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Ditto’s Christmas Surprise! Pirate101

When Ditto came downstairs this morning there was a big present right in the middle of the floor, and it said ‘To Ditto’ on the tag…

A present for Ditto?

A present for Ditto?

And when I read the tag, it said it was from Captain Avery!!! (The pirate, not the community relations one…) How cool is that – Captain Avery himself got Ditto a present!!

It's From Captain Avery!

It’s From Captain Avery!

Captain Avery must be giving Ditto a nice present for all the awesome Pirating Ditto has been doing for him!  It’s good to be appreciated like that – Ditto can’t wait to see what’s in it!!

A box!

A box!

Ooh, a box full of tissue paper!

Ooh, a box full of tissue paper!

A box full of tissue paper!!  How cool is that!!  Dito loves tissue paper – it’s a fury monster thing, just got with it.  But wait – it seems like there’s something moving under all the tissue paper!  What could it be?

This is strange - it almost looks like tentacles?

This is strange – it almost looks like tentacles?

How strange – it almost looks like tentacles?  Did Captain Avery get me some calamari?  He should know, I prefer my calamari cooked…

Aw how cute - he's like a little Pirate octopus!

Aw how cute – he’s like a little Pirate octopus!

Oh, look how cute – it’s a little Pirate octopus! How adorable – I’ll bet he’s like a little pet for me!  He’s got a cute little pirate bandana and an eye patch!  So adorable!!  I think I’ll name him –

Pirate Octopus Attacks!

Pirate Octopus Attacks!

Oh no, I think te’s attacking me!  His tentacles are everywhere – oh my, I’m not sure I like this gift!!  Ahhh – he’s got me, Oh dear, what am I going to do?  Eeeek!!!

Octopus Attack!

Octopus Cuddles!

Oh wait – I think he’s just trying to cuddle… I hope he’s trying to cuddle, anyway, since I can’t actually get up.  I think I’ll name him Cuddles – yes, Cuddles the pirate octopus.  That’s a great name, right.  Please do not eat Ditto, little Cuddles….

One response

  1. Anne Radcliffe

    O Ditto, that was so cute and so very funny! Lovely comic writing and photos. Cuddles the Octopus indeed!

    December 26, 2013 at 2:17 pm

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