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Ditto in the floating Mountains – The Burning Bridge!!!

After Ditto defeated the huge drowned dog monster boss, he captured the amazing ‘Prismatic Blade’ and headed to another annoying and cryptic guide who told him he has to create a burning bridge to find some other cryptic guy who is going to help me craft a ‘proper offering’ for some oracle guy…   This is never simple….

However – the blade creating the burning bridge is AWESOME!  I want this prismatic blade as an official weapon that can create burning bridges all over the place!!  It is so cool!   (more…)

Part 2 of Ditto’s epic Azteca battle with Ahuizotl Drowned Dog!!

Here it is, the thrilling and chilling finale of Ditto’s epic boss battle against the fearsome Ahuizotl Drowned Dog!  This was a long and challenging fight, but Ditto is victorious and frees…   a cage full of flying snakes.  Why does it always have to be flying snakes?  Seriously?
After he wins the fight, Ditto does some other stuff, but honestly the flying snakes creep me out so much I kind of forgot what happened…

Ditto fights ‘Drowned Dog’ boss in Azteca! Part 1

Ditto is back in Wizard101 and has to go down in a well in Azteca, in the Floating Islands… Of course, there’s a big fight! This is a tough one too, so I’ve got to hire a garden gnome for a henchman.  This is part 1 of 2, since the fight really goes on for a while!  My goal in the fight is to just pile on as much damage as I can, but I do me a few mistakes – I should have probably focused more on the smaller minion first.  Also, I”m pretty sure my deck was too packed, since I wasn’t really getting the damage boost cards I needed.  That’s probably why the battle took so long – a more efficient deck might have done damage more quickly.

Pirate101 Gameplay Video – Awesome Ship to Ship Combat in Mooshu!

Captain Ditto has reached level 45 and has upgraded a bunch of stuff, including a fancy new ship!
After the upgrades, Ditto goes looking for trouble, seeking out Armada ships to attack, to collect items for several quests!  Ditto loves the new ship, as you can see – it’s very exciting!

Captain Ditto makes it through the gate to fight Inoshishi Clanlord in Pirate101

After defeating all the various elemental sorcerers and collecting the Fifth Element props, Captain Ditto and crew finally enter the inner sanctum of the Bandit Cave!  There, they face the dreaded Inoshishi Clanlord boss type person!!

Ditto was worried that this boss would have the powers of all the dreaded sorcerers combined, but… he didn’t, he was just a general bad guy.  It’s a pretty solid fight and, unfortunately, the crew does not come out totally unscathed, but Ditto was victorious, and after some rest and relaxation the crew will all make full recoveries.

Captain Ditto and Crew battle the Sorcerer of the Winds in Pirate101!

The second key to the bandits cave is the Wind Talisman – and these things are totally the elemental keys from ‘The 5th Element’ – it’s pretty obvious.  This key is guarded by the Wind Sorcerer and his minions, so there are the required ‘breaking wind’ jokes…  They make it too easy.

This fight definitely goes better than the last, as we have learned some lessons after facing the first two sorcerers… There’s no time to relax though – there’s much more needed!

The Stones from 'Fifth Element'...

The Stones from ‘Fifth Element’…

Captain Ditto versus the Earth Sorcerer in Pirate101

Captain Ditto and his trustworthy crew head deeper into Bandit Cave, looking for the sigils that will unlock the final door and defeat the evil warlord guy…  The fight is quite a challenge and there were some losses along the way,  but Ditto’s crew is more than up to the task…  One down, two to go…

Captain Ditto is back in Mooshu, fighting in The Bandit’s Cave in Pirate101!

Captain Ditto and crew are back, sailing through Mooshu on the trail of General Tsao, so he can recover another part of Marco Pollo’s map!

To get to the General though, Ditto and crew have to defeat one of the local clan lords, held up in the mysterious Bandit’s Cave!   Ditto and crew face down a sorcerer and his minions to get through the gate, but there is much more to do before they face their final foe!

Ditto fighting Chronosaurs ad stuff in Wizard101!

