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Captain Ditto faces down deadly Samoorai in Pirate101

Captain Ditto and crew are doing favors for the Yakooza, and now they need to face down deadly Samoorai!  Hey, guess what – Samoorai are TOUGH!  Like, REALLY tough.  They have these archer guys who seem to fire about a hundred shots per round, they’re crazy fast!  Ditto is not a fan…

Ditto Builds a flying ‘boat’ in Azteca…

So Ditto has been hanging out in Azteca and to get to this spooky island, he needs to build a special magical flying boat.  Well once Ditto gathers the magic stuff and captures ‘the three winds’ (which was HARD!)  he bangs a drum and makes a magic boat!  Of course, to call this a ‘boat’ is stretching things – it’s a log that kind of glows and maybe floats on the winds?  It’s terrifying, in any case…

Captain Ditto’s Further Adventures in Mooshu – Lotus Blossom Wreck

Captain Ditto is settling into life in Mooshu and searches a wrecked ship for an Imperial Jade statue…  There’s a panda, and a storyline about noodles, and all kinds of cool stuff – it’s really neat!

Ditto begins his adventures in Azteca!!

First, With Spiral Key in hand, Ditto makes his way to the amazing lost world of Azteca!! Of course as soon as he makes it there, he gets in a fight…. Typical Ditto.


Happy Thanksgiving from Ditto and Friends!!

Ditto wishes all his friends and fans and family a very happy and safe Thanksgiving, and hopes you have a great day!!

Captain Ditto saves a weasel and does some trainin’ in Pirate101

The life of a Swashbuckler isn’t always daring ship battles and thrilling heroics – to be a good captain one must make sure their crew is well trained. Trained and fully supplied with yum, of course.  Here, Captain Ditto saves a weasel gambler and then trains up some crew members – fun fun fun!

Ditto’s Wizard101 Fishy Contest Winners!!

Here they are, the winners to Ditto’s ‘Fishing with Ditto’ contest!  There were a TON of fun, creative entries – I love how talented all my fans are, and this contest was so much fun to judge!  So anyway – here are the winning entries!  I’m showing the entries for the top six – the First Place and Second place winners, and then listing the names of the randomly drawn runners-up.


Ditto the Monster does the ALS #IceBucketChallenge

Donate to http://alsa.org

So Ditto has been challenged to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by the Light family, who did a really great job with their Ice Bucket challenge, and so Ditto has to do it too.  However, since Ditto likes to both educate AND entertain, I did some research with the ALS Association and found out some information about this disease.

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects the function of nerves and muscles – It can affect speech and movement, and it keeps getting worse the longer you have it.   ALS occurs throughout the world, with no racial, ethnic, or economic boundaries, and lots more work is needed to determine what genetics and/or environmental factors contribute to developing ALS (more…)

Captain Ditto settles the score and starts oh his dream quest thingy in Pirate101

Captain Ditto has the fancy magic hat from Brother Owl, and head to meet Raven Eyes in Bison Village.  That, of course, kicks off another ‘dream quest’ that will certainly lead to more thrilling adventure… or something.

Ditto Explores the new Spiral Cup Gauntlet in Wizard101!

So Wizard101 just announced the new ‘Spiral Cup Gauntlet’ card, available at Target, and Ditto just happens to have a Target right down the street, so here it is – Ditto explores the new Spiral Cup stuff, including the very weird and cool ‘Tanglewood’ mount, the ADORABLE Baby Pegasus pet, some really cool clothes, and the even more cool ‘Mystical Tome’ casting tool (Can’t really call it a wand, right?), plus a quick (and horrilby unsuccessful) look at the ‘Pigswick Fountain’ dungeon.
Gear is available up to level 100 – but Ditto is still only level 77, so he didn’t get the top end stuff.  I’m sure it’s awesome!


I do like the Tanglewood Vine mount – I wasn’t sure at first, I’ll admit, because it’s really different, unlike any mount I’ve ever had (in any game, really), but once I watched it a bit, it really grew on me (no pun intended… OK, maybe intended a little bit.)  I love the animation and it’s jut so different – it’s really cool.  I’m definitely a fan.  Of course the Baby Pegasus pet is just mind numbingly cute, it’s so squeeee!

Ditto is going on vacation!

Well, it’s that time of year – school is out and Ditto, Miss Narrator, Chip and Carl are all going on vacation!!  Miss Narrator says we are going someplace tropical and fun, and Ditto cannot WAIT!  So Ditto won’t be posting while we are away, since ‘tropical and sunny’ tends to not have internet access (and really, if we’re being tropical and sunny, why would we want to be on the internet??)  So until our return, always remember to play safe and have fun!!!

