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More House-A-Palooza contest winners!!

Since a few people have asked, here’s the list of additional House-A-Palooza winners – each of these winners got a code for a random teleport tapestry – those are so fun!  Here are the winners, who have already been notified via email.

Brandon StarShield
Mark Shadow Blade
Katie NightGiver
Jasmine Dragonheart
Tara WillowBreeze
Nicole IceCloud
Duncan StormThief
Hannah Fairyheart
Evan Shadow
Abigail Firegem
hunter mytheyes
Zachary Dreamsword
Justin Moonrider
Fallon Ravenshade
Alexander EarthBlood
Ashley RoseTamer
Haley EarthCloud
Kane Deathwalker
Steven Rosetail
Jordan Giver
Vanessa Mythdust
Daniel DragonDreamer

One response

  1. Thanks :D! I was one of the winners hehe! I just asked because I kept checking my email and was unsure if I either didn’t win or did win and you hadn’t sent out prizes yet!! But thanks Ditto!! 🙂

    August 29, 2013 at 3:55 am

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