Ditto is still in Azteca, and after his embarrassing defeat by the Chronosaurs, he is back at it and doing much better this time!  Unfortunately , after defeating the Chronosaurs, Ditto doesn’t get what he’s looking for, so he’s off to continue his quest…

Ditto fights some Chronosaurs and stuff…

Ditto has captured the Vonda Fish for ‘A Fish Called Vonda’ (great reference!) and then located a warrior in the sunken courtyard…  He has to battle Chronosaurs to locate the underwater cat, whatever that means…   However, Ditto was so distracted by Phil earlier, he jumped into a battle with only 1/3 health… that didn’t work out.

Ditto tours his new Azteca Builder’s Bundle!

Ditto finally got his Azteca Builder’s bundle from Gamestop!  This is a great bundle that comes with armor, a pet, a mount, and of course a build-a-castle plot with great Aztecan builder pieces!

The builder’s plot has some great little surprises – I didn’t even realize that the waterfalls were hidden doorways, that was a nice touch..
I think the mount – the feathered Raptor – is my favorite piece in the bundle; the design is very nice, and I love the animations!  He’s more compact than my beloved T-Rex mount and may become my new main mount.
The pet is a Toucan’t and he’s very cute – mine is still a baby, so I’m not sure what he can do, but he’s very adorable.
The ‘Wild Wing’ outfit has nice stats, especially if you’re life/death school, and the design and detail are nice.  I like the colors (Though my preference is red and orange, of course)
The Wild Wing Axe & Shield are great too – the shield has a spinning animation that I really like, and the set gives TWO bast cards – life and death blasts; that’s a nice set.  I like it.
So that’s the Azteca Builders Bundle – it’s pretty great!

Ditto in Azteca – Versus PHIL the cat!!

OK, so I wanted to start getting back to doing videos after my vacation, and so I started doing some videos this morning, back in Azteca, and Phil, my kitty, decided he wanted to play too…   So, Ditto in Azteca, collecting sea cucumbers, with Phil!

Ditto found one of the best jokes in Wizard101

Ditto did finally defeat Cipactli, the horrible ‘Dance Contest’ boss in Azteca, and heads back to Zensen Seven Star to get to the next part of enchanting the pyramid key thingy.  Before that, though, we get the best joke in Wizard 101 – the wonderful narrator explaining how we wizards fit everything into our backpacks, including big heavy things like the Azure Moonstone…  It’s very funny!
Ditto also plays some Catch a Key – it’s fun but not as fun as Shock A Lock, I hate to say…

Ditto faces the Aztecan War Challenge!!

Now that Ditto has collected all the parts for the War Challenge, it’s time to battle!!  Ditto confronts Cipactli in Azteca and has to battle him to collect the Azure Moonstone for some reason.  And what a battle it is!
Cipactli does have a few tricks up his sleeve – apparently he watches a lot of ‘So you think you can dance’, since he keeps tossing out dance challenges like ‘Ward Dance’ and ‘Charm Dance’, and if I couldn’t follow his dance challenge, he hit me with a Zero pip ‘Dr. Von’s Monster’…  and not only does that do a lot of damage AND  heal him, it’s got a REALLY long animation too…   seriously!
So the video does end rather abruptly – that’s not Carl’s fault, it’s mine; I didn’t realize the camera disk was nearly full, so we ran out of room…  So did Ditto win?  Well, you’ll have to wait to see!

Ditto learns about Jewel Socketing in Wizard101

Ditto has been learning about a fun new skill in Wizard101, Jewel Socketing!  You can find special magical jewels and combine them with your gear to get great new abilities and attributes!  It’s very easy to do – well, it’s easy once you have the jewels, but finding the jewels is a whole new challenge!

Ditto in Azteca – why did it have to be flying snakes?

So Ditto is back in Wizard101, yay!!  It has been a little while so Ditto has kind of forgotten what he was doing, but that is OK, because there is that helpful little arrow that will guide his way!

First, Ditto gets a golden fan – that’s it, just a golden fan. Didn’t even had to fight for it!  Of course when it seems too easy, it usually is too easy, so then Ditto needs to ‘anoint’ the fan with the venom of like a hundred flying snakes…   Of course they’re flying snakes, what’s the fun in just having normal everyday venomous snakes when you can have FLYING venomous snakes….

