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Ditto Explores the new Spiral Cup Gauntlet in Wizard101!

So Wizard101 just announced the new ‘Spiral Cup Gauntlet’ card, available at Target, and Ditto just happens to have a Target right down the street, so here it is – Ditto explores the new Spiral Cup stuff, including the very weird and cool ‘Tanglewood’ mount, the ADORABLE Baby Pegasus pet, some really cool clothes, and the even more cool ‘Mystical Tome’ casting tool (Can’t really call it a wand, right?), plus a quick (and horrilby unsuccessful) look at the ‘Pigswick Fountain’ dungeon.
Gear is available up to level 100 – but Ditto is still only level 77, so he didn’t get the top end stuff.  I’m sure it’s awesome!


I do like the Tanglewood Vine mount – I wasn’t sure at first, I’ll admit, because it’s really different, unlike any mount I’ve ever had (in any game, really), but once I watched it a bit, it really grew on me (no pun intended… OK, maybe intended a little bit.)  I love the animation and it’s jut so different – it’s really cool.  I’m definitely a fan.  Of course the Baby Pegasus pet is just mind numbingly cute, it’s so squeeee!

One response

  1. Chrissy The Blesser

    Great stuff Ditto and you are such a master of good gamesmanship. I laughed when I saw you going in alone. I did the same thing and got my tush handed to me. Then my Brother, a master of balance went in with me and we got sweet revenge although we did each die at least once but thankfully not at the same time.

    Your poor mount is not trying to take a swipe at you, it is giving you a High Five, lol.

    The Pegasus Pony? Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee Just adorable ❤

    July 13, 2014 at 3:35 am

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