Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Ditto Interviews Ichiro Lambe of Dejobaan Games – Monster Loves You

One of the things that Ditto likes to do at PAX East is to find cool new family friendly games among all the crazy stuff. As I was wandering through the crowd, a big green banner caught my eye with the words ‘Monster Loves You’ emblazoned across it. You see, it is VERY hard for a monster to find a good role model in most video games. Sure, there are some friendly monsters who will help you learn to count or tie your shoes, but MOST of the monsters out there are of the ‘under your bed with burning red eyes and long dripping fangs’ variety, and that’s just not fair.

Enter Dejobaan Games and ‘Monster Loves You‘, a really fun PC game that puts you in the skin of a real monster! You start as a young little monster and as you grow, you can choose what kind of monster you want to be – do you want to be brave? Ferocious? Friendly? Your actions in the game determine what kind of monster you are and how other monsters react to you. It’s a wonderfully fun concept and I love the game – the controls and gameplay are really straightforward and very easy to learn.

While looking at the game I had the incredibly good fortune of talking to the president and founder of Dejobaan Games, Ichiro Lambe. This was a great, fun interview and Ichiro was really passionate about his creation. Also, he was obviously pleased to get the thumbs up from the actual monster demographic related to his game, so that was fun too.

Monster Loves You

Monster Loves You

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