Captain Ditto and Crew Battle to Escape the Moomori Compound

Captain Ditto and his crew have ruined the Moomori wedding and embarrassed General Tsao, but now they need to get out of the compound, and the Moomori guards are REALLY angry…   Ditto and his crew must fight tooth and claw to make their escape!!

Captain Ditto and crew have fun ruining a wedding!

Still working on interrupting the wedding and embarrassing General Tsao, Captain Ditto and crew need to steal the wedding gift.  They defeated the first guards, but they weren’t guarding the real gift, they were guarding a decoy!!  Now Captain Ditto and crew head upstairs to defeat the REAL guards and steal the present!!
After stealing the present, they then have fun spraying graffiti all over the mansion – that’s really funny!  I’m sure they’ll be angry with all that graffiti!
Finally, Ditto steals a Cowbooki costume and ruins the entertainment!!  So funny – until we get in a big fight… I guess General Tsao wasn’t happy with our plans…

Captain Ditto infiltrates the Moomori Compound!

Captain Ditto uses his cunning and skill – oh, and that perfectly forged wedding invitation – to infiltrate the Moomori Compound!  Subodai leads them to the main chamber where they try to steal the wedding gift, but the team meets with some opposition!  It turns into a double-cross, but Captain Ditto and his crew are all over it!!  This mission is going to get interesting!  I wonder what the gift is?  Maybe it’s a juicer?  Ditto could really use a juicer…

Captain Ditto in Mooshu – Heading out to disrupt a wedding!

Captain Ditto, now a Level 43 Swashbuckler, is sailing through Mooshu working on getting a wedding invitation to ‘crash’ a wedding to humiliate General Tso and do some other important stuff…

Here, Ditto’s Yakooza contact Yuji sends Ditto to the Momori stronghold to disrupt the wedding – this should be interesting!

There’s a fight with Tengu Sorcerers too – Ditto and crew make short work of them!

Ditto’s Mega Epic Boss Battle! Mazen Stinger Bee in Wizard101

In Azteca, Ditto is working with the shaman Onyx  Rain-Sun to defeat the dreaded Umbra Queen!  Ditto has to get through a magical barrier, and – of course – needs to collect special ingredients so that Onyx Rain-Sun can make some magical mojo to get Ditto through the barrier thingy.  Enter Mazen Stinger Bee, the fiercest of the seed-thieves, who has in hew possession ‘The Jar of Five Suns’, a power magical vessel that Onyx needs to complete her spell.  All Ditto has to do is defeat Mazen – sounds simple right?  Not an end boss, and she doesn’t even cheat…  but somehow this battle lasted over 45 MINUTES!


Ditto Battles Seed Thief Minions, and let’s talk about Sun Serpent #wizard101

Ditto is battling some Seed Thief Minions to recover stolen amulets for the Shaman – you know, typical stuff for a Tuesday.  It’s a pretty cool fight – I drop some serious damage on these guys!!!

I did want to talk about Sun Serpent – I just got it the other day and so far I’m not sure I’m into it yet… It does a pretty good hit on the main target, follow on hits to other targets aren’t that good, even boosted.  It’s not a heavy enough hit to really impact an Azteca boss with 15-20K health, and the side hits don’t really do enough damage to minions, so I’m not sure about it yet… I’m still playing around with it, getting the hang of things – anyone with any good pointers?

Ditto is Back in Azteca! Wizard101

After way too long offline, Ditto is back in Wizard101! Yes, Ditto had a cold for a while and didn’t have a voice, so couldn’t really record videos.  Well, I’m back and we’re trekking through Azteca, doing quests on the Zultan docks!!  Lots more to come, too – Carl the camera-bear and I did a lot of recording, including a massing 45 minutes boss fight!!


Captain Ditto joins forces with the Yakooza of Mooshu in Pirate101!

Finally back on the skyways, Captain Ditto and his trusty crew take a barrel to the secret hideout of the Yakooza of Mooshu.  So, how did Ditto’s ship and entire crew fit inside one bottle?  We don’t need to dwell on such mysteries…
To gain favor with the Yakooza, Captain Ditto must do them three favors, the first of which is to ‘rescue’ some gold from a corrupt government official…   Ditto also stops to hang out and see what he can do to help some of the folks in the local village too.