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New Contest – It’s a Pirate101 Birthday Celebration!!!

Well it’s Party Time in Pirate101!!  Can you believe it’s been a year already?  And what a year it has been!  New islands, housing, PVP, Henchmen, and more ships than you can shake a sword at!!  It’s VERY exciting, Ditto has had so much fun, and he cannot WAIT to see what’s coming next!!

To celebrate this very special occasion Ditto is having a brand new contest, with some great, Halloween-themed prizes!!  For this contest, I want you to tell me your favorite Pirate101 memory!  Was it your first character, your first big quest, getting a friend into the game, or maybe getting your first ship and getting out onto the skyways?  Send me an email at dittopirate@gmail.com with the subject ‘Pirate101 Memories‘ and tell me your favorite memory.  Please keep it to around a paragraph (I DO have to read them all) and make sure to include your pirate name!  The contest runs from now until Friday, October 25th at midnight EST, and prizes will be awarded during that weekend (Probably Saturday, but no promises).

So what are these awesome prizes?  Well check this out:

Captain Blood!!

Captain Blood!!

Grand Prize*:  Captain Blood’s Jacket, Captain Blood’s Hook, and 10k Crowns  (1 winner, chosen by Ditto)

Second Place Prize*:  Captain Blood’s Hook and 5k Crowns (3 Winners, Chosen by Ditto)

Additional Prizes (Multiple, Random Draw):  2.5K crowns and Companion Training Tomes

*Note, players must be at least level 35 to use Captain Blood’s items.

So as you can see, we’ve got some pretty great prizes.  I also want to make it clear, I will be choosing my favorite entries for the top prizes, and all other prizes will be my standard random draw.

What am I looking for in a winner?  I want a real story about you and your game experience in Pirate 101, something that describes the joy and wonder of discovery, friendship, triumph, or exploration.  Something that will make people smile and either say ‘yeah, I remember that’ or ‘Oooh, I want to do that too’…  Also, for the top winners, spelling and grammar will count, at least to some extent.  I won’t disqualify you for using a comma instead of a semi-colon, but if I can’t read it or clearly understand the experience you’re trying to convey, the odds will not be in your favor.

As always, I only want one entry per person, and all winners will be notified by email.  Top winners’ entries will also be shared here on my website for everyone to enjoy.  Ditto’s decisions on the winners is final, so let’s all be good sports about it.  Also, if you’re under 13, please make sure you have your parent’s permission to enter, thanks.

Good luck everyone, and remember – play safe!!!

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