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Contest Winners for ‘My Favorite Pirate101 memory’ – Pirate101 Birthday contest!

So here they are, the winners for Ditto’s ‘Favorite Pirate101 Memory‘ contest!!  As I said in the contest, the grand prize winner and three second place winners are chosen by me and are shared below, and the rest of the prizes will be given out by random draw.  Thanks to everyone who entered, there were some truly great memories here, and picking the winners was VERY hard!!

Grand Prize (Winning Captain Blood’s Jacket, Captain Blood’s Hook, and 10k Crowns)

Sneaky Kevin Newell – (I chose this one because it teaches an important lesson – that even when we lose we can still learn something important and have fun! – Ditto)   My favorite memory on Pirate101 was the first time I was defeated in combat. It was during Beta in Skull Mountain and I was still unsure of how the game worked so I walked right into a group of Troggies after I had just finished a battle with them. My health was low so my Bonnie and I were defeated very quick… you may be wondering why this is my favorite memory – who would want to remember when they were first defeated? You can’t really know strong without knowing weak, and you can’t have an end without a beginning. To me, it’s a way of evaluating how much I improved over the course of the game. I also see it as the beginning of my pirate’s journey through my adventures and how difficult it was. Now, I can tell that I’m much stronger and I’m getting better at pirating… I may not be the best, but we all improve at our own pace and my quest is just beginning. Now that I see that I can do better, it gives me a motivation to do better.

Second Place winners (Captain Blood’s Hook and 5k Crowns)

Sly Steven Stern –    In our daily lives, bullying is a very common practice and issue. For about four years of my life, I was constantly taunted and jeered, and I always felt abandoned, miserable, and lonely. During that time period I was introduced to the phenomenal MMO Wizard101, and soon afterward, a new equally captivating and addicting game appeared, Pirate101. My favorite memory of Pirate101 was when I was simply venturing and battling Troggies, when another online user asked to be my friend, and at the time, I was only Level 4. Full of ecstasy and thrilled, I was surprised that anyone would be so enthusiastic to meet someone else they had never known before, and rapidly accepted the request. This was the first time that someone had ever asked to be my friend, including in real life. Although I have no clue about this person’s age, background, or their personality, many new doors opened for me that day. Currently, I still battle and quest with my reliable online friend, and I have come to depend on him, and vice versa. I now have trustworthy friends, and many more online, and I will certainly treasure and continue this amazing experience for many years to come.

Two-Faced Anne – My pirates name is Two-Faced Anne and one of my many favorite memories happen when I finally got a Pennyfarthing Mount. I just loved it! I felt like I a kid in the candy store. I would go zipping along the streets of Marleybone without a care in the world. I remember trying all sorts of tricks on it … like making a tight turn so my leg would stick out for balance or hitting the space bar so both of my legs would go flying out! Oh and when you remained stationary for a bit of time it would do a little bouncy, sputtery sort of jiggy thing … what a hoot. Some of the newness has faded but is still my favorite mount, I just love it!

David Everhart – Hello Ditto,   My favorite memory in Pirate101 was when the community got together to take a screenshot and surprise Tom Purdue, Pirate101’s Community Manager, for his birthday. It was a very happy moment for me.

Random Draw Winners (2.5K Crowns and a Companion Training Tome)

  • Silent Anthony
  • Colin Sawkins and his bro Harry Parker
  • Dead-Eye Destiny Devereaux
  • Stubborn Duncan Freeman
  • Dead-Eye Jacob
  • Lucas Dodger
  • Scary John
  • Daniel Thompson

Thanks again to everyone who entered, I really enjoyed reading all your wonderful game memories!  As always, have fun and play safe!!!

Ditto P. Monster

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