Tropical and Sunny!

Tropical and Sunny!

Boss Fight Video – Ditto versus the Dark Night in Avalon!

It’s Boss Fight time again, and this one is a doozy…. Ditto faces the dreaded Dark Night!  And he’s just a cute little Marleybone doggy, he’s kind of cute!  He’s a 12,500 health Death boss, so Ditto grabs a Life henchman to help out.
This fight is a LONG one, and it’s touch and go a few times – it’s a really good fight, definitely.  I think if I’m going to be facing these massive bosses more often I need a new spell that packs some extra punch!

Captain Ditto delivers hornet stingers to Doctor Coop

Ditto has collected the wasp stingers and delivers them to Doctor Coop, who… takes them and says thank you.  So, the video has Ditto going through his character and talking about the game too, just kind of chatting about stuff…


An interesting note to this quest – ‘Doctor Coop’ is probably a reference to a former US Surgeon General C Everett Koop, who I actually met once, a long time ago…  I always loved his beard.  It takes a special kind of guy to sport a beard like that.

Ditto gets a postcard from Afghanistan!

A few months ago, Ditto held a contest and asked people to send letters to the troops with Operation Gratitude.  Well, Ditto got a wonderful postcard all the way from Afghanistan today!  A soldier, SPC Young from the 489th Eng. Battalion in Afghanistan, sent Ditto a wonderful postcard that has ‘The Faces of Afghanistan’, wonderful pictures of kids from all over Afghanistan.  The postcard says that Children in Afghanistan wear colorful clothes as many of them prepare for their first experience going to school!


Postcard from Afghanistan!

Postcard from Afghanistan!

Captain Ditto is hunting hornet stingers in Pirate101

Captain Ditto and Crew need to hunt down hornet stingers for a potion, and of COURSE, the hornets are huge and terrifying… Ditto and crew face down a swarm of giant wasps – I’ll admit, it kind of freaks me out a bit.

Of course Ditto was glad that giant hornets like this couldn’t possibly exist… Until Miss Narrator pointed out the Giant Chinese Hornet. It’s ok… Ditto did not need to sleep ever again.


Ditto fights HobGoblins in Caer Lyon

Ditto is back in Wizard101 and have to fight nasty little HobGoblins to recover some stuff for some guy… Ditto doesn’t remember who, honestly – he should play more.

So after several big fights, Ditto recovers the armor and returns it to Steward Kay, only to be told it’s too dirty and needs to be refurbished… like that’s MY fault!

Ditto playing the ‘Broken Age’ intro

So, Ditto has been paying an interesting game lately, called’ Broken Age‘ from Double Fine Adventures.  for anyone who doesn’t know, Double Fine made big news a while back as one of the first really big ‘Kickstarter’ stories, a game asking for $400,000 in funding that was able to get over 3 million pledged through Kickstarter.  Ditto was one of those 87,142 backers and he finally has the game and has been playing it, and wants to show you a little bit of how it looks.
This video is basically the introduction – the controls are very simple, and at first it looks like the ‘adventures’ are very simple and risk-free… but not everything is as it seems, and your character soon realizes they are in the middle of quite the mystery…  It’s pretty fascinating, and it looks great – I’ll post more about it as I progress through the game.  I hope you enjoy!

Ditto finishes WinterTusk!

Ditto really wanted to get some more videos in WinterTusk, because it was a GREAT world and the quests and mythology were wonderful, but I’ve had trouble getting time to record videos lately and I really wanted to get through to the end – I was very wrapped up in the story!

I finally beat the Coven and all their naughtiness and once again saved a world in The Spiral, ensuring the great frost giant Ymir remained asleep!  What a great story!

Ditto with Ymir the Frost Giant, sleeping soundly!

Ditto with Ymir the Frost Giant, sleeping soundly!

Finishing the story was great, but getting there was an amazing ride, too!  The Coven wants to awaken Ymir, the frost giant – a VERY big guy – and basically end the world.  To stop him, Ditto needed to travel the different realms in WinterTusk and win golden seals, get dragon’s teeth, brew potions, and my favorite – mystically transform into a raven to sneak through a dragon skull gate!!

Ditto disguised as a raven inside the Dragon Gate!

Ditto disguised as a raven inside the Dragon Gate!

