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Captain Ditto’s Halloween Pirate Contest Winners!!

Ah, another Halloween has come and gone and all we have left is a huge pile of candy wrappers, and the winners from Ditto’s fun Pirate101 Halloween contest!!   That’s right, Ditto asked everyone for their favorite part of Halloween and wow did you deliver!  I got some great entries, and here are the winners!

Witty Arthur Norrington – My favorite part ’bout Halloween are the costumes. They always go crazy when I wear my Zombie Pirate outfit. I always love to see the terrified look in those kid’s faces.

Unfair Alexander Mumford – I hope you are enjoying Halloween in Pirate101 as I do! You asked what is my favourite part of Halloween? Well, it’s really hard to choose from such many options but I think if somebody else asked me that I would definitely say the new pets! Why? Since morphing came to Pirate101 I couldn’t stop trying to get new pets by morping the ones I already had in my backpack. There are so much combinations and possible pets to get, that it’s an endless way of having fun for me! Though, I still haven’t got the Octoberpus pet yet, I hope I will morphe it on some way and train to level 65 as the rest of my babies.

Bloody Griffin Bowman -Avast me harrrdies what be happening? Let me be telling ye a  about my favorite thing about Halloween.  Start by making ye way below to Madame Vadima’s and pull ye up a seat on some o’ her tharrr throw pillows. Tis the hour fer th’ spooky  ruckas to began. Be sure to grab yeself a large tankard o’ YumNAid fer the ghost stories ’bout to start. With the cauldron a boilin’ and casting spooky light, quite a spell can be cast all arrround ye. Stories ‘o pirates who wharrr here long ago, their stories o’ plunder n’ o’ adventure. Now be the hour to share the spookiest o’ all. Tales  o’ haunted ships, ‘n farrr off spooky lands. Spy wit’ ye eye what scurvy pirate buckos yell out in fear first, ‘n what ones gunna remember or make up th’ best stories. So come ‘n gather pirates tellin’ tales on ’tis haunted nightfall. 

Merciful Rowan Silver – Arrr me name is Merciful Rowan Silver, ‘n  hazard a guess  what the hour it be? Arr, ye be  right ’tis Halloween at th’ Spiral. Halloween happens to be me extra favorite shore leave. Me favorite part ’bout Halloween be settin’ up a spine tin’lin’ celebration, to share wit’ ‘n give a go’ spook fellow band ‘o pirates.

Then it was off to th’ Bazaar wit’ meself , to part wit’ thin’s not needed, ‘n look fer spooky thin’s to decorate not just me bunkhouse, but me ship cabin as well. Arrr me got pumpkins, furniture ‘n more Off to th’ crown shop ‘n get some ‘o th’ new Halloween items, th’ cobwebs, pumpkins, banners ‘n th’ Arrr rugs.
Then it was the hour to decorate me places, to  go’ ‘n make them as spooky. After gettin’ both places set up, it was the hour to get ready to throw a parrrty. That means, got to get refreshments. So th’ lovely booty I set out meself be as follows:
Fish Finger cut out into spooky shapes.
A huge Molten Lava Cake that really erupts
Fortune cookies, wit’ special Halloween messages
Eye Candy that look ‘n feel like real eyes
Dark S’moors they ooze out red mash-mellows
Sugar Skulls spooky but so sweet
Some Monster Island Mochis  these drinks be quite a scream ‘n ‘o course plenty
and of course plenty of Yum n Aid ‘n bowls of candy
Songs gunna include, but not be limited to,  Spiral Mash, Purple Pirate Eater, tARRiller,  and Escape from DarkMoor.
Wow that took longer then I thought it would, it is the hour to get into costume, meself gunna be goin’ as one ‘o th’ scariest women known to th’ Spiral, Morganthe. Let me be tellin’ ye gettin’ myself into her outfit took some work around the sails to be sure. ‘n me hair might never be th’ same again. How does she walk in ’tis outfit, let alone sword fight? But it was worth it, i reckon I look just like her now. Perfect fer Halloween.
Addin’ some ship games, ‘n ‘o course a couple Gobbler Pinatas. Ok everythin’ looks great ‘n ready to be off. How ’bout ye scurvy scalawags join in, come dance, sin’, put grub in me gullet, fight games ‘n be sure to dress up. Cause celebratin’ wit’ other band ‘o pirates be th’ Best part ‘o any shore leave season. Bein’ able to scare  pirates, be tellin’ stories that gunna chill ye to th’ bone, ‘n play silly scalawag pranks just makes it more arrresome.
Clever Lucas Percy – i normally like to eat candied chocolate dipped yum
Lazy Jack – He loves to run around yelling “Yo ho Yo ho, A pirate’s Halloween for me” and dressing up as close as he can to match Jack Sparrows appearance
Thanks to all who entered, I loved reading through all your entries!! As always, have fun and play safe!!

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  1. Chrissy The Blesser

    Really creative and thoughtful entries. Well done Pirates 😀

    November 2, 2015 at 12:54 pm

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