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Ditto is an Outlaw!!  Back in Wizard101

It’s me, Ditto the Monster, back in Wizard101! Wow, this was a tough video to make, because the morning I was setting up to make it, my computer crashed, hard, likely due to a bad Windows update. It took me all day and into the next day to get it fixed, and in the end I had to re-install Windows, which meant I had to re-install all my software, including Wizard101 and my game recording / streaming software. OF COURSE once I got that installed, it would no longer work, so I fought with that for a while, then finally just decided to get something new and configure that, which did, finally, work! 
So here it is – Ditto is now an outlaw! I’ve got the house, the cool green outfit, the bow, and I even get to ride a fox! It’s a nice set and a lot of fun – I did some fishing in my little forest stream after the video ended, that was cool too! I think Fishing might be too boring for gameplay videos, but it’s so relaxing…

Let me know what you think about the new video and tell me what you want to see in the future too – I’m all about communicating with my wonderful fans, so comment or send me a tweet or whatever… I’m looking forward to doing lots more here, now that I’m back! (And MAYBE I’ll be able to run some contests again soon, too!)   

A Very Exciting World!

I was looking around in Wizard City and was really amazed by all the people there, flying on brooms or dragons, casting spells, or showing off their pets. I definitely know I want a pet!! And some day maybe a dragon! I can’t believe how alive and exciting the world is! I do hope there are other Fabricated Americans playing the game and that we can meet up!

I haven’t really started questing yet, I’m still learning my way through the halls of Ravenwood school. I am in the Fire School (so excited about that!) but I guess I need to choose a second school – not sure what will be best there? Anyone have any suggestions?

One last thing – outside of the game I am finding a HUGE number of fun Wizard 101 sites and fan pages that I’m starting to follow, sites like Diary of a Wizard and Mythspent Youth are great to read, thanks for making them!