Ditto the Monster looks at the world of family friendly online games from a Fabricated American perspective

Ditto’s been a busy (pocket) Monster… #PokemonGO

So I know it has been a while since Ditto posted.  First we had vacation, and now I’ll just be honest – the weather has been so perfect, I’ve been outside swimming and riding my bike and, lately, having fun with a whole new kind of game…


That’s right – Ditto is one of the many, many people out there playing the new PokemonGO augmented reality game, and it is FUN!  Since Ditto is a monster, he’s always had a soft spot for monsters, so this is such a great game to play!  I probably can’t stream it, but I’ll try to keep people updated on the blog here.  So far, I’m level 11 and today I got to help take over a gym! I’ve been doing great so far, catching lots of Pokémon and having some success in gym battles, as you can see!

Some early tips  that I’ve found – evolving any Pokémon will give you 500xp, and if you’re running with a luck egg that’s 1000xp, so don’t turn in those low level Weedles and Pidgeys and Rattatas – save them up and evolve them for low candy numbers and get maximum xp.  Also, as long as it’s safe, explore!  Ditto has found a lot of new places in his own town thanks to Pokestops and Gyms!

So Ditto is still here, and will be getting back online streaming soon – but might have to wait for a rainy day….   Like I said, the weather has been so perfect!  But I’ll try to keep folks up to date on my Pokémon adventures – what kind of things would people like hear about my Pokémon adventures?

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