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April Fools Day at KingsIsle!

OK, so Ditto did not have time to put together anything fun or cool for April Fools (though if you listen to Spiral Radio 101 tonight you’ll hear something from Ditto…. Just saying…)  but the fine folks at KingsIsle have outdone themselves with April Foolishness!

First up is my favorite thing ever!!   It’s a behind the scenes video from KingsIsle, letting us know how poor old Malistaire Drake is doing in retirement…  It’s hilarious!!

There’s also one of the silliest mounts I’ve ever seen –  Wonky The Donkey!!  It’s available in both Wizard101 and Pirate101! I don’t have a picture yet, but I’ll post that soon – I’ve already seen some great pictures and it is hilarious!!

Finally, there is a rumor that a new April Fools fish is swimming around in Wizard101 – I’d love to cath one of those!!

There are so many other great April Fool gags out there, but who cares about those – KingsIsle’s are the best!

See you in the Spiral!!

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