Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Poll – New Daring Adventures – what do you think?

So now that SpiralRadio101 has launched, Ditto and Miss Narrator are working on new Daring Adventures to fin in with the new combined theme of the show. Ditto’s idea is ‘Spiral Wars’ – a thrilling and mostly silly merging of classic Star Wars and The Spiral! Think of it – Krokotopia as Tattoine, Nordrilund as Hoth, fierce Skyways battles against the Armada! Well, I think it would be pretty cool… but I’m just a furry monster who is also a big star wars fan. Anyway – this is a poll of a few different options, because we want to make sure everyone is liking the show, all that good stuff… If you’ve got other ideas for us, feel free to post those in the replies here too… We’ll collect answers for about a week, then we’ll figure out what the next episode will be.

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