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New Post – Ditto at PAX East – The Videos!!

So far I’ve shown you a bit about what PAX East was like, through words and pictures. Miss Narrator and I also took a number of videos for you as well, to try an convey the scale and energy on the show floor. Here are the ones that I think came out the best…

For my ‘Posted from Pax’ videos with the remote camera, the awesome Friendly Necromancer actually compiled them all on a page on his website, which was awesome, so go ahead and check them out on Friendly’s site if you haven’t yet.

This video was shot just after we got to PAX and had stopped in at the KingsIsle booth. You can see the Magic the Gathering booth behind me.

I got to try a mech!! Ok, not a ‘real’ mech, but it was still awesome – there was a video screen inside so you could see the crowd even with the cockpit closed. So exciting!!

A video from high up on the Sky Bridge over the show floor. Miss Narrator wanted me to do a long segment there, because you have to admit, it looked really cool, but she wasn’t the one hanging precariously over the edge, and monsters are very afraid of heights, so thirty seconds was about the best I could do…

I will be the first to admit that this was not the best idea I had all day. I was having a hard time really conveying the sheer size and scale of PAX East, because I am a small furry monster and it was a REALLY big show. SO I had the idea to carry the camera on my own shoulder and walk around the show floor, giving you a sort of ‘Dittos Eye View’ of PAX East. If you get motion sickness easily you should probably avoid this video, that’s all I’m going to say…

So those are the videos I’ve got from the show floor, I hope you enjoyed them and that they gave you a little more insight into the massive event that was PAX East!

Thanks for watching and keep playing safe!!

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