Overall it was a great, fun time, and a wonderful storyline that was really engaging! If you haven’t done WinterTusk I highly recommend it!!

Ditto’s Christmas Surprise! Pirate101

When Ditto came downstairs this morning there was a big present right in the middle of the floor, and it said ‘To Ditto’ on the tag…

A present for Ditto?

A present for Ditto?


Ditto and Friends face Mirror Lake – Part 4!!

Now it’s getting intense!   After defeating the Zafarian Ghost bosses, Ditto, along with Destiny Shadowheart, Duncan Stormthief, and Lindsey Goldengrove, follow Morganthe through her swirling green portal thingy!  The team lands in the middle of a swarm of Goliath Bruisers, huge boss bugs with an axe to grind – you should SEE the spells that get thrown around here!  WOW!  The team bands together to defeat the bruisers and continue the quest!


Ditto versus Kallah Silverback in the Drum Jungle!

Ditto has collected spell components, plus the mystical ‘Thunder’ and ‘Lightening’ weapons and got over the spider bridge, and now must face the boss Kallah Silverback and battle for the jeweled eye that opens the gates to the mysterious Elephant Graveyard!

Poll – New Daring Adventures – what do you think?

So now that SpiralRadio101 has launched, Ditto and Miss Narrator are working on new Daring Adventures to fin in with the new combined theme of the show. Ditto’s idea is ‘Spiral Wars’ – a thrilling and mostly silly merging of classic Star Wars and The Spiral! Think of it – Krokotopia as Tattoine, Nordrilund as Hoth, fierce Skyways battles against the Armada! Well, I think it would be pretty cool… but I’m just a furry monster who is also a big star wars fan. Anyway – this is a poll of a few different options, because we want to make sure everyone is liking the show, all that good stuff… If you’ve got other ideas for us, feel free to post those in the replies here too… We’ll collect answers for about a week, then we’ll figure out what the next episode will be.

Apologies to the Fashion Contest winners…

So after the third if fourth confused email from a winner of the Fashion contest, I looked at the original post for the contest and I realized what happened; I’d like to apologize for the confusion.

Each winner of the contest won a random prize code that would grant them EITHER a hairstyle, an amulet, or crowns – not all three. I realize now that the original contest page did not state that each person won a single random prize – while it doesn’t specifically say you would win all three, I can definitely see how you could assume that was the case.

Again – apologies to all the winners who were confused and feel they didn’t get the full prize – everyone who won did, in fact, get the full prize of either an amulet, a hairstyle, or crowns. Thanks again to all who entered, and I promise I’ll be much more clear in future contests.

Ditto P. Monster

Ditto is interested in Fashion!!! Wizard101 Contest!

Ditto is finally ready to reveal his September contest – the prizes are hair styles and shiny amulets, so this contests is all about fashion!!

So what’s the contest?  I want you to color or otherwise modify a picture of Ditto showing him with a funny hairstyle, or wearing an amulet, or any other fashion accessory you can think of.  You can start with the sample coloring picture below, or create your own masterpiece – it’s totally up to you!!   Send the picture as an attachment to dittocontest@gmail.com with the subject ‘Fashion Contest’, between now and Saturday, September 28th at midnight EST, and I will randomly choose  winners on Sunday, September 29th.  Don’t forget to include your wizard name, and remember, only one entry per person please – let’s keep it fair!  I will post all the winners in a special gallery here, too, so make sure your picture of Ditto is fun and creative!

Ditto Fashion Contest Starter Picture

Ditto Fashion Contest Starter Picture

So what are the prizes?  Well they’re pretty awesome!


Codes redeem for two random hairstyles from the following list:  Kestrel, Owl, Martlet, Housemartin, Swan, Cha-Cha, Tango, Swing, Foxtrot, Rumba.


Codes redeem for one random Mastery Amulet, PLUS a chance at one random Exalted Amulet.

Codes redeem for one random value of Crowns from the following list:
50, 150, 500, 550, 1500, 5000, 5500
These Crowns cannot be transferred between accounts within a family of accounts.

As usual, Each code can only be used once and each account can only redeem a maximum of three codes from this promotion.  The codes can be redeemed at http://www.wizard101.com/promo and will only work on the KingsIsle versions of Wizard101. (not Gameforge or Taomee)

And to start if off, I’ll include my own entry here, to help inspire you – here’s me with a new haircut and a great lunar amulet!!

Ditto Fashion Fun

Ditto Fashion Fun

As always – good luck, play safe, and have fun!!!