as I suspect most gamers hadn’t.

Fortunately for me, Steve Spohn, the Editor-In-Chief of AbleGamers.com, had a few minutes to speak to me about the foundation and their mission to help gamers with various physical challenges to get back into gaming – especially disabled children and veterans returning home from combat.

Interview Video

Steve was great to talk to, and I really have a huge amount of respect for his foundation and his mission. Most gamers might not think about it much or might even take it for granted, but just being able to log into your favorite game or virtual world and connect with friends or do a quest can dramatically improve the quality of life for gamers with physical challenges.

The AbleGamers Foundation is a non-profit foundation that serves anyone in need through direct person-to-person services, assistive technology grants, community support, and access to data. They help people afford expensive technology which allows them the ability to participate in gaming experiences that improve their overall quality of life. Through AbleGamers.com,they also provide the largest database of mainstream videogame titles, complete with reviews focused exclusively on the accessibility of a given title.

I’m really thankful that we got the chance to talk to Steve and his staff at the booth – I can honestly ay that this, more than any other event, was the highlight of my day, and made me really happy that I do what I do here at DittoMonster.com. AbleGamers is great organization, and I definitely encourage supporting them and making a donation if you can.

The interview is closed captioned, and I have also provided the complete transcript below:

Ditto: Hi everybody, it is the ditto, and I am sitting with Steve Spohn, who is the founder of the very excellent AbleGamers foundation. So Steve, would you like to talk a little bit about your foundation?

Steve: Absolutely. Well on Ablegamers we are a non-profit charity organization. We help disabled children and veterans returning from war to help them get into gaming again.

Ditto: That’s Awesome. And what kind of things do you do to help them?

Steve: We show them different controllers that they they can use when they have difficulties in life that they would need some help. So we enable them to get back into the video game by playing a different way than most people might.

Ditto: That’s really great. And do you find that the video games kind of help them to maybe re-integrate or just kind of connect with people more?

Steve: Oh absolutely, the social content in a game can bring to someone who doesn’t have any other way of reaching out is absolutely invaluable.

Ditto: That is really excellent. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Steve: I think that for anyone out there, if you have a loved one who has a difficult time playing or thinks that they can’t play because life has dealt them a difficult hand, I’d like to tell you that you can, and there are lots of places out there you can go, including our site, AbleGamers.com that can help you find a way to play.

Ditto: That is really excellent, thank you so much for your time Steve.

Steve: Thank you.

Ditto: Thanks Everybody!

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