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Introducing… Jasmine!!

So things have been pretty quite on Ditto’s blog lately, and there is a reason for that… Not long ago, Miss Narrator heard about a kitty who needed some help.  She lived with a family, her and her son, for a couple years, but then for some reason her family gave her and her son up.  Not only that, but her son (who was still more or less a kitten) was adopted out right away, so her last connection to her old, safe life was gone and she was all alone.

Of course her name was Jasmine, just like my long time Wizard101 pet Madame Jasmine, so it was like it was meant to be!  How could we resist?

The Lovely Jasmine!!

The Lovely Jasmine!!

She has some trust issues, obviously – we’re slowly integrating her into the household.  Phil seems fine, Floofy seems somewhat afraid of her, and Samantha is trying to assert her dominance – but it’s nothing patience, plus some kitty treats and belly pets can’t solve!

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