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Missing Ditto Monster – Episode 1

Recently, Ditto’s fans have been asking about him, about where he is, and what he’s up to lately… Well, we aren’t sure, exactly. You see, Ditto the Monster is kind of… missing. But don’t worry – Chip and Carl the Camera-bear are on the case and searching for him!

Chip and Carl will interview Ditto’s friends and some of his online pals and search high and low to find their furry friend!

If you miss Ditto too, let us know – tell us if you’re looking for him too, and if you’ve seen him. Let him know you miss his videos.



Ditto is still having fun with Asheron’s Call

So Ditto is still playing ‘Asheron’s Call’ a bit – it’s challenging, playing an MMORPG that started 17 years ago!  There are a lot of things we kind of take for granted in modern online games that just don’t exist in Asheron’s Call, like quest guides and such…  Today I just ran across the world in a random direction – no portals, no loading screens, just open landscape, mountains, rivers, and the occasional strange monster who wants to eat me; why do they always want to eat me?


I did find a town and talked to some folks, got to know the vendors, etc… – for such an old game, most people are very high level and I just made level 6, but the areas closest to the town seem appropriate to lower levels, so I didn’t get eaten (though it was close, I’ll admit).

So are my fans interested in more of this exploration?   Do people want to see more old-school gaming in Asheron’s Call on a regular basis?  Or should I just stick to Wizard101 and Pirate101 and do more adventuring there?  I’m looking forward to getting feedback, what do my fans want to see more of?  Let me know!

New Gameplay Video – Ditto plays Asheron’s Call! Old School Gaming Fun!

Ditto takes a ride in the wayback machine and plays an MMORPG that got started on November 2, 1999!!  I’m pretty sure I’ve got fans and followers that weren’t even born when this game came out!

So this This is the very interesting character creation system, with a lot of very detailed character creation choices that feel more like old-school tabletop RPG character creation than a modern game, which was cool.  This also has the first half of the game intro tutorial and that’s a lot of fun too…  I have to say, this game is still pretty great, even though it’s been around for close to 20 years!!

Ditto’s been a busy (pocket) Monster… #PokemonGO

So I know it has been a while since Ditto posted.  First we had vacation, and now I’ll just be honest – the weather has been so perfect, I’ve been outside swimming and riding my bike and, lately, having fun with a whole new kind of game…



Ditto explores Darkmoor Manor from the Witch Hunters’ Pack! #wizard101

Your friendly neighborhood Ditto Monster jumps on with his Necromancer alt to explore the new Witch Hunter’s bundle with cool new armor and an a AWESOME mount – a coffin hot-rod!  Also there is the amazing and spooky Darkmoor Manor!! It’s creepy fun and I’m pretty sure this is the first time my Necro has made an appearance in a video… 

The bundle is available now!  Witch Hunters Bundle 

Something is coming to Wizard1o1 – but what is it?? Exclusive Teaser!!

So if you have seen the most recent WIzard101 Newsletter, you’ll know that there’s something new coming, and we got a small tease…   Well, Ditto has ANOTHER tease to share, and Ditto figured out what it is… It is clearly ‘Krokotopia 2 – Electric Boogaloo’….   Makes sense, right?  And then the next world will me ‘Marleybone 3 – More Fast, More Furious’ and then ‘Mooshu – Age of Ultron’…  Can’t wait for the big boss fight there!!

Anyway – here is Ditto’s new teaser image – you can decide if I’m on the right track or not:

teaser image


Ditto is sorry he hasn’t been posting too much lately – it’s a work thing, real life getting in the way of fun Wizard101 life, but I’ll be back posting and streaming really soon, don’t you worry!!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Twas the Night Before Christmas by Ditto!

This is becoming a bit of a yearly tradition – here is Ditto reciting the whole poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’!!  Ditto wants to thank all his friends and fans throughout the year, it is so wonderful to have you all supporting Ditto and his friends!